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The World Citizen

The World Citizen

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Published by Matthew
This manual is a glimpse at the future.
This manual is a glimpse at the future.

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Published by: Matthew on Oct 27, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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The World Citizen: A Government ManualThe purpose of this manual is to familiarize those who read it with the praxis of a world government, and the Life of a World Citizen.Sections1. Categories of Governmental Development in order of logicalManifestation:
Preparations/Requirements/Globalization2. Rights and the color of Law:
Legalization/Regulation3. The Constitution of the World Citizen
Development etc.
Section 1:
Categories of Governmental Development etc.
Article. 1.
Branches of a World Citizen Constitution: a Wise Council made upof nine voices per region of the world—regions being no larger than the North American continent, and no smaller than Japan—and seven voicesfrom the seven continents at the intercontinental level of the World WiseCouncil; a republican government of the same structure as the united Statesof America, composed of congressional, judicial, and executive branches.
The congressional and judicial branches will be identical to theaccepted regional form, but the executive shall be amended. Each state willhave its own president, each president will have the duty of observing theWorld and State Governments with an uninfluenced and unscripted dialoguewith their fellow presidents, which would then be televised or otherwise broadcast by the various media. Stripped of their commander in chief status,and given little to no responsibility to directly check the republic, the president is virtually powerless. Therefore, the presidential status willrequire little background and knowledge of law, and therefore literallyanyone can become president.The last branches are subsequent and interconnecting through the primary branches. They are:The Media, as established by both the State and the FederalGovernment, directed loosely by the Wise council, and organized withCitizen participation by the republic-style government.The Just-Meant Claims Office (J-MCO) as directed by the wisecouncil, established and organized by the republic (the J-MCO gives life tothe overall system by the active assessment of the Citizens Class grade andtherefore their primary means of exchange).Finally, Education will be a branch, established by the republic of each State, and directed or supervised by the Wise Council of each State,and shall be dependant upon the participation of World Citizens.All jobs (working with an organization for fellow Citizens, or theindependent enterprise of a production of goods or services for others)outside of the realm of Government, and acts of worth to the collectivesociety, as well as all occupations (i.e. arts, crafts, food, clothing, music,inventions, anything involving science and research as well as spiritual philosophy and religion) all under a scale of quality of productivity, will beobserved, and categorized by officers of just-meant claims—and will bedone so as per request only.The Organization or interaction of these entities will occur with thecooperation of the Citizens and States only. It shall occur with a signing of agreement—between the people of the states and their representatives, assupervised by the World Wise Council, and documented via recording.Other branches or entities not yet mentioned may be incorporated inthe same such way.From the Blueprint for World Government:
“The idea is to create democratic socialism, in which government  provides benefits to people who benefit the government/society, and the people are kept in the light about, and thus can keep check over government  proceedings via free information proliferation, and frequent Internet voting and polling. Further, every two years new politicians will be elected into office— that is to say that you cannot be elected two years in a row, but every four  years, if the people choose you again. Also, another important aspect of these elections is that they would be held in overlapping timeframes (i.e. thehouse is changed in 04, the senate is changed in 05, and the executive ischanged in 06 (leaving one year to spare), so that the whole government isnot changed every two years, causing the people to be more involved more frequently as a result).”
Article. 2.
An economy of prosperity is possible, but only with the disuse of money based systems of exchange and wealth, and therefore an end to thenecessity of taxes, as well as banks and the stock exchange.A Citizen’s wealth is determined by the quality of their productivityand the complexity of their job, as determined by a just-meant claimsofficer. At the individual level, one who works, as an employee shall be paidrespective to the overall productivity of the organization, and one who worksindividually—say, as an artist or musician or philosopher—shall receiveindividual observation and evaluation. At the state level, the overall productivity of its Citizens will determine its grade. A States grade will beused to classify regions, their output, and their personal activity. [Note: whata state gives shall be equal to what it receives.]The Grade Card, which shall be given to every citizen as proof of their citizenship, as well as the means of exchange in lieu of monetary units, shall be guaranteed within a period of four months of labor; used like a credit card —as the technology develops, the functions shall also increase.The invention of the cards will be private, and the consequential production will be federally appropriated through the states.Through the J-MCO, the average Citizen will have the Right to the pursuit of Happiness, because under its work policy, all Citizens areguaranteed to have work only every other day as a standard. Workingovertime affects a Citizens Just-Meant Claim Grade (J-MCG), and increasesthe number of days they can take off (with more people employed bydoubling the availability of workdays, standards of occupation are to beaccordingly loosened.)

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