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Amy Briley

Amy Briley

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Metis artist and author Amy Gallagher Briley of Saskatoon is profiled.
Metis artist and author Amy Gallagher Briley of Saskatoon is profiled.

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Published by: Lawrence J. Barkwell on Apr 03, 2014
Copyright:Traditional Copyright: All rights reserved


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Amy Briley née Gallagher
(b. 1981)Amy Briley
née Gallagher was
 born and raised in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan. A descendant o the !"mont clan, she is a grad"ate o the
Saskatchewan Urban Native Teacher Education Program
), with ma#ors in both $ati%e St"dies and &nglish. She has been em'loyed by the Gabriel !"mont nstit"te since **8. She is c"rrently the Scholarshi' +o"ndation oordinator at Gabriel !"mont nstit"te o $ati%e St"dies and A''lied -esearch and was "rric"l"m !e%elo'er or the o"r years 'rior (**8*1). Amy is a 'artici'ating artist in
Walking With Our Sisters
 'ro#ect. /alking /ith 0"r Sisters is an installation art 'ro#ect o 1,** 'airs o moccasin to's or 2%am's3 commemorating and re'resenting an estimated 84 Aboriginal women and girls who ha%e been m"rdered or gone missing in anada since 1951. 6occasin %am's created by Amy Briley or
Walking With Our Sisters.
Gregory Scoield ta"ght Amy to bead and she has become an acknowledged e7'ert, known or her e7"isitely beaded designs. She has acilitated beading worksho's or  beginners and beads in her s'are time. 0%er the last two years, Amy and Greg ha%e gi%en  beading worksho's at 2Back to Batoche,3 holding sessions at both the arks anada Batoche :istoric Site and at the 6etis 'a%ilion and cam' gro"nds. Amy has also acilitated worksho's or elementary school st"dents and "ni%ersity st"dents s'eciically 1
S;$<& Saskatoon st"dents. n addition to beading she lo%es to sew. Amy and Greg Scoield ha%e written two g"idebooks on 6etis beading. Amy BrileyAmy Briley is the greatgreat grandda"ghter o =ean 2etit3 !"mont (the son o =eanBa'tiste !"mont and 6arg"erite >aramboise) and !omitilde Gra%elle. =ean !"mont and !omitilde Gra%elle had twel%e children. <hey mo%ed to the !"ck >ake, St. >a"rent area rom St. +ran?ois@a%ier in the early 18*s. =ean !"mont was the brother o ital !"mont. :e was a witness d"ring the signing o <reaty Si7 at +ort arlton on Se'tember 9, 185. :e was a member o a'tain =ames Shorts com'any, one o the 19
led  by Gabriel !"mont d"ring the 188C -esistance. sidore !"mont was =eans "ncle and Gabriel !"mont was his co"sin. Ater the deeat at Batoche, Ba'tiste arentea", sidore arentea", atrice =ose'h +le"ry, Ddo"ard !"mont and =ean !"mont all #oined the S'ring reek 6étis Band in 6ontana. =ean !"monts da"ghter, &leanor was born on ="ne 1, 189E at St. eters 6ission in 6ontana. &leanor is Amys greatgrandmother. =ean !"mont is b"ried at St. Antoine de ado"e emetery, Batoche."blicationsFScoield, Gregory and Amy Briley. /ith historical o%er%iew by Sherry +arrell -acette.
Wâikwani!" # $eginner%s &uide to 'etis (loral $eadwork 
. SaskatoonF Gabriel !"mont nstit"te, *11.<his book disc"sses s"''lies (beads, material, tem'lates) choosing bead colo"rs, abric backing,  beading lowers, 'etals, lea%es, stems and gi%es ti's and tricks. <he book is accom'anied by a !! %ideo.
Scoield, Gregory and Amy Briley.
with an
historic o%er%iew o moccasins by Sherry +arrell -acette
maskisina" # &uide to Northern)St!le '*tis  'occasins.
 SaskatoonF Gabriel !"mont nstit"te, *11.
 'askisina" # &uide to Northern)St!le '*tis 'occasins
is a ollow"' to the highly s"ccess"l
waikwani!" # $eginner%s &uide to 'etis (loral $eadwork 
. 6"ch like
g"ides readers, ste'byste', on how to create their %ery own moccasins. t contains detailed 'hotogra'hs along with each ste' and also incl"des a !! t"torial. t also incl"des a historic o%er%iew o moccasins by Sherry +arrell -acette. atterns or c"tting the correct sies or the soles and %am's are incl"ded in the book.E

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