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Concept Analysis of Empowerment

Concept Analysis of Empowerment



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Published by Ashraf Ali Smadi
student paper
jordan university of science and technology
student paper
jordan university of science and technology

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Published by: Ashraf Ali Smadi on Feb 23, 2008
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Empowerment concept
Jordan University of Science and TechnologyFaculty of NursingConcept analysis paper: EmpowermentPrepared by:Ashraf Ali Al-SmadiAdvised by:Dr.Nemeh Al-Kour RN, PhD
Empowerment concept
Introduction:The concept has been used to give different meanings. (Melies, 1991) said that aconcept is vital to build the scientific theory, research and theory development, and it is thedescription of a phenomenon. On the other hand, King (1988) explained it as an idea or mental image of reality.Empowerment concept is explained and defined by various disciplines; including:social work, psychology, education, community psychology, and nursing. In addition,Empowerment concept is lately used in different phenomenon, such as: studentempowerment, empowerment of teachers, empowerment of patient and empowerment of nurses. From reviewing the related literature of the concept in the nursing field, there is nospecific definition of empowerment because it is used depending on the writer and theframework of his/ her paper.According to (Norries, 1982) one of the major problems with the nursing science isthat its concepts are words that lack the elements of the system that are necessary for ascientific discipline (e.g. categories, taxonomies and rules). For that, the writer will present aconcept analysis of empowerment which will identify and examine its attributes,characteristics, antecedents, consequences and uses of the concept in the nursing field.According to the assumptions for this concept analysis paper, the writer believes that eachnurse manager must empower his/her followers' autonomy, accountability, decision makingabilities, problem solving, and managerial skills.Usually an analysis of the concept is held to clarify its meaning and to show therelations of its elements in various fields. In this paper the concept of empowerment will bestudied in the field of nursing to clarify its meaning to develop nursing knowledge base andto show its importance in this profession. As the writer believes that when the nurses areempowered, the productivity and effectiveness of the nursing health care services will
Empowerment concept
increase. The empowerment is a complex concept, for example, it is easy to be understood,however; it is hard to be defined.Literature Review:From the literature of empowerment, it is difficult to be found as an independentconcept since it's linked with other concepts, such as: coping skills, personal efficacy, supportsystem, community organization, mutual support, neighborhood participation, competence,self esteem, and self sufficiency (Kieffer, 1984). Empowerment concept emphasized byWorld Health Organization through the definition of health promotion as a "process of enabling people to increase control over and to improve their own health" (Maglacas, 1988).Furthermore, the concept of empowerment is not only captured by personalresponsibility in performing health, it more requires the effect of the social environment on personal health (Maglacas, 1988). The American Association of Colleges of Nursing (AACN,1986) suggestions for an educated nurse that fits the definition of an empowered nurse " thegraduate well exhibit qualities of mine and character that are necessary to live a free andfulfilling live, act in the public interest locally and globally, and contribute to health careimprovements and the nursing profession". During the process of empowerment theindividuals must have a strong commitment to achieve the goals of empowerment in effectiveways (Rogers, 1983; Green, 1986; Report, 1989; Ellsworth, 1989).The concept empowerment derived from the Latin word 'potere'-meaning "to be able"(McLeod, 1987). Empowerment has been examined by different sciences and multipledefinitions were put forward. Linguistically, empowerment was defined in Webster's NewWorld Dictionary of the American Language (Guralnik, 1970) as follows: the verb Empower is "To give power or authority to, authorize; to give the ability to, enable, and permit"'. Thesuffix '-ment' is defined as a "result or product". As a result, empowerment is the result of empowering. "A synonym for empower include to give or confer power, invest, endue,

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