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Quebec Liberals win majority over Parti Québécois as Marois steps down

Quebec Liberals win majority over Parti Québécois as Marois steps down

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Published by Thavam

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Published by: Thavam on Apr 08, 2014
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The Toronto Star 
Tuesday, April 8, 2014
Phillippe Couillard’s Quebec Liberals have won a stunning election upset, trouncing the Parti Québécois to win a majority government.
Pauline Marois announced she would quit as Parti Quebecois chief after losing not only the premier's job but also her own riding in Monday's provincial election.
!"#$%&'L"C"(#, Q)(.* Philippe Couillard’s Quebec Liberal party sailed to an astonishing victory, winning a majority government in the provincial election that resulted in the de+eat and resignation o+ Parti Québécois Leader Pauline Marois.$he Liberal leader’s accomplishment is a surprising achievement +or the +ormer Quebec health minister and neurosurgeon who just a +ew months ago was widely seen as an indecisive rooie leader.-ut the /%year%old Couillard bene+itted +rom Marois’s many campaign missteps and a disastrous campaign in which voters appeared to get cold +eet when Pierre 0arl Péladeau entered the race and said he wanted to mae Quebec a country.
My dear +riends, the division is over. $he reconciliation has begun,1 Couillard told cheering supporters Monday night. 23e are all Quebecers. $he pride in Quebec, o+ our identity, our language and our +lag belongs to all Quebecers.1
$he Liberals won 45 o+ the legislature6s 78 seats, compared with 95 +or the PQ. $he Coalition !venir Québec too 88 seats and Québec olidaire +inished with an additional seat +or a total o+ three.M:;( :# $<( Q)(-(C (L(C$":#=
Parti Quebecois Leader Pauline Marois announces her resignation during her speech to supporters on Monday night after her party lost the election and she lost her riding.
Prime Minister tephen <arper also weighed in on the results, congratulating Couilard and thaning Marois 2+or her public service.1
We are all Quebecers: Liberal Leader Philippe Couillard
$he results clearly demonstrate that Quebecers have rejected the idea o+ a re+erendum and want a government that will be +ocused on the economy and job creation,1 <arper said in a statement. 23e loo +orward to woring with the new government o+ Quebec on those priorities.1 !mong the new Liberals elected were Couillard’s +iscal trio o+ >ac?ues @aoust, Martin CoiteuA and Carlos Leitao, three nationally and internationally renowned economists  who underscored the party message that this election was about who was best suited to turn around the province’s troubled economy.$he Liberals also won the riding o+ La PiniBre, where the head o+ Quebec’s association o+ medical specialists and possible neAt health minister, aetan -arrette, was running against a longtime Liberal politician who split with Couillard’s party last +all and ran +or re%election as an independent.$he party’s decisive win is all the more signi+icant given that the Liberal were booted +rom power just 7D months ago a+ter years o+ damaging revelations that it had orchestrated illegal political +inancing schemes. $hose revelations are subject o+ an ongoing police investigation by Quebec’s anti%corruption police +orce, something that Couillard’s opponents raised repeatedly throughout the campaign to little avail.$hough Couillard, who was health minister +rom 8559 to 855D, is not lined to the alleged wrongdoing, he will nonetheless have to answer +or the Liberals as more revelations emerge +rom a provincial corruption in?uiry  that will hear testimony in the coming wees on the ties between construction +irms bidding on government contracts and Quebec’s political parties.
Too soon to talk rising in the PQ ranks: Pierre Karl PeladeauLiberal supporter Marina Lessard, who works at the Université du Québec  !hicouti"i, said !ouillard was able to co"bat that di##icult past with a respect#ul tone throughout the ca"paign$“%e was alwa&s respect#ul in his responses while the others were too critical,' she said$ “(e want to have the peace$ (e want to have a period o# stabilit&$'

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