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Spiritual Mysteries Revealed

Spiritual Mysteries Revealed



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Published by Barbara

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Published by: Barbara on Feb 25, 2008
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Enoch Tan – Creator of Mind Reality
Mind Reality is the BEST website in the world that contains theGREATEST SECRETS to ALL of The MOST Important Things inLife! You’ll Never find such information ANYWHERE Else that isexpressed in such a Unique, Authentic and Powerful manner!
The amount of super high quality information found in Mind Reality is
More ThanEnough to FILL Many Books,
not of the ordinary standard, but the Legendary Kind!
If there was just
ONE Membership Site
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©2005Mind Reality 2008
Once you know the truths revealed in this book, it will advance your understanding of God and theUniverse to a whole new level. This book is a must read for all who seek to understand the mysteries of spiritual things!Why do all religion, science and philosophy contradict with one another about the concept of God? Thesingle principle that solves the paradox once and for all!Did you know that the Great Falling Away at the End of Days is NOT what most people think it will be like?Find out the truth about Spiritual Revolution!Do you know that what most people think about the Devil and God is very wrong? When you know therole of Man, you have power over the cosmos!The answer to the biggest question of all – Why did God create us? Find out about the greatest heavenlytrial and appeal that lead to the creation of Man!How could a perfect angel sin against God? Find out the greatest mystery of the universe – Lucifer Rising!What is the difference between Enlightenment and Salvation? Find out the two paths of Knowing God!Discover The Law of Freewill. Know how Freewill works in the entire universe! This is the science of it.The Entire Universe is The Mind of God. But find out what is the Conflict of Divine Personalities going on!Discover how Everything that Exists is One Consciousness. This is the Ultimate Truth of All Reality!Know the Secret Work of the Angelic Powers that has been going on through all history behind everything!Finally discover the explanation of one of the greatest mysteries of Christianity. The Mystery of the Trinity!Find out How to Have Absolute, Complete and Perfect Faith! Know why Faith and Reason are the same!Is Your Name Written in the Book of Life? Know the reason why everyone has their prayers answeredwhen they pray! The Truth about the Effect of Salvation!Receive Updates, more Free Ebooks, even More Secrets of mind and reality through the Free Newsletter:http://www.mindreality.com/secrets.htmlYou have permission to give away this book through email or by linking it for download on your website!Best Regards,Enoch Tan – Creator of Mind Reality
1.The Universal and Personal Aspect of God2.Spiritual Revolution is The Great Falling Away3.Role of God, Man and Devil4.Angelic Conflict - Reason why Mankind exist5.Mystery of Lucifer - Ascension into Supremacy6.Knowing God through Enlightenment and Salvation7.Law of Freewill - Choice is based on Awareness8.Collective Consciousness defines Rules of Reality9.Awareness is Defense against Reality Manipulation10.Conflict of Personalities within the God Mind11.One Consciousness which Everything exists From12.Challenge of Sovereign Power by Angelic Forces13.Self is God - Your Consciousness is Light of Life14.Using Reason is The Way to have Complete Faith15.Book of Life - Your Name is Written in It

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