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A Vision of Jesus Christ

A Vision of Jesus Christ

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Published by A.J.
An actual vision of Jesus described. A personal devotional account of Jesus' manner, humility, character and love by a visionary who has had encounters with Jesus since aged three.
An actual vision of Jesus described. A personal devotional account of Jesus' manner, humility, character and love by a visionary who has had encounters with Jesus since aged three.

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Published by: A.J. on Oct 26, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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A Vision of Jesus Christ 1 The Light and the Darkness Chapter ThreeAðalsteinn Eagle-Hawk 
Chapter Three:A Vision of Jesus ChristIn this chapter I describe Jesus. I am a visionary and have seen theLord, so unlike other chapters in this book this one is devotional andexperiential. In all my writing there is an element of Bible study buthere I would like to talk about how I have experienced the Bible
fulfilment.For this reason I will not be taking a text and commenting on it buttaking my life and commenting on it. However you may see time andagain where certain verses would apply. You may do thisautomatically if you believe I really am fulfilling the Word as I should
As the Word flows it lives and lives again.The Appearance of the Lord in Art
Before talking about my feelings or experience, of the character of Christ in particular, I will comment on the appearance of Jesus Christ. Jesus does not appear like any of His paintings, or who is to say if someone has painted a picture that does look like Him? I have adrawing I did, literally a portrait... In the early days of Christianitythere were several visionaries that had visions which gave rise to
A Vision of Jesus Christ 2 The Light and the Darkness Chapter ThreeAðalsteinn Eagle-Hawk 
depictions of Christ in art, the kind we are familiar with. Some of these visionaries were true and some false. As for the true, no one cantherefore calculate how many people have seen Jesus. On the otherhand, European artists tended to create Jesus after their own image, asa European with, usually, light brown hair and sometimes blue eyes.Early Christians did not do this as they were unaware of blondeEuropeans, the Romans not having enslaved them at that time. Thereare also some icons of a black Jesus. Today pictures of Jesus make Himlook rather like a kindly hippy...
As He really is
The Biblical Jesus appears Jewish in His features with brown hair andeyes. He has soft, almond shaped eyes and stands about 5'7''-8'' tall.That is short by today's standards but tall for His era. He does have abeard in accordance with Jewish tradition. Even though Jesus' hair isnot as long as it is in the paintings He does not have the short hair thatcame into our culture with the First World War when men began toadopt the short-back-and-sides haircut, after having longish hair inthe nineteenth century! When I first saw the Lord I did not realisehow rare an experience it is. Jesus is not the handsome type depicted in Hollywood films andneither is he the black Jesus of some African American groups,although it would not matter with what ethnic appearance He hadbeen born. He is Jewish with a larger than average nose. He is notstrikingly handsome but plain looking. However, I suppose you couldsay He is attractive to all in the sense of having the presence and graceof peace upon Him.
The demeanour and manner of Jesus
The way Jesus carries Himself reveals His deep humility. I suppose if someone could study the body language of Jesus they might wellassume He was a servant of some kind. I can never get over that - themanifest humility. This is so when Jesus gives a revelation, youbecome aware of a Personality of total humility and forbearance. Ihave met so many supposedly spiritual Christians but none with this
A Vision of Jesus Christ 3 The Light and the Darkness Chapter ThreeAðalsteinn Eagle-Hawk 
manner of humility. So often they are proud and authoritarian. Donot trust
visions of God! Jesus conveys humility in every gesture,word and the way about Him He has. Jesus, if He were seen in acrowd, would hardly be recognised as the Son of God. He is humanafter all. Some may think He was strong and noble; others that Hewas deep and 'otherworldly'.
Everyone, without exception who spent more than a few minutes in His presence would feel and recognise that there is no other like Him.
 That is revealed in the Bible but probably we do not take enoughnotice. Jesus was, and is, the most impressive, gracious, and powerfulPerson to have walked this earth. I think so many people believed inHim upon
Him, before He spoke or performed a sign. WhenHe returns the world will fall in love with Him and wonder how theywere fooled by Satan for so long.
Jesus is a man of few words
 Jesus as the Word continually 'speaks' in silence to the believing soul.This spiritual speech is very powerful and is the very salt and light thathas kept the world from total corruption and self destruction... WhenHe speaks in words it is not simply that, with believers who have hadgenuine visions or even physical encounters with Jesus, His message isshort and simple; but Jesus says more in one word than anyone elsecan in a million. If He does manifest Himself in the body He is morelikely to use more words with children than with adults; both becauseof their innocent minds and lack of understanding. However, I amtalking of my experience and what Jesus has spoken to me could fit ona single page. Also I do not want to give the impression that Jesusbeing seen is commonplace. It is exceedingly rare.
communicates Himself
to the believer.
If this sense becomes quite distinct a person may find they becomeaware of the attitude, desire, peace or even thought of Jesus.Revelation is all about degrees; from the new Christian who feels asense of peace to the mystic who achieves oneness with God. In thisoneness a river of life flows into the soul. It overflows from the Spirit.That life cannot be contained and must express itself. As a result there

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