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House Boys - Chapter 30 - Now We Eat

House Boys - Chapter 30 - Now We Eat

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Published by JemGirl
Alfred and David can't let go of each other yet, but somehow managed to eat something and take a bath. And Luke talks to Edward about moving in.

This is a gay/yaoi story and contains mature content.
Alfred and David can't let go of each other yet, but somehow managed to eat something and take a bath. And Luke talks to Edward about moving in.

This is a gay/yaoi story and contains mature content.

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Published by: JemGirl on Apr 03, 2014
Copyright:Traditional Copyright: All rights reserved


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This story is completely and utterly fictional. Names, characters, places, and incidentsare either the product of the author's imagination or are usedfictitiously, and any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead,events, or locations is entirely coincidental.The sexuality of allcharacters is entirely a figment of the author's imagination. For those of you that are NOT of legal age, please find other material to read. f youare offended by gay, bxb, boy love, yaoi, hatever you call it, stories, or it is illegal tovie such materials in your area, you should be leaving at this time.No, if you still feel li"e reading on, en#oy, and please leave a comment if you actuallyli"ed it.  ill be repeating this arning for every chapter of this story.
$hapter %&  No We (at
==========“You have to sign the receipt first,” the guy said from the other side of the door.“Then slide it under the door,” I told him as Alfred kissed the back of my neck and started to move over to myspine. A second later I sa the receipt poke its ay into the kitchen under the front door. “!ere,” Al told me as I felt him pushing something into my hand. I looked don and sa that it as themagnetic pen from on the fridge. !e had started to ork his ay don my back, licking every inch of skin alongthe ay, don over my spine. “"ir#” I heard from the other side of the door and felt myself rolling my eyes back out of my head beforestooping don to get the paper. I stayed don there and $uickly signed it before pushing it back out anddropping the pen. “Thank you,” I said to the door before turning around and kissing Al again. !e lifted one of my legs and erocked back and forth to have his cock sliding under mine. I moaned hen I felt his helmet slide repeatedlybeteen the base of my cock and my balls. I%m sure I as still standing. “Al,” I breathed as I started to remember something. “Yes,” he moaned more than ansered. Ah&” I sighed loudly as he thrust forard a bit harder this time and compressed my cock beteen the to of usa bit more forcefully, sending ne tingles of pleasure into my body. “'hhh,” I hined as the feeling came out of my fingers that I had in Alfred%s hair. I suddenly felt a strong need to be in a bed. I anted to do and feel all this,ith out trying to keep standing. (i)
Why were we standing here? Someone was at the door.
(*i) I felt Al%sfingers sliding don my crack. (i)
Who was at the door? A guy I think.
(*i) !is fingers ent through my puckeredopening, and I felt him pushing pass each +oint of to fingers. Aahh,” I moaned as I grabbed his hair tighter. Al continued to suck at any patch of skin he anted beteen mymouth and the top of my pecks. I started to press don and rub harder on his cock as he started to finger fuckmy ass. “'oh,” his fingers felt great. I opened my eyes as I reached don ith one hand and held his dick ithmine to my body. I pushed at it from both directions as I looked at him. I heard his breathing hitch before I sahim raise his eyes to meet mine. Then my lips ere crushed as the back of my head hit the door. e both entfaster. !arder. -ot closer. ore. All. Yes. !im. e. “'! /012&”333333333333333333“I ould suggest this one. It%s a nice crisp hite that ill go ell ith hat you ordered,” the aitress said inanser to 4uke%s $uestion.
“5ery ell then,” he agreed. “Your order should be ready in about tenty minutes,” she told us as she collected the menus. “!ave you been back since I brought you here last#” 4uke asked as he leaned back in his chair and atched me. “6o,” I honestly told him as I gave the restaurant a $uick glance. It as the middle of the eek so it asn%t asbusy as I%m sure it could have been. In fact the place as half empty. I reached for my glass of ater and took asip. I sat there looking at him as he picked at his sleeve, looked around at odd movements that caught hisattention, and at me. !e seemed comfortable ith the silence beteen us, but I asn%t sure. It seemed odd notto be saying anything as e aited. “7mma as pleased, but upset at the same time,” 4uke started. “'ver hat#” I asked him. “That e ere getting married,” he informed me. I did this head shake and shoulder shrug movement combothat completely conveyed my confusion over hat he said.“8leased that I as “getting on ith my life” as she put it,” he started. “I%m not sure hat she thinks I%ve beendoing until no,” he said ith a smile. “9ut she as upset ith me for not introducing the to of you before."he ill be home for the 1hristmas, 6e Year%s holiday. "o I have a favor to ask you,” he told me. (i)
 Just when Iwas feeling comfortable.
(*i) I as leaning back into the chair until then. 6o I leaned forard as I placed myarms on the table. “hich ould be#” I helped him along. “ould you be able, and or illing, to live ith me during 7mma%s stay#” he asked. “"orry for the ait,” the aitress said as she alked up to our table and started to unload the food that she hadon the tray. I looked in her direction and sa a male aiter alk up behind her and then around us to the otherside of table to set up the ine, that she had suggested, complete ith an ice bucket and stand. !e poured us both a glassful before putting it in the bucket and alking aay. I had speared them each adecent amount of my attention, but as soon as they left my %personal% space, 4uke as once again here myeyes settled.“:id you tell her that e ere living together#” I asked him since I didn%t see a reason to move in. “6o,” he ansered before he picked up something from his plate and put it in his mouth. “Then hy do you ant me to move in for a eek or hat have you#” I asked him as I reached for my glass of ine. “9ecause she heard you in the shoer and +umped to the conclusion that e ere living together and I as toohappy ith the idea to correct her before she hung up,” 4uke admitted. “"o that as a fishing $uestion,” I informed both of us. “"orry 4uke,” I told him as I reached for my fork. “Youill have to tell your princess %no%,” I told him before aiming my fork at the cheese covered shrimp. “9esides,” Istarted again. “I have to ork,” I informed him. “!o ould you e;plain to her hy I as orking at night and

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