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04-08-14 edition

04-08-14 edition

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04-08-14 edition
04-08-14 edition

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Published by: San Mateo Daily Journal on Apr 08, 2014
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Leading local news coverage on the Peninsula
April 8,2014
Vol XIII,Edition 200
601 El Camino RealSan Bruno, CA 94066Mon.-Sat. 10am-7pmSun. Noon to 6pm
PG&E blastsettlementwork begins
By Angela Swartz
ASan Bruno foundation estab-lished as a result of the Sept. 9,2010, PG&E explosion and firethat killed eight and injuring 66 istaking its initial steps towardbecoming a full-fledged nonprofit. The group’s board of directors —selected in the fall of 2013 — saythey are about a year out from cre-ating goals for what to do with the$68.75 million in settlementfunds from Pacific Gas andElectric. The agreement specifiesthe San Bruno CommunityFoundation allocates the funds forthe benefit of the entire city andcan’t be used for general city oper-ations. The funds from this agree-ment are separate from the $50million trust agreement to specifi-cally benefit the Crestmoor neigh-borhood damaged in the blast.The board is currently focusingon filing the critical Form 1023 toapply for federal approval as anonprofit entity, said boardPresident Nancy Kraus. Its firstofficial meeting was March 20.“The journey the foundation ison to become legally and fullyoperational as a not-for-profitorganization requires that theboard adopt a myriad of policiesand procedures for governance,”she said. “That is the board’s focusat the moment — filing the Form1023 as expeditiously as possi-ble. The next steps will be to con-sider policies [on the] budget,staffing, investments, grant mak-ing and formulating the manyrelated procedures that each of these pathways will require. Theboard must also consider thedevelopment of branding, web-
San Bruno nonprofit starts processof deciding how to spend $68.75M
By David Espo
WASHINGTON — The Senatevoted 59-38 Monday to resurrectfederal jobless benefits for thelong-term unemployed, and asmall band of Republican support-ers swiftly appealed to a reluctantSpeaker John Boehner to permitelection-year action in the Houseas well.Steps are needed “to restoreunemployment benefits to strug-gling Americans,” seven HouseRepublicans wrote Boehner andMajority LeaderEric Cantor of Virginia. Theyreleased theirletter as theSenate wasbestowing itswidely expectedapproval on thelegislation.Despite theappeal, the bill’s prospects arecloudy at best, given widespreadopposition among conservative
Senate OKs jobless bill;House prospectsslimmer
By Samantha Weigel
Planning has resumed for theStation Park Green site near SanMateo’s Hayward Park Caltrainstation after financing delayed thelarge-scale transit-oriented devel-opment.EBL&S Development submitteda pre-application to the cityMarch 19 with a few changes, saidLorraine Weiss, a contract seniorplanner with the city. With themassive development regainingtraction, the public will have moreopportunities to weigh in on thespecifics.In January2011, the CityCouncilapproved 12-acre StationPark Green’sSpecific Plan,DesignGuidelines andDevelopmentAgreement, Weiss said.The original application calledfor 599 residential units, between10,000 and 45,000 square feet of office space and between 25,000to 60,000 square feet of retailspace at 1700 S. Delaware St. andConcar Drive.The proposed number of residen-tial units still stands, but thedeveloper has narrowed its plansfor the Kmart site down to 10,000square feet of office space, 25,000square feet of retail space and haschanged its parking configuration,Weiss said.Parking was originally pro-posed underground, however, thepre-applications marks enclosedabove-ground-wraparound park-ing, Weiss said. That means someparking would be within the inte-
Development proposal revived
Officials,residents to consider development pre-application at Kmart site
 There will be a neighborhood meeting Tuesday,April 15 to discuss the Station Park Green development near SanMateo’s Hayward Park Caltrain station.
By Angela Swartz
Burlingame citizens are tryingto help it live up to its name “thecity of trees” through their newAdopt-a-Tree program. The Citizens EnvironmentalCouncil-Burlingame, or CEC, andthe city of Burlingame launchedthe new Adopt-a-Tree program onArbor Day, March 7 to help ensurethe health of the 300trees that are plantedin the city each year.“It’s a great way toget the communityinvolved,” saidKathy Meriwether,director of the CEC-Burlingame. “It’s areal simple little thingthat makes a long-term dif-ference in the environment.”Young trees need regularwatering during their forma-tive years and volunteers canhelp by watering a treeduring its first two yearsduring dry months — withfive gallons of water eachweek.The idea came about whenMeriwether, who spearheaded theeffort, discussed with the city
City asks residentsto adopt trees
Burlingame program aims to target neglected new plants
 John Boehner
 Jack Matthews
Woman complains to policeabout marijuana quality
LUFKIN, Texas — Police in EastTexas have arrested a woman after shecalled them to complain about thequality of the marijuana she had pur-chased from a dealer.Lufkin police Sgt. David Casper saidMonday that an officer went to thehome of 37-year-old Evelyn Hamiltonto hear her complaint that the dealerrefused to return her money after sheobjected that the drug was substandard.Casper says she pulled the smallamount of marijuana from her brawhen the officer asked if she still hadit.She was arrested Friday on a chargeof possession of drug paraphernalia.Hamilton said Monday that shespent $40 on “seeds and residue.” Shesays she called police when she got nosatisfaction from the dealer’s family.
Massachusetts home intruder turns out to be a duck
NORTH READING, Mass. — Policein Massachusetts responding toreports of an intruder in a woman’shome quickly quacked the case.ANorth Reading woman calledpolice Saturday from her upstairs bed-room to report that she heard loudbanging noises downstairs and fearedsomeone had broken into her home.Officers who responded found nosign of a break-in.But during a quick search of thehome, police found a soot-coveredwood duck.Police say it appears the duck got inthrough the chimney.An officer caught the duck andreleased it into a nearby pond.
Two students arrested over teacher fight
SANTAMONICA— Santa Monicapolice have arrested two teenagersover a recorded classroom fightbetween a student and a teacher.Sgt. Jay Moroso says an 18-year-old from Santa Monica High Schoolwas arrested Friday on suspicion of threatening a school official, battery,marijuana possession and possessinga box cutter on campus.A16-year-old was arrested on suspi-cion of battery against a schoolemployee.Names and details aren’t beingreleased but a county sheriff’s websitesays 18-year-old Blair Moore remains jailed.Avideo showed teacher Mark Blackstruggling with a student on Fridayand pinning him to the floor. Black’son leave while the school districtinvestigates.Amessage seeking comment fromthe district superintendent wasn’timmediately returned.
Bikini-clad baristas brewing up controversy
CLOVIS — Bikini-clad baristas whowork at a Northern California coffeeshop are brewing up a bit of controver-sy with some folks upset with theirattire.Residents in Clovis are collectingsignatures for a petition telling CityCouncil members that they want theservers at the Bottom’s Up to eithercover up or close up shop permanent-ly, the Fresno Bee reported. Candice Eslick, 50, who lives ablock from the shop that began operat-ing in January, said the attire choicesof servers are not right for her neigh-borhood or the city. She hopes todeliver a petition to the City Councilon April 21.Meanwhile, Clovis City AttorneyDavid Wolfe said the city probablycan’t do anything about the business.Wolfe said residents called the cityafter a TVstory on the shop last monthfeatured a barista apparently showingtoo much skin when she bent over. He said the TVreport revealed toomuch.“We don’t usually address that in ourcity code except in adult businesses.All your private parts have to be fullycovered or it’s an adult business andyou have to go somewhere else,” saidWolfe, adding that city officials havevisited the shop and the business hasfollowed the rules.
April 8,2014
The San Mateo Daily Journal
800 S. Claremont St., Suite 210, San Mateo, CA94402
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Actor Taylor Kitschis 33.
This Day in HistoryThought for the Day
The United States Senate passed, 38-6, the 13th Amendment to the U.S.Constitution abolishing slavery.
“The truth is always something that is told,not something that is known.If there were no speakingor writing,there would be no truth about anything.” 
— Susan Sontag,American author and critic (1933-2004)
Actress Patricia Arquette is 46.Actress KirstenStorms is 30.
Actor David Hasselhoff poses with a replica of himself built for the ‘The SpongeBob SquarePants Movie,’during an auctionin Beverly Hills.
: Sunny. Patchy fog in the morn-ing. Highs around 70. Lightwinds...Becoming northwest around 5mph in the afternoon.
Tuesday night
: Mostly clear. Lows inthe lower 50s. Northwest winds 5 to 10mph.
:Partly cloudy in the morn-ing then becoming sunny. Highs in the mid 60s. Northwestwinds 5 to 10 mph.
Wednesday night:
Mostly clear in the evening thenbecoming partly cloudy. Lows in the upper 40s. Northwestwinds 5 to 15 mph.
: Sunny. Highs in the mid 60s.
Thursday night and Friday:
Partly cloudy. Lows in theupper 40s. Highs in the mid 60s.
Local Weather Forecast
In 1614
, painter, sculptor and architect El Greco died inToledo, Spain.
In 1820
, the Venus de Milo statue was discovered by afarmer on the Greek island of Milos.
In 1904
, Longacre Square in Manhattan was renamed TimesSquare after The New York Times.
In 1911
, an explosion at the Banner Coal Mine inLittleton, Ala., claimed the lives of 128 men, most of themconvicts loaned out from prisons.
In 1913, 
the 17th Amendment to the Constitution, pro-viding for popular election of United States senators (asopposed to appointment by state legislatures), was ratified.President Woodrow Wilson became the first chief executivesince John Adams to address Congress in person as he askedlawmakers to enact tariff reform. The Republic of China’sfirst parliament convened.
In 1935, 
President Franklin D. Roosevelt signed theEmergency Relief Appropriations Act, which providedmoney for programs such as the Works ProgressAdministration.
In 1946
, the League of Nations assembled in Geneva for itsfinal session.
In 1952
, President Harry S. Truman seized the Americansteel industry to avert a nationwide strike. (The SupremeCourt later ruled that Truman had overstepped his authority,opening the way for a seven-week strike by steelworkers.)
In 1961, 
a suspected bomb exploded aboard the passengerliner MVDara in the Persian Gulf, causing it to sink; 238 of the 819 people aboard were killed.
In 1974
, Hank Aaron of the Atlanta Braves hit his 715thcareer home run in a game against the Los Angeles Dodgers,breaking Babe Ruth’s record.
In other news ...
(Answers tomorrow)SNIFF AGENTDIVIDE BOTTOMYesterday’sJumbles:Answer:The student forgot to go to school becausehe was — ABSENT-MINDEDNow arrange the circled letters to form the surprise answer, assuggested by the above cartoon.
by David L. Hoyt and Jeff Knurek
Unscramble these four Jumbles,one letter to each square,to form four ordinary words.
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 The Daily Derby race winners are Eureka,No.7,in first place;BigBen,No.4,in second place;andWinning Spirit,No.9,in third place.The race timewas clocked at 1:47.26.
2 0 525 27 36 42 44 39
uly 30 Me
ga Mill
8 24 39 49 59 5
uly 31 Pow
3 5 13 38 39
y Fi
y th
ree m
81 9 3
y Fo
6 1 1
y th
ree ev
15 17 29 32 41 23
y 31 Su
r Lot
to Plu
Comedian Shecky Greene is 88. Actor-turned-diplomat JohnGavin is 83. Author and Pulitzer Prize-winning reporterSeymour Hersh is 77. Former U.N. Secretary-General KofiAnnan is 76. Basketball Hall-of-Famer John Havlicek is 74.“Mouseketeer” Darlene Gillespie is 73. Rhythm-and-bluessinger J.J. Jackson is 73. Singer Peggy Lennon (The LennonSisters) is 73. Songwriter-producer Leon Huff is 72. ActorHywel Bennett is 70. Actor Stuart Pankin is 68. Rock musi-cian Steve Howe is 67. Former House Republican Leader TomDeLay is 67. Movie director John Madden is 65. Rock musi-cian Mel Schacher (Grand Funk Railroad) is 63.
April 8,2014
. An employee was reported for steal-ing $240 from a safe on the 1000 block of Park Place before 5:59 p.m. Sunday, April 6.
. Aman reported three girls tookhis house keys at South Delaware Street andCharles Lane before 3:25 p.m. Sunday, April6.
. Aperson reportedly broke intothe Jamba Juice on the 1200 block of WestHillsdale Boulevard before 11:05 a.m.Sunday, April 6.
. Two bikes were reported stolenfrom a home on the 1000 block of PalmAvenue before 5:57 p.m. Saturday, April 5.
Suspicious circumstances
. Policeresponded to a report of suspicious phonecalls on the 600 block of Columbus Street inEl Granada before 10:54 p.m. Tuesday, April1.
. Aman was arrested for public intox-ication after he interfered with police offi-cers who were trying to treat his injuredfriend on the 8900 block of La Honda Roadin La Honda before 8:36 p.m. Tuesday,March 11.
. Police arrested a juvenile for mak-ing threats to his family during an argumenton the 200 block of Water Lane in Pescaderobefore 11:20 p.m. Sunday, March 9.
Police reports
 You’re kidding?
A10-year-old child was reported forkicking items and not staying in “timeout” on Biddulph Way in Burlingamebefore 10:12 a.m. Monday, March 31.
By Michelle Durand
Alegislative push to force the billionaireowner of Martin’s Beach to reopen publicaccess to the strip of beach or face eminentdomain is likely getting some local supportby county supervisors at the urging of Supervisor Don Horsley whose districtincludes the controversial site south of Half Moon Bay.At Tuesday morning’s board meeting,Horsley will introduce a resolution support-ing a bill by state Sen. Jerry Hill, D-SanMateo, that requires the State LandsCommission to negotiate with owner VinodKhosla over reopening the public accessroad. If no deal is met by Jan. 1, 2016, thestate could grab a piece of the propertythrough eminent domain for a public road,according to Hill’s bill.At the same time local supervisors areweighing support of Hill’s bill, the proposedlegislation is being heardin the Senate NaturalResources Committee. In his report to fellowboard members, Horsleycites Hill’s saying that“the public and local res-idents have beendeprived of this nationaltreasure for long enough.” The board’s anticipated approval carriesno legal weight but adds a showing of sup-port to the bill which is already backed bythe Surfrider Foundation, the Committee forGreen Foothills and the California CoastalCommission.Horsley and members of these groups joined Hill in February at Martin’s BeachRoad to announce his proposed Senate Bill968.Hill contends the state constitution guar-antees public access tothousands of miles of coastline includeMartin’s Beach.Khosla bought the 53-acre parcel in 2008 andclosed Martin’s Beach tothe public, sparkingnational news when agroup of surfers werecited for trespassing andbecame advocates for coastal access. Priorto the purchase, the family owning the landcharged visitors $5 for access and parkingat the beach. Two lawsuits stemming from the Martin’sBeach closure are pending.
The San Mateo County Board of Supervisors meets 9 a.m. Tuesday, April 8in Board Chambers, 400 CountyGovernment Center, Redwood City.
County throwing weight behindpush to reopen Martin’s Beach
Dead deer indicates mountain lion activity in Hillsborough
Police found a dead deer that showedsigns of having been killed by a mountainlion in Hillsborough early Monday morn-ing.The dead deer was found in the 1400block of Tartan Trail, police said.Mountain lion activity is not uncom-mon in Hillsborough and San MateoCounty, according to Hillsborough policeSgt. Nelson Corteway.However, mountain lions are solitaryand rarely attack people, Corteway said.Police advise residents to avoid hikingor jogging during mountain lions’activehours of dawn, dusk and nighttime.If someone does see a mountain lion,they are advised to not run or approach it.People should stand still, face the moun-tain lion, make noise, wave their arms,throw rocks or other objects and pick upsmall children.Most mountain lions will try to avoidconfrontation with people, according toCorteway.
Teens with pellet rifles prompt scare at elementary school
Agun scare that prompted the evacuationof an elementary school campus inWoodside on Saturday turned out to beteens carrying pellet guns, San MateoCounty sheriff’s officials said.Deputies responded at about 2:30 p.m.Saturday to Woodside Elementary Schoolat 3195 Woodside Road, where two peoplewere reported to be dressed in camouflageand armed with rifles and a machete.About 100 students and parents were onthe campus at the time and were evacuatedsafely, sheriff’s officials said.Deputies quickly found the teens anddetained and questioned them, then turnedthem over to family members, sheriff’sofficials said.
Toxin found in sport-harvested shellfish
State public health officials are warningthe public not to eat any sport-harvestedbivalve shellfish from the Monterey Baybecause consumption can lead to illness ordeath.Domoic acid has been detected in shell-fish in Monterey and Santa Cruz counties,according to the California Department of Public Health.The acid leads to an illness known asamnesic shellfish poisoning. There are no known cases of deaths dueto poisoning from domoic acid inCalifornia, according to state publichealth officials.The warning applies to certain types of seafood such as mussels, clams, oysters orwhole scallops, which fall under the cate-gory of bivalve shellfish.Commercial bivalve shellfish are notunder the warning since they are sold byapproved sources subject to frequentmandatory testing for toxins, state publichealth officials said.Symptoms of domoic acid poisoninginclude vomiting, diarrhea, abdominalcramps, headache and dizziness. Severesymptoms include trouble breathing, con-fusion, disorientation, cardiovascularinstability, seizures, excessive bronchialsecretions, permanent loss of short-termmemory, coma or death.Symptoms can occur within 30 minutesto 24 hours of consuming toxic seafood.More information on shellfish poison-ing and quarantines can be obtained bycalling the CDPH's toll-free “ShellfishInformation Line” at (800) 553-4133.
• The
Burlingame CityCouncil
is hostinga special meetingWednesday, April 9 to discuss questionsfor interviewing
candidates. It will theninterview the candidates.The meeting takes place in
Conference Room A
at 501 PrimroseRoad in Burlingame.
Local briefs
Don Horsley Jerry Hill
SAN JOSE — Firefighters were battlinga fire on Monday that destroyed at least onehome near a shopping center in San Jose.Multiple news outlets reported that atleast two suburban homes were on fireabout three blocks from WestgateShopping Center. No information wasavailable on possible injuries or the causeof the blaze.Crews first arrived at the fire just before 3p.m. Firefighters say one home had beendestroyed and two others were damaged,KNTV-TVreported. The station said 12people had been evacuated.PG&E spokesman Greg Snapper said thefire also damaged a gas meter, causing a gasleak. It appeared that the cause of the firewas unrelated to PG&E equipment, he said.“Often times the heat from fire can dam-age utility equipment — that appears to bethe case here,” Snapper said.
Firefighters battle San Jose blaze,home destroyed

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