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Umalohokan Newsletter 2009-10

Umalohokan Newsletter 2009-10

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Published by Nathalie Dagmang

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Published by: Nathalie Dagmang on Apr 08, 2014
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Tomo 2 Bilang 1 Ang Opisyal na wall news ng University of the Philippines Integrated School
Marso 2010
KA, YLO Election
Results Out
Joshua Fajardo
The results of the Elections for AY 2010–2011 Kamag
 Aral (KA) and year level organizations (YLOs): Senior Council (SC), Juniors Association (JA) and Sophomores Association (SoA) have been released last March 3, Wednesday, with KA President
elect Ysabel Anne Lee leading the winners.
The results of the elections for the Freshmen Association (FA) are yet to be released, as the FA elections for the current grade 6 students were held a week after the KA, SC, JA and SoA elections.
March 2, 2010 – A total of 280 stu-dents voted for their favored candi-dates for the KA, 109 incoming seniors voted for the posts in the SC, 75 in-coming juniors voted for the JA and 97 incoming sophomores voted for the SoA. The current SC officers facilitated the elections as the COMELEC.
For the KA election results, the sole party, LODESTAR, won 5 of the possible 10 positions available, alt-hough one position
was left un-contested by the said party. With their party winning half of the possible posts, one of their main goals if elect-ed, according to President
elect Lee, is to have a stricter implementation of the school rules and regulations. Among their other programs are the continua-tion of the Solid Waste Management Program, conduction of Leadership Camps and Congresses, and organiz-ing YahooGroups for academical pur-poses.
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“Panawagan sa
Pagbabago sa Lipunan”
Choice Israel and Joshua Fajardo
Grade 7
10 students who excel in dif-ferent academic subjects were award-ed during the UPIS 7
10 Recognition Day last March 3 in the Multi
Purpose Hall, UPIS High School Grounds. The theme for this year was “Panawagan sa Kabataan, Pagbabago sa Lipunan:, in relation to this year’s national elections to be held in May, when most Filipinos will look forward to positive changes in the country.
 Awi Cada, a grade 8 student, con-ducted the National Anthem to start the rites. Dr. Aurora Zuñiga, the school principal, officially opened the program with a welcoming speech, during which she appealed to the students to contrib-ute more to the society, even at such a young age, by being more concerned and aware about national issues. She added that as Iskolars ng Bayan, “to whom much is given, much is ex-pected.”
The guest speaker of the event was Dr. Rose R. Rex of UPIS Batch 1993. She is currently a certified
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Can You Feel the Heat?
Diego Antonio Enriquez
Last March 2, 2010 was the hottest day of the year so far as a temperature of 35.5 C was recorded in the country. As if this wasn’t enough, according to Philippine At-mospheric Geophysical and Astronomical Services (PAGASA) administrator Prisco Nilo, the temperature is predicted to go even higher as we are in the midst of the El Nino phenomenon.
Though the El Nino phenomenon has al-ready peaked between December and early January, we are only experiencing its effects right now. Besides the high tem-perature, there has been minimal rainfall over the past weeks. All around the coun-try, water shortages have been plaguing communities. Dam and reservoir water levels have been decreasing and could reach critical levels if the water levels con-tinue to fall until April. Besides water short-age, the country also faces power short-ages as dams are not able to create as much electricity because of the decreas-ing volume of water.
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Mr. Michael Angelo dela Cerna
Ms. Rhea Manuel
Learning Coordinators
Media Center 2
Editorial Staff 
Ma. Rhea Andaya
Samuel John Antenor 
 Associate Editor 
 Alyssa Manalo
Managing Editor 
Diego Enriquez
News Editor 
Karina Bulong
Feature Editor 
Gabriel Manahan
Sports Editor 
Nathalie Dagmang Jona Fernandez
Layout Editors
Lara Acuba
 April Dayne Garcia
Photo Editors
 Andrea Abad
Viviene delaCruz
Mitz delaRosa
Michelle Lagare
Percival Quiambao
Joshua Fajardo
Choice Israel
Gino Asuncion
KA, YLO Election
Results Out
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For the SC elections, the lone party, BKTKY, only filled four positions. The Vice President
elect, Dira Alveza will auto-matically advance to the President position as the candidate for the presidency, Kevin Domingo, did not match the minimum vote requirement. Another election will be held next year for the position of the Vice Presi-dent and PRO. The position for the PRO is vacant because it was left undisputed.
It was a different story for the aJa!, the only party in the JA elections. aJa! won eight of the nine contested positions, paving way for their party's ambitions for their batch. President
elect Jomil Adrielle Gutierrez said that one of such ambitions aJa! has for their batch is to have a stronger bond in the batch, with more batch activities to be held during their term.
The SoA elections was the only elec-tion with two parties involved, SoWhat and PEETO. However, SoWhat got 5 positions versus PEETO's 3. Only one position
remained vacant, because the only nomi-nee, SoWhat's Red Bartolome, had less than half of the possible votes and therefore cannot be appointed. SoWhat will focus on strengthening the bond of their batch, through more batch activities to be orga-nized to promote respect and discipline among their batch mates be more imposed on their batch.
 All official results were posted in the KA Bulletin Board by the SC last March 4, Thursday.
Election process
The election process this year started in mid
February when the SC announced that the candidacy process for the KA and YLO elections was now open. There were a total of 7 parties that applied for their candi-dacies: there was one each for the KA, SC, JA and FA elections, while there were two in the SoA elections.
 After all the candidates have applied, the SC set a campaign period of exactly four weeks. During these four weeks, candidates were briefed by SC officers about the elec-tion process, and about the job descriptions of their positions. Also included in the cam-paign period were two Miting de Avance(s), which were attended by candidates and vot-ers alike.
In March 2, voting began during the homeroom period for the current Grade 7 to 9 students Grade 6 students voted in the fol-lowing week. In each of the 9 sections from Grades 7 to 9, there was one SC member and one volunteer to assist during the actual voting. Everyone present in the homeroom period was given one ballot, where they checked the name of the candidate of their choice or abstain.
The SC members collected all ballots and tallied the votes. The results were post-ed the following day in the KA Bulletin Board. Because Grade 6 students were still to vote the following week, only the FA elec-tion results were still pending.
One party system
This year, only one batch (Batch 2013) had two parties running for elections: SoW-hat and PEETO. According to the candidates of their grade level, this is a much better op-tion for their batch mates.
“Mas wide yung range ng pagpipilian na leader,” Aliyah Rojo, candidate for the Sophomores Association presidency said. “May other option ka. May pagpipilian ka tal-aga.”
Her opponent, Marky Castillio agreed. “Dapat iwasan yung pagboto na ang choices lang ay abstain o yung kandidato.” She said that it is better to have many choices for her fellow schoolmates for them to choose more wisely and have a more varied choice on who they want to be their leader.
Can You Feel the Heat?
from page 1
Though the El Nino phenomenon has already peaked between December and early January, we are only experiencing its effects right now. Besides the high tem-perature, there has been minimal rainfall over the past weeks. All around the coun-try, water shortages have been plaguing communities. Dam and reservoir water levels have been decreasing and could reach critical levels if the water levels con-tinue to fall until April. Besides water shortage, the country also faces power shortages as dams are not able to create as much electricity because of the de-creasing volume of water.
Being an agricultural
oriented country, our economy is also adversely affected by the El Nino as our farmers rely on rainfall and water to sustain their crops. As of February 17, the El Nino drought damage to agriculture is already at P 3.7 billion but could still go as high as P 7 billion. To cope with the drought, the government has distributed 115 units of open source pumps to farmers. Many farmers have even changed their crops from rice/palay to crops that require less water such as melons and watermelons. The growth in the agricultural sector is projected to de-cline as compared to last year because of El Nino. To quench the need for rain, the government uses cloud seeding to induce rainfall.
PAGASA’s climate models suggest that El Nino conditions will persist until June. Due to El Nino, the start of the rainy season is delayed by a month and is ex-pected to start in the middle of June as opposed to the usual start of the rainy season around May.
The lack of rainfall is a stark contrast to the national conditions just five months ago when “Ondoy” and “Pepeng” caused record flooding in Luzon. Now the El Nino is threatening to cause record drought all over the country. According to PAGASA, the extremes in the weather we have been experiencing might be because of global warming. The natural balance in cli-mate and weather is disturbed resulting in changing weather patterns and extreme weather.
Love to Lead
 Andrea Abad
Inaanyayahan ng Philippine Science High-School ang University of the Philippines In-tegrated School sa isang congress na pinamagatang “LOVE TO LEAD!” naglalay-on itong magbigay ng pagkakataon sa mga estudyanteng lider upang mapalawak pa ang kakayahan bilang mga lider ng kabatan. Inaasahang lima hanggang walong estudyanteng lider ang ipapadala bawat eskwelahan sa nasabing congress.
 Ang Interschool Leadership Congress ay gaganapin sa Pebrero 6, Sabado mula 7:30 ng umaga hanggang 5:30 ng hapon sa Audio
Visual Room ng Advanced Sci-ence and Technology Building (ASTB) ng Philippine Science High School Main Cam-pus sa Agham Road, Diliman, Quezon City.
 Ang nasabing Congress ay may registra-tion fee na P600 para sa mga estudyan-teng mula sa pribadong paaralan at P300 para sa mga estudyanteng mula sa pam-publikong paaralan. Kasama sa fee ang meals at workshop kits.
Marso 2010
from page 1
diplomat of the Philippine Pediatric Soci-ety and is part of the Pediatrics Depart-ment of the University of the Philippines
Philippine General Hospital. She shared some of her experiences as a high school student, like cramming for a test, enjoying activities with friends and other memorable events in high school life. The former Model Student award recipi-ent of the school even shared tips to her students about handling high school life: by managing time, focusing on tasks more, and having friends to have fun with. After a warm reception of the audi-ence, she was given a Certificate of Ap-preciation by Dr. Zuñiga to recognize her efforts in the field of medicine.
 A musical number by the Vocal Mu-sic (VM) Class, conducted by Prof. Leujim Martinez, followed. The VM stu-dents performed “Kalesa”, composed by Levi Celerio, and “Only You (You and You Alone)” by Andre Lemund and Buck Ram.
 After the entertaining performance by the VM class, the awarding of certifi-cates began. Certificates, which were given to the best students per batch in each subject, were handed out by Dr. Zuñiga and Prof. Melanie Donkor, Assis-tant Principal for Academic Affairs. The most outstanding students in the sub- jects of Communication Arts (CA) Eng-lish, Music and Arts, CA Filipino, Mathe-matics, Science, Social Studies, Health and Practical Arts were awarded (for a full list of awardees, refer to the table be-low).
 A performance by Mayumi Pimentel, the Most Outstanding Student in Music 7
10 was well received by the audience. She sang “Song for Magna Carta for Women”, which Pimentel wrote and com-posed herself. After her performance, the awarding for the outstanding leaders and model students came next. Dr. Zuñiga and Prof. Rosita Tadena, Assistant Prin-cipal for Administration, gave out certifi-cates for the Model Student award and the Leadership Award to students in eve-ry grade level.
Marion Coronel, the Grade 10 Mod-el Student Awardee, brought the event to an end with a speech calling on her fel-low schoolmates to have more aware-ness about the issues in our country, even in the midst of schoolwork. Coronel said that the youth, especially students should be more informed about the na-tional issues and problems surrounding the country in order to effect positive changes.
free University
Karina Bulong
UP Diliman Vice Chancellor for Com-munity Affairs Cynthia Grace C. Gre-gorio released Memorandum No. CGCG 10
23 last January 29, 2010 as part of UP Diliman’s campaign for a Styrofoam
free campus. The memo, which took effect last Febru-ary 23, 2010, directed food conces-sionaires to avoid using Styrofoam and/or plastic take
out food and drink receptacles/utensils. Due to the cam-pus
wide campaign, everyone is en-couraged to use washable food con-tainers and utensils when buying take
outs. Food concessionaires and am-bulant vendors were advised to use alternative environment
friendly op-tions such as containers and cups made of paper. It is understandable that using such packaging can cause price increase because paper pulp is more expensive than Styrofoam. It should somehow compel the con-sumers to bring their own food con-tainers when purchasing take
outs. To ensure that vendors and con-cessionaires will comply with this memo, the Food Service Regulatory Committee (FSRC) and Waste Moni-toring Center will conduct periodic in-spection from time to time.
Marso 2010

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