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Exercise for the Mind 1

Exercise for the Mind 1

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Published by Bro. Oh Teik Bin
Like the body, the mind needs exercise
to keep it alert, healthy, clear and wise.
Like the body, the mind needs exercise
to keep it alert, healthy, clear and wise.

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Published by: Bro. Oh Teik Bin on Apr 08, 2014
Copyright:Traditional Copyright: All rights reserved


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The Past Perfect
ExerciseFor The Mind1
1 Bob and Carol and Ted and Alice all live in the same house. Bob and Carol go out to a movie, and when they return, Alice is lying dead on the loor in a !uddle o water and glass. "t is obvious that Ted #illed her but Ted is not !rosecuted or severely !unished.$ive a logical ex!lanation.% A man is driving his car. &e turns on the radio, listens or ive minutes, turns around, goes home, and shoots his wie. Can you give a logical ex!lanation'( There are two meanings to me. )ith one " may need to be bro#en, with the other " hold on. My avorite characteristic is my charming dim!le. )hat am "'* Thirty white horses on a red hill,irst cham!, then stam!, and then stand still.)hat Am "'+ A body was discovered in a !ar# in Chicago in the middle o summer. "t had a ractured s#ull and many other bro#en bones, but the cause o death was hy!othermia. Ex!lain.Two men, one big and burly and the other short and thin, enter a bar. They both order identical drin#s. The big one gul!s his down and leaves- the other si!s his slowly, then dies. Ex!lain.

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