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Evolution Into the Blackberry Era

Evolution Into the Blackberry Era

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Published by vcasanas2010

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Published by: vcasanas2010 on Oct 27, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Evolution into the Blackberry EraVinnie A. CasañasOctober 22, 2009Informational Technologies
CasañasDo you own a device which makes your life much easier? Well, that device to manywould be a Blackberry device. Blackberry is a brand of smart phones by the company Researchin Motion (RIM). The Blackberry device line has been out for over eleven years now. Blackberrydevices are pieces of technology that are important to millions because they allow users to stay intouch with close friends, and help keep their lives more organized.Blackberry devices did not just start out as a great phone that allows you to do manythings that other phones do not allow you do. They started out as a simple pager. A pager is adevice that allows you to input appointments, tasks, contacts, and such. They also allow users tocheck their email on the go using mobile email services. The first Blackberry pager such as theBlackberry 850 was not a much needed piece of technology in 1998. This was still the AmericaOnline (AOL) internet era.The Blackberry 850 did allow users to use mobile internet, which was a big plus for  business users. Even though the 850 allowed the users to do so much, it was still ahead of itstime. It was device that will definitely be big eventually, but not so much in 1998. This was atime when many consumers used AOL was their internet provider. Since America Online was so popular during this time period, mobile internet was not much needed by the average consumer.The Blackberry 850 also featured a QWERTY keyboard. This allowed an ease of typingfor the user. Not all pagers in 1998 had QWERTY keyboards, which made this a great feature tohave. Most pagers just had a touch screen to rely on. “In 2005, PC World called the 850the 14th greatest gadget of the past 50 years” (BB Geeks). The design of the 850 was not a design that iscommonly used with all Blackberry devices today.The screen on the 850 was a wide screen and had not color. You could not make phonecalls on it, since it was just a pager. Although it seems as though there was a lot that could be2
Casañasdone with the Blackberry 850, there really was not a lot that can be done with it. The device alsodid not have a rechargeable battery, since it was powered from two AA batteries. This devicewas just the foundation for the future Blackberry devices Blackberry users know and love fromtoday.After the Blackberry 850, came the Blackberry 857/957 series. These devices had acompletely new look. The screen went from a landscape view to a portrait style screen. Thedevices also got a more spaced out keyboard, along with twice the memory the 850 had. Thesedevices had a PDA style look to them. These models also included a rechargeable lithium battery. This was a big plus for those who owned the devices because it allowed them to chargetheir device without having to run out and buy new batteries whenever needed.All Blackberry devices after the 857/957 series looked the same. They did not look exactly the same, just the form factor remained. This meant that all Blackberry devices will be a portrait style device like the 857/957 series. This design was much preferred by Blackberryusers. After these devices came out, Blackberry evolved.Blackberry devices were becoming big, real big. After the 857/957 series, Blackberrystarted to integrate a phone feature into their devices. This would lead to the Blackberry 7210.This was the first Blackberry device to have a full-colored display. This was a big deal at thetime because not all phones had a color display during this time.Although Blackberry devices started to integrate a phone calling system, not everyonecould use it. These devices were only available for GSM networks. GSM networks are carrierssuch as T-Mobile, at the time Cingular, and Nextel. Verizon Wireless and Sprint customers wereleft out of these devices of the future, since they are carriers that run off of CDMA networks.These customers were not able to purchase these devices unless they were terminating their 3

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