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Published by Barbara

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Published by: Barbara on Feb 25, 2008
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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 year ago my life was shattered. I was exhausted. My dadhad died out of a sudden and my relationships werechaotic. I didn’t suspect then that out of the darkestsadness was about to appear the most precious gift. I couldsee a big Secret. I followed it throughout history. The secret had beenburied. The secret had been wanted. The secret had been forbidden.I couldn’t believe who were those who knew it. They were the greatestmen in history. All I wanted was to share it with the others. I startedlooking for contemporary people who knew it. One by one they started to appear. This secret gives you all that you want: happiness,health and riches. You can have, do and be whatever you desire.We can really have all that we want. It doesn’t matter how big. Whatwould you like the house you live in to be like? Would you like to bea millionaire? What kind of business do you want? Do you wantmore success? What is it that you really desire?I witnessed miracles happening in people’s lives. Financial miracles,physical or mental recovery, relationships recovery. All thesehappened thanks to the Secret – knowing and applying it. 
The secret is the answer to everything that has been, everything there is, and to everything there will be.
- R. W. Emerson You are probably wondering: what is this secret? I will tell you how Igot to understand it. We all function based on the same infiniteenergy. We are all guided by the same laws. The natural laws of theuniverse are so exact that we never meet any difficulty when webuild spaceships. We can send people to the moon and we cancalculate the landing time by seconds. It does not matter if you are
in India, in Australia or in New Zeeland, Stockholm or London, Toronto, Montreal or New York. We are all guided by the same power.Of the same law. It is all about attraction. The secret is the Law of Attraction. Everything that happens in your life happens because itis attracted by you. All comes to you because of the images in yourmind. It is about what you think. The processes in your mind attractwhat happens to you.Wise men knew this forever. You can track history back toBabylonians. They knew this too. Not all of them, only the chosenones.Why do you think 1% of the world’s population earns 96% of whatcan be earned? Do you believe it is an accident? It is not. It is theway things happen. They understand something. The Secret. Now you are about to enter the mysteries of the Secret. The simplest way of understanding the Law of Attraction is to consider myself amagnet. I know a magnet is something that attracts things. Inessence, the Law of Attraction says the similar attracts the similar.But now we are talking about the process of thinking. Our job aspeople is to keep in mind what we want to do, to clarify ourpurposes. Starting from here, we begin to evoke one of the greatestlaws of the universe, the Law of Attraction.You become what you think of most of the time but you also attractthe things you think of more often. If you understand this, youunderstand everything. The principle can be resumed in three simplewords: thoughts become things. What most people do notunderstand is that every thought has a frequency. They can bemeasured. If you think of something over and over again, if you keepin your head that you have that brand-new car, that you have themoney that you need, that you build that company, that you canfind your soul-mate, then you constantly send that frequency forth. Thoughts send forth that electromagnetical signal which turns to you everything that resembles them. Picture yourself living inabundance and you will attract abundance. This works every time,

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