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E doc Getting Started

E doc Getting Started

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Published by Scott Sweeney

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Published by: Scott Sweeney on Feb 24, 2008
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Getting Started Guide
E*Doc version 1.0.0 
Getting Started
The following
will help you use and understand the
software quickly and easily. Itwill take you through most of the features of the software and hopefully give you a clearunderstanding of the benefits of using
for your organization’s Document ManagementSystem.Along with this document, you can also use the different help features found within the software.
Tab Help
- will give you a complete rundown of the features contained in the tab that you arecurrently viewing. This Help function can be found on the left hand side of the interface indicatedby a blue question mark.
Online Help
- gives you access to the complete user manual within the software, which has beenindexed for easy retrieval. This can be found in the top right hand corner in the header of thesoftware.This guide will cover the following topics:
Document Structure
Document Search
Email Notification
Where necessary, certain sections have a ‘How To’ to help guide you through the steps to createa document structure, establish users and set security permissions, make modifications todocuments and initiating a workflow process. At the end of this guide, you should have a clearunderstanding of what you can do with the software and the benefits you can realize.Thank you and enjoy,
SCI Team
Document Structure
With any Document Management System (DMS) you have two goals in mind:
Controlling access to your secure documents.
Ensuring that documents can be located quickly and easily.
One might think that these two goals are conflicting, but not with an Electronic DMS like
. The software allows you to create a Company Document Structure that mirrors yourphysical or real-world structure within the virtual world.
offers you structure elementswithin a Company such as:Using these structure elements and security features built into
, you can create anorganized and secure document structure for your organization. Access to these documents isdone by setting the security level for the individual users or groups within the structure. Also, toincrease efficiency, the
solution provides document Binders that simplify distribution.Binders, in the real world, are used in every organization from a 10 to a 10,000-person company.They will usually contain all of your approved, published documents. These binders will belocated in a public, easy to reach location within your organization. Every time a document hasbeen modified and then re-approved, someone (maybe you) have to go to these binders andreplace every copy of the obsolete document. This, as you may know, can take a long timedepending on the size of your organization.
solves that problem. We have included one more element within the structurecalled…yes, you guessed it: Binders.
Binders work exactly like their real-worldcounterparts. A Binder can be an exact duplicate of a Cabinet or can be made up of Documentsfrom different Cabinets. The difference between a Cabinet and a Binder is that the Binder onlycontains the latest, approved/published version of your Documents This creates a securerepository, separate from your Cabinets and the people who have assigned rights within thoseelements.So when that same Document mentioned above gets modified and re-approved, it is
updated in the Binders within
and the obsolete document removed.
Filing Cabinet A, Finance Cabinet, Policy Cabinet…
 Product 1, Timesheets, Reports, Procedures…
 Policies, Procedures, Work Instructions…
Grouping of Procedures, Policies, Product 1 Documents…

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