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The Philippine Animal Welfare Society (PAWS)

The Philippine Animal Welfare Society (PAWS)

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Published by Chiikoy Añonuevo
The Philippine Animal Welfare Society (PAWS) is a volunteer-based non-government organization whose goal is to prevent animal cruelty through education, animal sheltering and advocacy.
The Philippine Animal Welfare Society (PAWS) is a volunteer-based non-government organization whose goal is to prevent animal cruelty through education, animal sheltering and advocacy.

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Categories:Types, School Work
Published by: Chiikoy Añonuevo on Apr 07, 2014
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The Philippine Animal Welfare Society (PAWS) is a volunteer-based non-government organization whose goal is to prevent animal cruelty through education animal sheltering and advocacy! PAWS believes that the creation of a more peaceful society starts with the widening of man"ind#s circle of compassion which includes animals thereby envisions a nation that respects animals practices responsible pet ownership and protects wildlife!The PAWS Animal $ehabilitation %enter (PA$%) located at Aurora &lvd! 'atipunan alley oyola *eights +! %! serves as a temporary shelter for dogs cats and other animals rescued from cruelty or neglect with the ultimate goal of rehabilitating them and placing them in loving homes! Part of PAWS, life-saving wor" at PA$% is empowering people by providing volunteer opportunities to help animals so that everyone can do their own share in ma"ing the world a better place for all!
PAWS *istory
PAWS was founded in 1954 by Muriel Jay, a British educator who was, at that time, residin in the Phili!!ines" #he orani$ation%s first members were hand!ic&ed by Jay and 'ita (onti)eros*+ichauco, the current !resident of PAWS, was one of them"(onti)eros*+ichauco recalled that PAWS, as a new orani$ation then, would ma&e stuffed toys and other items which she and the other members would sell to ain funds" #hey also had a clinic where they !ro)ided ser)ices for inured animals and two bicycle !atrols that they used to sa)e stray animals from the streets" (owe)er, PAWS became dormant when Jay went bac& to -nland" .t was in 19/0, when (onti)eros*+ichauco reorani$ed PAWS with a new team of !rofessional )olunteers which were !rimarily )eterinarians and educators" .t was in 1990 when the !resent batch of PAWS%s members oined" #he new )olunteers, which were mostly the youth, came out with more aressi)e ideas in !romotin the ad)ocacies of the orani$ation" #hese ideas are still enacted by PAWS at !resent"ontacts with )arious international animal*!rotection rou! increases" PAWS is in constant touch with orani$ations li&e the World Society for the Protection of Animals 2WSPA3, Peo!le for -thical #reatment of Animals 2P-#A3 and (umane Society .nternational 2(S.3" n Se!tember 1, 1999, PAWS became an associate of the oyal SPA of 67" Similarly, on the local scene, PAWS was made a member of the 'ational 8isaster oordinatin ouncil under the 8e!artment of 'ational 8efense, and !artici!ated in the rescuin of abandoned and inured animals from a residential )illae 2herry (ills3 de)astated by landslide"
The Philippine Animal Welfare Society exists to prevent cruelty, alleviate pain, fear and suffering in animals and to promote a society based on humane principles.
PAWS is a credible nationwide non-profit organiation, composed of a networ! of committed, compassionate and trustworthy individuals and institutions that initiates and leads in the promotion of animal welfare, and the protection of all animals. PAWS envisions a nation that respects animals, practices responsible pet ownership, and protects wildlife.
"ompassion and respect for animals
"ommitment to the vision and mission of PAWS
#edication to the assigned role in the organiation
$espectful conduct towards each other regardless of position
%onesty and trustworthiness
#iscipline 'faithfulness to norms, standards( compliance to organiation)s rules, policies and standards*
+oyalty to the organiation
Programs and Advocacies
PAWS is aainst the abuse of animals in any form" or years, the orani$ation defended animals and reminded the !eo!le of animal rihts by orani$in different !rorams" (ere are some of the orani$ation%s successful and on*oin !roects and !rorams:
Republic Act 8485
Since its reorani$ation in 19/0, PAWS has been acti)ely lobbyin for the e!ublic Act /4/5 or the Phili!!ine Animal Welfare Act" (owe)er, the o)ernment was still not ready for it by that time"PAWS and its )olunteers ne)er a)e u! on their oal and came u! with a re)ised Animal Welfare Bill which they diliently !ursued in the Senate of the Phili!!ines, and the onress of the Phili!!ines" n ebruary 11, 199/, the Animal Welfare Act of 199/ 2also &nown as the e!ublic Act /4/53 was sined into the law by the then !resident, idel ;" amos"
Dog Meat Trade
PAWS was res!onsible for a hue leal )ictory in the 'orthern Pro)ince of Benuet on A!ril <==0" #he !ro)ince souht to ta&e ad)antae of a loo!hole in the Animal Welfare Act of 199/,  which allows the consum!tion of 8o meat as a cultural and ritual !ractice, but not for commercial !ur!oses" PAWS found out that Benuet%s 8o Meat s!run not from >cultural !ractice? but that of ust commercial !ur!oses" After a massi)e world*wide letter cam!ain and  with hel!s from other local animal welfare rou!s, the Benuet local o)ernment a)e in" n May <==0, PAWS met with the national Meat .ns!ection Ser)ices, a di)ision of the Phili!!ine 8e!artment of Ariculture" Some of the main oals of the meetin were to close the loo!hole in the Animal Welfare Act of 199/, !re)ent circum)entions in the law, and establish clear
methods of enforcin the law" PAWS has also hel!ed the local o)ernment of @ue$on city in the creation a do!ound which could hel! reduce the do meat trade in the city"
PAWS Animal Rehabilitation Center PARC!
PAWS Animal Rehabilitation Center or PARC is the first real animal shelter in the country. It is PAWS’ most ambitious project to date and is now servin as a center for charitable veterinary services! caterin to the pets of the low"income sector! providintemporary shelter to the countless number animals who are victims of cruelty and nelect. PARC is a temporary shelter for abandoned and stray dos and cats and is found at the bac# of Ateneo de $anila %niversity in &ue'on City. It aims to find new homes for the dos and the cats throuh its adoption proram patterned after some western animal shelters. With PARC’s visibility! PAWS aims to enhance the (ilipino’s awareness of animal welfare.PARC became a favorite destination for field trips! where students are tauht to love and care for animals! as well as nature. At present! it has already received thousands of students from various schools within $etro $anila and other provinces. In )**+! the shelter responded to over ,!-** calls from beleauered pet owners as#in for simple pet health care advice and reports of animal cruelty. y the time PARC opened in )**)! over /** rescued and rehabilitated animals have been re"homed. Part of PAWSlife"savinwor# at PARC is empowerinpeople by providinvolunteer opportunities to help animals so that everyone can do their own share in ma#in the word a better place for all.
#he PAWS Animal Shelter is located alon Aurora Bl)d at the boundary of Mari&ina and @ue$on ity"

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