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april08.2014 bRestorative Justice System pushed

april08.2014 bRestorative Justice System pushed

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Published by pribhor2
Restorative Justice System pushed
Restorative Justice System pushed

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Published by: pribhor2 on Apr 08, 2014
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Restorative Justice System pushed
Congress is set to start plenary debate to institutionalize the shift from the traditional form of punishment of incarceration of convicted prisoners to a restorative  justice paradigm.The House Committee on Revision of Laws, chaired by Rep. arlyn !rimicias"#gabas, has approved and endorsed H$ %&%', in substitution of H$ (os. &&', &)**, &)+', &&' and -*+, for plenary consideration and approval when Congress reconvenes for the
 regular session in ay.H$ %&%' is entitled /#n #ct rationalizing and strengthening the !robation 0ystem, amending for the purpose the pertinent provisions of !residential 1ecree (o. 2*+, otherwise 3nown as the 4!robation Law of &2'*5, as amended.5/6ne of the objectives of H$ %&%' is to strengthen the !robation Law by establishing a correctional system that will reform, rehabilitate and restore the dignity of  prisoners,5 the authors stressed.!rincipal authors of the original bills include7 Reps. 8iorgidi #ggabao and 9avier :esus Romualdo ;H$ &&'<= ajority Leader (eptali 8onzales >>> ;H$ &)**<= Reps. Rufus Rodriguez, a?imo Rodriguez, :r., and :oa@uin Chipeco, :r. ;H$ &)+'<= Rep. Avelina Ascudero ;H$ &&'<= and Rep. !rimicias"#gabas ;H$ -*+<. #side from lessening government e?penditure and remedy the problem of overcrowding in the nationBs jails, the reform measure see3s to provide a rehabilitation  program for @ualified offenders by doing away with the traditional form of punishment of incarceration and focus on the restorative justice model.6ne 3ey provision of H$ %&%' allows the defendant to apply for probation even when he perfected an appeal from conviction, provided the judgement of conviction carrying out a non"probationable penalty was modified by the appellate court into a  probationable penalty.Li3ewise, the proposed amendatory measure e?pands the probationable term from si? years to eight years.#nother vital provision removes the e?clusion from probation of crimes falling under !ublic 6rder, thus ma3ing #rticles &%* ;when the person is merely present at such assembly<= &%', &%+, &%2, &&, &-, &%, & and &* of Title >>>, Chapter >>> to Chapter , $oo3 >> of the Revised !enal Code as probationable offenses.
NR # 3430BAPRIL 8, 2014

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