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april06.2014 b“People’s Participation in Budget Deliberation Act” taking shape

april06.2014 b“People’s Participation in Budget Deliberation Act” taking shape

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Published by pribhor2
“People’s Participation in Budget Deliberation Act” taking shape
“People’s Participation in Budget Deliberation Act” taking shape

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Published by: pribhor2 on Apr 07, 2014
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“People’s Participation in Budget Deliberation Act” taking shape
The proposed law institutionalizing greater active citizens’ participation in the national and local government budget process is nearing plenary debate in Congress.The House Committee on People’s Participation, chaired by Rep. Benamin !. "silo #$
 !istrict, %anila&, has recommended plenary approval o' HB ($$) in substitution o' HB *os. +) authored by Reps. Cresente C. Paez #C--P*"TCC- Partylist& and "nthony Bravo #C--P*"TCC-&, and HB )/01 'iled by Rep. %aria 2eonor 3eronaRobredo #)
 !istrict, Camarines 4ur&.The substitute measure, as contained in Committee Report *o. $)/, states5 67t is hereby declared the policy o' the 4tate to recognize the role o' independent civil society organizations #C4-s& as e''ective participants in all levels o' social, political, and economic decisionma8ing9..:6HB ($$) would allow the e;ercise o' the people’s right to participate in public decisionma8ing and in the process, enhance accountability in the use o' ta;payers’ money,: the authors stressed.The bill is now in the hands o' the Committee on Rules which will calendar 'loor debates 'ollowing resumption o' session in %ay.The proposed statute mandates that the application 'or accreditation o' civil society organizations be 'iled in the -''ice o' the 4ecretary o' the 4enate or the 4ecretary3eneral o' the House o' Representatives or the 4ecretary o' the concerned national government agency #*3"&, and the 4ecretary to the respective 2ocal 4anggunian or 2ocal 3overnment <nits #23<s&.2i8ewise, the measure authorizes the mentioned o''icials #4ecretaries& to cancel the certi'icate o' accreditation o' any civil society organization which has been 'ound guilty o' having procured their certi'icate by 'raud or deceit or through error."mong others, the bill provides 'or penalties on persons violating the provisions o' the "ct = suspension ranging 'rom one #$& month to three #)& months, or a 'ine o' thirty thousand pesos #P)0,000& to 'i'ty thousand pesos #P10,000.The authors noted that the bill provides an accredited C4- the 'ollowing rights and  privileges 'rom the government entity where they are accredited5 $& Receive notices o' hearings and consultations and>or call 'or written submissions? +& Participate in regular and consultative meetings or hearings relating to the annual budget through duly authorized representatives?
NR # 3428BAPRIL 6, 2014

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