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Nvc to Thecb Letter

Nvc to Thecb Letter

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Published by Mary Tuma
Faculty letter to THECB on EDUC 1300
Faculty letter to THECB on EDUC 1300

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Published by: Mary Tuma on Apr 08, 2014
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January 29, 2014 Northwest Vista Community College Faculty Senate 3535 N llison !r San "ntonio, #$ %&251!r' (ee)les, #he "lamo Colleges *istrict a*ministration has recently su)mitte* a +ro+osal or the 2014-2015 core curriculum or each o our our in*e+en*ently accre*ite* colleges .Northeast /aeiew, the ith "lamo College, is currently seeing accre*itation' e un*erstan* that the *istrict a*ministration is +ro+osing the inclusion o !C 1300 to re+lace the a**itional umanities re6uirement' e are writing to inorm you that the aculty an* a*ministration at each o the ie colleges were eectiely let out o the +rocess o creating the +ro+ose* changes' "ccor*ing to the
THECB FAQ for Faculty and Administration in Preparing their New Core Curriculum
, 7ach institution will *etermine its own +rocess an* +roce*ures or course a++roal, )ut )est +ractices an* accre*itation gui*elines generally +lace the aculty in a +osition o res+onsi)ility or curricular *ecisions'7 Furthermore, accor*ing to the Southern "ssociation o Colleges an* School8s
 Principles of Accreditation
 .3'4'10, #he institution +laces +rimary res+onsi)ility or the content, 6uality, an* eectieness o the curriculum with its aculty': #he #C; Core Curriculum <eision <e6uest: orm .u+*ate* Fe)ruary 2012 im+lies the aculty shoul* tae the lea* in curriculum changes' =t states, #he a++lica)le +rogram aculty, chairs, *eans an* chie e>ecutie oicer hae *etermine* that the ollowing course shoul* )e a**e* to an*?or *elete* rom the current core curriculum@: =n 2010 the "lamo Colleges create* our current +olicies an* +roce*ures regar*ing changes or amen*ments to the core curriculum' #hese +roce*ures inclu*e* some aculty inolement, )ut none o these +olicies an* +roce*ures were ollowe* in the creation o the current core +ro+osal' #here was no o++ortunity or aculty i*eas, in+ut, or ee*)ac on the core curriculum +ro+osals or 2014-2015' =n 2012-2013, the "lamo Colleges aligne* our course outcomes across the ie colleges' Faculty were re6uire* to atten* a two-hour meeting an* receie* almost weely u+*ates on the +rocess ia email' Now, with maAor changes )eing +ro+ose* in our core curriculum, we hae yet to receie any communication a)out this im+ortant +ro+osal' Bur +resi*ent an* ice +resi*ent hae communicate* to the NVC Faculty Senate that the  +rocesses an* +olicies set orth )y the *istrict were not ollowe* in any orm in the +ro+osal to change our core curriculum' =n the all o 2013 the *istrict selecte* a ew aculty an* sta mem)ers to *iscuss the content an* outcomes or !C 1300' oweer, the *istrict a*ministrators *irecte* that the ocus o this grou+ was to *iscuss only the course outcomes' #here were no ormal *iscussions a)out !C 13008s +lacement in the core' !ecisions a)out the inal content an* *irection o this course are still un*erway' =n a unanimous ote on Noem)er 21, 2013 the Vice (resi*ents o "ca*emic Success .the colleges8 Chie "ca*emic Bicers an* the Vice (resi*ents o Stu*ent Success o the ie colleges went on recor* against inclu*ing !C 1300 in the core' =n late !ecem)er o 2013 the ie college +resi*ents were tol* )y Chancellor /eslie that he ha* ma*e the *ecision an* a ote among college +resi*ents was not taen on the matter' Bur +resi*ent, Jacie Claunch has ma*e it clear she *oes not su++ort !C 13008s inclusion in the core' #o this *ate, the Chie "ca*emic Bicer at Northwest Vista *oes not now e>actly what is )eing +ro+ose* in the a++lication to change our core curriculum nor hae any o the ie C"B8s receie* any oicial communication a)out the +ro+osal' ;ecause o the lac o aculty in+ut com)ine* with the reAection o the a*ice o the a*ministrations o each o the ie colleges, we the aculty, sta an* a*ministration o Northwest Vista College a*ise the #C; to reAect the +ro+ose* changes or the 2014-2015 core curriculum'

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