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Sample for Chapter 5_Cosmic Collisions

Sample for Chapter 5_Cosmic Collisions

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Published by Paloch Vasudhara
from : www://cosmiccollisions.org/
from : www://cosmiccollisions.org/

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Published by: Paloch Vasudhara on Oct 27, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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A fuzzy cloud of light in the constellation of Andromeda connectsus to our future. The fate of the entire Milky Way Galaxy, andperhaps Earth itself, is intertwined with the Andromeda Galaxy.The latest astronomical evidence strongly suggests that the twogiant spiral members of our Local Group are on a collision course,with a merger likely occurring in ve billion years.
UGC 8335
UGC 8335 is a strongly inter-acting pair of spiral galaxiesresembling two ice skaters.The interaction has unitedthe galaxies via a bridge of material and has yankedtwo strongly curved tails of gas and stars from the outerparts of their “bodies.” Bothgalaxies have dust lanes intheir centers. UGC 8335 islocated in the constellationof Ursa Major, the Great Bear,about 400 million light-yearsfrom Earth.

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