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The Commemoration of 20th of the 1994 Genocide of Tutsi in Rwanda

The Commemoration of 20th of the 1994 Genocide of Tutsi in Rwanda

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Published by Thavam

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Published by: Thavam on Apr 07, 2014
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Fellow Rwandan and Friends of Rwanda,
MONDAY, 07 APRIL 2014Today is 7! A"ril# On !is day, we $oin %illions of Rwandan and Friends of Rwanda a !o%e and &eyond, o 'o%%e%orae !e 20! Anni(ersary of !e )eno'ide a)ains!e T*si,  "er"eraed &y !e for%er )eno'idal re)i%e of !e lae +a&yari%ana, !e e-FAR and is allied Inera!a%we %iliias# .e es"e'ially sal*e !e s*r(i(ors of !is )eno'ide, a''e"ed as one of !e wors aro'iies of !e 20! 'en*ry#Today is no $*s !e sar of !e /eno'ide .ee i is also a wee o re%e%&er and o refle' on !e )r*eso%e na*re of !e 'ri%es 'o%%ied a)ains oally inno'en "eo"le# T!is wee also %ars wo and !alf %on!s o*rney of !e 3wi&*a Re%e%&ran'e5 Fla%e, !a !as o*red o(er 10,16s8*are %iles a'ross !e land of 1000 !ills, o sy%&olise a 9Tor'!: of a ;ri)! F**re of <niy and Naional Re'on'iliaion, !a !as &een *s!ered !ro*)!o* Rwanda followin) %any years of so%e of !e %os &r*al and )r*eso%e aro'iies 'o%%ied &y %an a)ains fellow %an !a !e world !as e(er winessed# Fellow Rwandan and Friends of Rwanda, !e 7! of A"ril, is !e sar of an =raordinary Ann*al .ee d*rin) w!i'! we all )a!er o)e!er o 'o%%e%orae and o )i(e res"e' o o*r dear &re!ren and ins%en and wo%en, w!o "eris!ed in e"isodes of )roes8*e in!*%aniy %eed o* so%ei%es for no )reaer a reason !an !e "!ysi'al a""earan'e of !e (i'i%s# .e s!all always re%e%&er and s!ow o*r res"e' o !e esi%aed one %illion inno'en T*sis w!o were &r*ally sla*)!ered en %ass in 14# T!e n*%ero*s Me%orial sies !a lier !e 'o*nry, lie T!e 3i)ali /eno'ide Me%orial >enre in /iso?i, w!ere o(er 2@0,000 inno'en so*ls were laid o res, are li(in) and indeli&le "roof and "er%anen re%inders of !e een of in!*%aniy !a %an 'an infli' on fellow %an if !e ideolo)y and "oli'y of e!ni' !ared, &i)ory,  "re$*di'e and inoleran'e is allowed o "re(ail as a %eans of aainin) "olii'al o&$e'i(es#Fellow Rwandan and Friends of Rwanda, i is !ard o find any s*ia&le word o des'ri&e, !e 100-days of dea!, (iolen'e and desr*'ion !a des'ended on o*r "eo"le in 14# Fro% 7!
 A"ril o 1! *ly 14, o(er 1,000,0@0 T*si were %*rdered# 700#000 wo%en were ra"ed or infe'ed wi! +IB, @00,000 were widowed, as were C00,000 or"!ans and 4@,000 '!ildren were fa!ered as res*l of ra"e, w!ile !*ndreds of !o*sands of fellow Rwandan were lef  "er%anenly disa&led or ra*%aised# T!e )eno'ide sla*)!er5 lased 100 days - in !o%es, (illa)es, inside '!*r'!es, !os"ials, s'!ools and on %anned road &lo's !ro*)!o* !e 'o*nry# <sin) %ass %edia s*'! as radios and news "rin o "ro"a)ae !eir a)enda of e!ni' !ared, !e leaders of !e )eno'ide ind*'ed lar)e n*%&ers of soldiers, %iliias and (illa)ers ino a feelin) of %ass !yseria w!ere !orrifi' illin)s, e(en of nei)!&o*rs and friends &e'a%e "ossi&le# T!is !as in *rn 'reaed is own le)a'y in i%"le%enin) !e re'on'iliaion and re-ine)raion "ro'ess  &e'a*se in %any 'ases !e (i'i%s "ersonally now !eir aa'ers#T!is is w!y, in !e %on! of A"ril of ea'! year, all Rwandan and Friends of Rwanda, asse%&le in differen)eno'ide %e%orial sies and in '!*r'!es o o&ser(e !e e(en Days of >o%%e%oraion of !e 14 /eno'ide a)ains T*si#I is also a wee !a is dire'ed o re-dedi'ae o*r resol(e o sand fir% on o*r fee, and s!o*lder o s!o*lder o 'onsole and o offer o*r *nwa(erin) solidariy and s*""or o !e s*r(i(ors of !e 14 /eno'ide# Fellow Rwandan and Friends of Rwanda, al!o*)! )eno'ide a)ains !e T*si was e(en*ally so""ed, and "olii's of !ae and e!ni' ideolo)y dis%anled, we are dee"ly saddened !a 'ri%es a)ains !*%aniy and, es"e'ially )eno'ide are sill &ein) "er"eraed in %any 'o*nries in !e world# =(ens in Afri'a and elsew!ere in !e world are $*s sad re%inders of !e &r*al world we li(e in# .e !erefore ae !is o''asion of !e Re%e%&ran'e of !e 14 /eno'ide a)ains !e T*si o a""eal o yo*, Fellow Rwandan and Friends of Rwanda, o offer yo*r *nreser(ed "rayers o !e "eo"le of >#A#R, yria, Li&ya, Mali and o!er 'o*nries !a e"erien'in) !e !orrifyin) e"erien'es !a we !e "eo"le of Rwanda "assed !ro*)!#.e &elie(e !a !e a&sen'e of effe'i(e 'olle'i(e res"onse fro% !e inernaional 'o%%*niy in relaion o !e Rwandan /eno'ide a)ains !e T*si and as well as !e a&sen'e of an effe'i(e enfor'e%en %a'!inery o "* on rial "er"eraors of )eno'ide %ay !a(e e%&oldened !e  "er"eraors of !ese erri&le e(ens o !in !a !ey oo wo*ld en$oy i%%*niy and se'ondly !a !e inernaional 'o%%*niy wo*ld $*s sand aside and wa'! w!ile !o*sands of inno'en 'i(ilians are %assa'red# T!a is w!y we !in !e inernaional 'o%%*niy s!o*ld learn a lesson fro% !e Rwandan /eno'ide a)ains !e T*si &y ere'in) an effe'i(e in(esi)aory,  "rose'*ory and enfor'e%en 'a"a&iliy and 'a"a'iy so !a "er"eraors of )eno'ide are %ade o *ndersand !a !ey will no en$oy any i%%*niy fro% "*nis!%en for !eir (iolen 'ond*'#To !is een, %any forei)n 'o*nries in'l*din) Fran'e !a(e sared o &rin) o $*si'e !ose res"onsi&le for !ese 'ri%es# .e !o"e !is s!o*ld ser(e as 'lear warnin), !a no sone will &e lef *n*rned *nil !e las )eno'idaires is &ro*)! o $*si'e# T!e Na?i >on'enraion >a%" /*ard, o!n De%$an$*, !e %an w!o was ni'na%ed 9I(an !e Terri&le:, was one of !e Na?i f*)ii(es res"onsi&le for !e +olo'a*s a)ains ews, and was &ro*)! o $*si'e in !is 0s# T!ere is no do*& and i is o*r i%"la'a&le !o"e !a !ose res"onsi&le for !e 14 /eno'ide a)ains !e T*si will !a(e no safe !a(en or !idin) "la'e anyw!ere in !e world and !e enire inernaional 'o%%*niy will $oin !ands o)e!er in renewed effors o a""re!end !e% and o  &rin) !e% o $*si'e#Fellow Rwandan and Friends of Rwanda, oday, %y "ary !e Rwanda Peo"leEs Pary  Is!yaa RyEA&a*ra)e and I "ersonally wis! o reierae !is o !e s*r(i(ors of (i'i%s of )eno'ide a)ains !e T*si, yo*r relai(es, friends and nei)!&o*rs didnG die in (ain# .e will always
re%e%&er and !ono*r !eir resilien'e and !arrowin) e"erien'e, for %illions of years o 'o%e# Al!o*)! !ey are )one in fles!, !ey li(e wi! *s in s"iri, and will do so fore(er, as !eir lasin) *ni8*e and eraordinary le)a'y will 'onin*e o "re(ail in o*r %inds and deeds for e(er and e(er# T!ey &e'a%e o*r serialised %ornin) and e(enin) "rayers, we o&ser(e !eir "resen'e e(ery i%e we wae *", we feel !eir o*'! d*rin) o*r daily a'i(iies and we re%e%&er !eir %o%en of sorrows and ears &efore we )o o &ed#T!ese are o*r !eroes we are 'ele&rain) oday# I is !eir &lood !a !as led *s !is far# T!eir  &lood !as %ade *s reali?e !e i%"oran'e of &ro!er!ood !e i%"oran'e of no allowin) a few of *s wi! de(ian (al*es o lead *s asray# .!ere(er !ey are, I wan o le !e% now !a !o*)! !e "er"eraors of !e )eno'ide !o*)! !ey win &y illin) yo*, !ey did no# A'*ally, !ey los !e war o yo*, as yo* s!owed !e% !a yo* were no 'owards# May yo*r so*ls Res in Pea'e# Fellow Rwandan and Friends of Rwanda, !is is a s"e'ial %assa)e o !ose errified wo%en and '!ildren fa!ered as a res*l of ra"e and o %illions of Rwandan w!o were "er%anenly disa&led or ra*%aised as a res*l of !e 14 )eno'ide a)ains !e T*si# Le *s re-ass*re yo* a&o* !is !aH in o*r life i%e, we !a(e ne(er &een *nder %ore "ress*re !an !a we end*red on o*r lon), "ainf*l $o*rney &* were also !e %os $*&ilan, $oyf*l and e'sai' w!en o*r  "ainf*l $o*rney led *s &a' o o*r Pro%ised Land on 1s O'o&er 10# .e !a(e ne(er e"erien'ed enor%o*s "ress*re and fr*sraions !an !a we wen !ro*)!, 247 worin) !ard days and ni)!s, )oin) !ro*)! slee"less ni)!s and wi! !arrowin) ears and sorrows, wi!o* food and waer, &* (i(idly well fo'*sed, and deer%ined o end !e s*fferin) of o*r "eo"le# +en'efor!, Rwandan are !e le)ii%ae sae !olders of !is &ea*if*l 'o*nry of o*rs# T!erefore !isory will $*d)e *s on wron) side of !e road, and as an *li%aely fail*res, if we e(er, e(er dare o for)e !e s*fferin), ears and !orrifyin) e"erien'es !a o*r 'o*nry and o*r  "eo"le !a(e )one !ro*)! d*rin) RwandaGs re'en dar !isory# Rwanda &elon)s o yo*, and yo* &elon) o Rwanda, !ere 'an ne(er &e a Rwanda wi!o* Rwandan "eo"le nor Rwandan  "eo"le wi!o* Rwanda# T!*s, we re%ain 'o%%ied o "roe' o*r land and all of o*r "eo"le, w!e!er li(in) inside or o*side Rwanda# T!ose w!o 'owardly "redi' a new )eno'ide a)ains !e "eo"le of Rwanda, o yo* we say yo* are 'learly %isaen and serio*sly *nderesi%ae o*r resol(e ne(er o allow )eno'ide o re(isi o*r 'o*nry a)ain# O*r resol(e is 9Ne(er, Ne(er A)ain:# /eno'ide is now fir%ly "ar of o*r !isory i li(es wi! *s only so !a we 'an learn lessons fro% i# I is !erefore !e d*y of any Rwandan o ens*re !a we seer o*r 'o*nry in a dire'ion !a will ena&le *s o ee" !is resol(e, for we need no forei)ners o "rea'! o *s !ow o %ana)e and )o(ern o*r 'o*nry for oday and for !e indeer%inae f**re# Fellow Rwandan and Friends of Rwanda, on !is =raordinary weeo %ar!e 20! Anni(ersary of !e /eno'ide a)ains !e T*si, I wo*ld lie also o ae !is o""or*niy o re)iser o*r "e'ial Ari&*e o !e resilien Rwandan wo%en, !ose deares %o!ers, wi(es, )rand%o!ers, sisers, and da*)!ers, %any of w!o% were (i'i%s of se*al (iolen'e# Many of yo*r &odies were ri""ed a"ar as res*l of )an) ra"e, %any of yo*r drea%s were s!aered yo* !a(e &orne !e addiional &*rden of seein) yo*r !*s&ands, '!ildren, fa%ily %e%&ers e'#, %*rdered in fron of yo* and %any of yo* were lef o fi)! wi! +IB and AID and o

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