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The Drawing of Christ

The Drawing of Christ

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' And I, if I ie lifted up from the earth, will draw all men imto me.'
John, sdi, 32.


' And I, if I ie lifted up from the earth, will draw all men imto me.'
John, sdi, 32.

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Published by: GLENN DALE PEASE on Apr 07, 2014
Copyright:Traditional Copyright: All rights reserved


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THE DRAWIG OF CHRISTREV. UMA F. REID, D. D.' And I, if I ie lifted up from the earth, will draw all men imto me.' John, sdi, 32. There prevailed in the heathen world a theory, or rather a fable, that the god of the universe, whom they called Jupiter, had a golden chain, which he could at any time let down and draw the world and all its inhabitants to himself. Oowper gives this translation to that passage in the Iliad which refers to this theory, in which Homer represents Jupiter as speaking : " But if I, willmg to exert my power, The earth itself, itself the sea and you, Will lift with ease together, and will wind The chain around the spiry summit sharp Of the Olympian, that all things upheaved ShaU hang in the mid heaven." By this chain they intended to teach the con- nection between the Creator and the creature — the connection between heaven and earth — some- times termed the chain of causes and effects. We shall undertake to show to-day that this idea, which obtained in the darkened mind of the heathen, was not meaningless. In exhibiting the doctrines of the text, we shall undertake to show that Christ, lifted upon the Cross, is the great golden chain which draws the human race to Himself, and, through Himself, binds them to Grod the Father ; that its golden links have en- twined the heart of every man born into the world ; that Christ lifted up is, so to speak, the
great magnet in the spiritual universe ; touching by its influence, and turning the spirit of every man to Grod, the Creator and source of all things. To avoid mistake, it is proper for us first to define what is meant by drawing all men unto Him. I am aware that this declaration of the Saviour is 288 SERMOS. used in support of the doctrine of universal, uncon- ditional salvation ; but if it is made valuable in support of this theory, it seems to me that its ad- vocates must put a strained construction upon the term draw. We understand that a man may be drawn to Christ, and not irresistibly drawn ; that this drawing may be so resisted that there are those who will not come unto Him that they may have life, for there are some who do always resist the Holy Ghost. It is not my purpose, however, to make an argument upon this point ; but simply to_ define that the term draw means to influence all men by His word and spirit ; and where the word has not gone, by His spirit alone, so that all who yield to this influence secure to them- selves salvation. We now start out in our undertaking with this proposition, that Christ, lifted up upon the Cross, has been, and is, and will be, the great attraction of all men. In this undertaking, we select, as the place for our investigation, the Cross ; as it was set up, not at the beginning, nor at the ending, but rather in the middle ; so that, as far as posi- tion is concerned, our standpoint will be central. Standing under the shadow of the Cross, we have only to look backward into the past, and forward into the future, to see that Christ crucified " is
the desire of all nations." It is important to the maintenance of this proposition that the doctrine THE DRAWIG OP CHRIST. 289 of the universality of the Holy Spirit's operation and influence be established, to show that He performs His office independent of the preached or written word. The particular and peculiar relation which each person in the Trinity sustains to the plan of redemption is clearly defined in the Scriptures. The Father projected the plan, the Son executed it, and it is the peculiar office of the Holy Ghost to develop it upon us^ — to apply it. Without this the whole plan would do no good. The first argument, therefore, which I now offer to show the universality of the Holy Spirit's in- fluence, is drawn from the universality of the plan. All men are affected by the fall — all men are relieved by the crucifixion ; the free gift- has come upon all men to justification ; where sin abounded, grace did much more abound. We infer from this that the remedy is commen- surate with the evil sustained ; that those who were affected by the fall of Adam, without a knowledge of Adam, might be, and are, relieved by the death of Christ, without a knowledge of Christ. Yery well ; as the Holy Spirit is the great devel- oper — applyer of the plan — and without Him there is no development or application, we con- clude that He operates upon the hearts of all affected by the fall ; and as all our race are affect- ed by it, then He operates upon all our race, though ignorant of the incarnation of God. The 290 SERMOS.

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