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Vocab 5 H-I

Vocab 5 H-I

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Published by iwearpajanmas
vocab H-I for SATs
vocab H-I for SATs

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Published by: iwearpajanmas on Apr 05, 2014
Copyright:Traditional Copyright: All rights reserved


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WEEK Fivehackneyed (adj.) unoriginal, trite
(A girt can only hear “I love you” so many timesbefore it begins to sound hackneyed and meaningless.)
hapless (adj.) unlucky
(My poor, hapless
 family never seems to pick a sunny eek to go on vacation.)
harangue (n.) a ranting speech
(!very one has heard the teacher"s harangue about  gum cheing gum class before.)
 2. (v.) to gives such a speech
(#ut this time theteacher harangued the class about the importance of brushing your teeth after cheing gum.)
hegemony (n.) domination over others
(#ritain$s hegemony over its colonies asthreatened once nationalist sentiment began to spread around the orld.)
I iconoclast (n.) one ho attacks common !elie"s or institutions
(%ane goes to one  protest after another, because she seems to be an iconoclast rather than an activist ith a progressive agenda.)
ignominious (adj.) humiliating, disgracing
(It as really ignominious to be kicked. out of the dorm for having an illegal gas stove in my room.)
 impassive (adj.) stoic, not suscepti!le to su""ering
(&top being so impassive' it"s healthy to cry every no and then.)
imperious (adj.) commanding, domineering
(he imperious nature of your manner led me to dislike you at once.)
impertinent (adj.) rude, insolent
(Most of your comments are so impertinent that I don"t ish to dignify them ith an anser.)
impervious (adj.) impenetra!le, incapa!le o" !eing a""ected
(#ecause of their thick layer of fur, many seals are almost impervious to the cold)
impetuous (adj.) rash, hastily done
(ilda"s hasty slaying of the king as an impetuous, thoughtless action.)
impinge #. (v.) to impact, a""ect, make an impression
(he hail impinged the roof, leaving large dents.
) 2. (v.) to encroach, in"ringe
(I apologi*e for impinging upon you like this, but I really need to use your bathroom.)

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