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Judiciary Bills

Judiciary Bills

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Published by Troy Wall
The following bills, which are currently in the Joint Committee of the Judiciary, have not yet had a hearing.
The following bills, which are currently in the Joint Committee of the Judiciary, have not yet had a hearing.

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Published by: Troy Wall on Apr 02, 2014
Copyright:Traditional Copyright: All rights reserved


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Bills Pending Before Judiciary Committee
(as of April 2014)Bill No.Docket No.TitleSponsor
H5HD5regarding the subpoena powers of the Bureau of Special InvestigationsNONE H9HD9relative to the Office of the Inspector GeneralNONE H10HD10relative to fraudNONE H20HD20relative to unclaimed property and life insurance proceedsNONE H21HD21relative to enhancing consumer protection with respect to unclaimed propertyNONE H27HD27making uniform the law regarding trade secretsNONE H30HD30adopting the Uniform Assignment of Rents ActNONE H31HD31relative to the Uniform Child-Custody Jurisdiction and Enforcement ActNONE H32HD32revising the Uniform Arbitration Act for commercial disputesNONE H33HD33making uniform certain aspects of mediationNONE H34HD34establishing uniform collaborative lawNONE H35HD35revising the law recognizing foreign court money judgmentsNONE H36HD36relative to the Uniform Unsworn Foreign Declarations ActNONE H37HD37relative to the Uniform Real Property Electronic Recording ActNONE H38HD38relative to the Uniform Electronic Legal Material ActNONE H52HD3477An Act to reform the juvenile justice systemPatrick, Deval H1170HD2924An Act to reform the tort claims actAndrews, Denise (HOU)H1171HD3236An Act relative to placing level 2 sex offenders on-line Arciero, James (HOU)H1172HD3243An Act relative to service trained dogs Arciero, James (HOU)H1173HD3246An Act relative to the right to testing for commonly communicable infectious diseasesArciero, James (HOU)H1174HD3247An Act relative to the Sex Offender Registry Board Arciero, James (HOU)H1175HD3248An Act relative to victim notification Arciero, James (HOU)H1176HD928An Act relative to strangulationAtkins, Cory (HOU)H1177HD929An Act relative to punishment for the crime of domestic violenceAtkins, Cory (HOU)H1178HD1196An Act relative to victims rightsAtkins, Cory (HOU)H1180HD734An Act establishing a mandatory sentence for destruction, defacement or damage to burial tombs and grave markersAyers, Bruce J. (HOU)H1181HD737An Act allowing local housing authorities access to criminal and other records of tenants and prospective tenantsAyers, Bruce J. (HOU)H1182HD738An Act relative to the penalty for killing, maiming or poisoning of animalsAyers, Bruce J. (HOU)H1183HD1472An Act relative to the penalty for resisting a police officerAyers, Bruce J. (HOU)H1184HD1475An Act authorizing the Department of Highways to acquire land in the city of Quincy and the town of Milton for the purpose of flood control and preventionAyers, Bruce J. (HOU)H1185HD1484An Act relative to criminal offender record informationAyers, Bruce J. (HOU)H1186HD1486An Act establishing penalties for the filing of false reports against police officersAyers, Bruce J. (HOU)H1187HD468An Act to establish the uniform enforcement of foreign judgmentsBalser, Ruth B. (HOU)H1188HD469An Act to provide landowner's title protectionBalser, Ruth B. (HOU)H1189HD475An Act relative to the treatment of mentally ill in prisonsBalser, Ruth B. (HOU)H1190HD478An Act relative to mandatory blood tests for surviving driversBalser, Ruth B. (HOU)H1191HD480An Act relative to leasing of residential propertyBalser, Ruth B. (HOU)H1192HD487An Act to recognize common law marriage in the Commonwealth Balser, Ruth B. (HOU)H1193HD981An Act to preserve access to inpatient mental health services for individuals with mental illnessBalser, Ruth B. (HOU)H1194HD1331An Act to improve public safety by facilitating access to addiction servicesBalser, Ruth B. (HOU)H1195HD2677An Act providing for enhancing public safety by reforming the Parole BoardBalser, Ruth B. (HOU)H1196HD3287An act relative to children in protective custodyBarrows, F. Jay (HOU)H1197HD869An Act to strengthen sexual offender lawsBasile, Carlo (HOU)H1198HD3033An Act enhancing the enforcement of illegal hunting practicesBeaton, Matthew A. (HOU)1
Bills Pending Before Judiciary Committee
(as of April 2014)
H1199HD509An Act relative to criminal penalties for resisting arrestBenson, Jennifer E. (HOU)H1200HD534An Act relative to safer neighborhoodsBenson, Jennifer E. (HOU)H1201HD2777An Act relative to community service to expedite the sealing of delinquency recordsBinienda, John J. (HOU)H1202HD2783An Act prohibiting towing certain motor vehiclesBinienda, John J. (HOU)H1203HD2800An Act preventing illegal drug dealing near recreational facilitiesBinienda, John J. (HOU)H1204HD2860An Act to ban K-2 in the CommonwealthBinienda, John J. (HOU)H1205HD2890An Act relative to videoconference hearings when one party is subject to a protective order or restraining orderBinienda, John J. (HOU)H1206HD2940An Act providing for the civil liability of drug dealersBinienda, John J. (HOU)H1207HD2970An Act relative to the theft of motor vehicle fuelBinienda, John J. (HOU)H1208HD2983An Act for the protection and safety of police officersBinienda, John J. (HOU)H1209HD2987An Act relative to furnishing a false name, social security number or address to a police officer when stopped or detainedBinienda, John J. (HOU)H1210HD2992An Act relative to Class D controlled substancesBinienda, John J. (HOU)H1211HD2809An Act relative to certain judicial proceduresBradley, Garrett J. (HOU)H1212HD2817An Act relative to the social host statute Bradley, Garrett J. (HOU)H1213HD2821An act to allow reasonable evaluation of civil damage claimsBradley, Garrett J. (HOU)H1214HD2826An act to simpify administrative aspect of evidentary use of medical information Bradley, Garrett J. (HOU)H1215HD2827An Act further regulating dangerousness hearings Bradley, Garrett J. (HOU)H1216HD2830An Act relative to punitive damagesBradley, Garrett J. (HOU)H1217HD2837An Act increasing penalties for hit-and-run motor vehicle accidentsBradley, Garrett J. (HOU)H1218HD2839An Act increasing the penalty for assault and battery to certain public safety officersBradley, Garrett J. (HOU)H1219HD2847An Act relative to the declaration of homesteadBradley, Garrett J. (HOU)H1220HD2848An Act removing parental rights from persons who fathered a child by rapeBradley, Garrett J. (HOU)H1221HD2866An Act relative to exclusive probate court jurisdiction regarding abuse prevention orders affecting minorsBradley, Garrett J. (HOU)H1222HD2941An act to allow audiovisual depositionsBradley, Garrett J. (HOU)H1223HD2942An Act to correct procedural omission regarding actions against certain decedents under Uniform Probate CodeBradley, Garrett J. (HOU)H1224HD2975An Act relative to probation officer warrant proceduresBradley, Garrett J. (HOU)H1225HD2996An Act to protect intellectual property and trade secrets to promote economic development and job creationBradley, Garrett J. (HOU)H1226HD904An Act to increase transparency in the Massachusetts land record systems to protect the property rights of homeowners and businessesBrady, Michael D. (HOU)H1227HD922An Act relative to the valuation of professional practices in divorce proceedingsBrady, Michael D. (HOU)H1228HD949An Act regarding assistant court clerksBrady, Michael D. (HOU)H1229HD1203An Act providing indemnity from prosecution for probation officers and court officers employed by the Trial CourtBrady, Michael D. (HOU)H1230HD1195An Act providing protection from child enticementBrodeur, Paul (HOU)H1231HD1231An Act providing further protection from photographing, videotaping or electronically surveilling a partially nude or nude child.Brodeur, Paul (HOU)H1232HD3309An Act to protect our communitiesBrodeur, Paul (HOU)H1233HD511An Act making drug dealing subject to dangerousness hearing determinations.Cabral, Antonio F. D. (HOU)H1234HD513An Act to ensure testimony in gang related cases.Cabral, Antonio F. D. (HOU)H1235HD519An Act defining court administrative records as public recordsCabral, Antonio F. D. (HOU)H1236HD525An Act to protect children against sex offenders.Cabral, Antonio F. D. (HOU)H1237HD816An Act permitting the use of traffic control signal violation monitoring system devices as a means of promoting traffic safety in the city of New BedfordCabral, Antonio F. D. (HOU)H1238HD829An Act to prevent gang violenceCabral, Antonio F. D. (HOU)H1239HD2168An Act relative to improving the administration and efficiency of the judicial systemCabral, Antonio F. D. (HOU)H1240HD2909An Act to fund youth courtsCabral, Antonio F. D. (HOU)H1241HD2922An act to reform title insuranceCabral, Antonio F. D. (HOU)H1242HD2804An Act to prevent vexatious litigation and waste of judicial resourcesCalter, Thomas J. (HOU)2
Bills Pending Before Judiciary Committee
(as of April 2014)
H1243HD1124An Act updating the law relating to posting a security for seized animals in cruelty casesCampbell, Linda (HOU)H1244HD2220An Act relative to motor vehicle police chases Cantwell, James M. (HOU)H1245HD2676An Act to exempt family members of murder victims from jury serviceCantwell, James M. (HOU)H1246HD2698An Act relative to the safety of judgesCantwell, James M. (HOU)H1247HD2790An Act protecting the sanctity of funeralsCantwell, James M. (HOU)H1248HD1799An Act to increase the penalty for school tardinessChan, Tackey (HOU)H1249HD1811An Act relative to juvenile intimidation of witnessesChan, Tackey (HOU)H1250HD1815An Act permitting persons to bring car damage arising from a pothole against the public entity into small claims courtChan, Tackey (HOU)H1251HD1819An Act relative to leaving the scene of a collisionChan, Tackey (HOU)H1252HD1835An Act regulating sex offender registration in the 21st centuryChan, Tackey (HOU)H1253HD2092regulating the payment of interestChan, Tackey (HOU)H1254HD2151An Act providing for equitable rights to indemnity for public employeesChan, Tackey (HOU)H1255HD85An Act relative to the collection of DNACoakley-Rivera, Cheryl A. (HOU)H1256HD86An Act relative to profits from crimeCoakley-Rivera, Cheryl A. (HOU)H1257HD87An Act to protect trees in public parksCoakley-Rivera, Cheryl A. (HOU)H1258HD88An Act relative to unauthorized entry of a critical infrastructureCoakley-Rivera, Cheryl A. (HOU)H1259HD89An Act relative to criminal proceedingsCoakley-Rivera, Cheryl A. (HOU)H1260HD183An Act further protecting children from sexual predatorsCoakley-Rivera, Cheryl A. (HOU)H1261HD184An Act prohibiting unattended children in motor vehiclesCoakley-Rivera, Cheryl A. (HOU)H1262HD185An Act increasing penalties for cruelty to animalsCoakley-Rivera, Cheryl A. (HOU)H1263HD186An Act increasing penalties for operating vehicles under the influenceCoakley-Rivera, Cheryl A. (HOU)H1264HD392An act to prevent fraudulent use of addressCoakley-Rivera, Cheryl A. (HOU)H1265HD2001An act establishing a penalty for failure to report a missing childCoakley-Rivera, Cheryl A. (HOU)H1266HD2014An Act relative to those who aid in the commission of a crime against a childCoakley-Rivera, Cheryl A. (HOU)H1267HD852An Act relative to the liability standards of public employers Collins, Nick (HOU)H1268HD2771An Act to increase access to vaccinesCollins, Nick (HOU)H1269HD3356An Act to enhance safety and security in courthousesConroy, Thomas P. (HOU)H1270HD3381An act relative to the protection of talented children and their familiesConroy, Thomas P. (HOU)H1271HD3397An Act relative to the disposition of class action residual fundsConroy, Thomas P. (HOU)H1272HD358An Act Relating to due process; to prohibit the Commonwealth of Massachusetts and its political subdivisions from adopting and developing environmental and developmental policies that, without due process, would infringe or restrict the private property rights of the owner of the property.Coppinger, Edward F. (HOU)H1273HD1519An Act relative to eliminating the statute of limitations for sex crimes in Massachusetts for criminal casesCoppinger, Edward F. (HOU)H1274HD1525An Act relative to eliminating the statute of limitations for sex crimes in Massachusetts for civil casesCoppinger, Edward F. (HOU)3

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