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APES 2009 RKV Chapter 7 Community Ecology Review Questions

APES 2009 RKV Chapter 7 Community Ecology Review Questions

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Published by: APES2000 on Oct 26, 2009
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APES 2009 RKV Chapter 7
Community Ecology 
Review Questions
Living in the Environment: Principles, Connections, and Solutions, 15
1.Master the boldfaced terms in this chapter.
2.Describe the ecological and economic importance of the American alligator.Why is it characterized as a keystone species?3.List four characteristics of the structure of a community or ecosystem.Distinguish among species diversity, species richness, and species evenness.4.What are the four most species-rich environments? How does increasingspecies richness generally affect species evenness?5.What two factors determine the species diversity found on an isolatedecosystem such as an island? What is the theory of island biogeography?How do the size of an island and its distance from a mainland affect itsspecies diversity?6.Distinguish among native, nonnative, indicator, and keystone species, andgive an example of each.
27.Why are birds good indicator species? Explain why amphibians areconsidered indicator species, and list reasons for the current declines in manyof their populations.8.Describe the keystone ecological roles of bees, alligators, and some sharkspecies. What can happen in an ecosystem that loses a keystone species?9.Define and give an example of a foundation species.10.What is interspecific competition? What are four possible consequences whenthe niches of two species competing in the same area overlap to a largedegree?11.Define and give two examples of resource partitioning. How does it allowspecies to avoid overlap of their fundamental niches?
312.What is predation? Describe the predator-prey relationship, and give twoexamples of this type of species interaction. Why are sharks importantspecies?13.Give two examples of how predators increase their chances of finding prey bypursuit and then give two examples of how they do the same thing byambush.14.List six ways (adaptations) used by prey to avoid their predators, and give anexample of each type.15.Define and give two examples of parasitism, and explain how it differs frompredation. What is the ecological importance of parasitism?16.Define and give two examples of each of mutualism and commensalism.

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