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Iserbyt Alert HR 1 3pg

Iserbyt Alert HR 1 3pg



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Published by vertigo568

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Published by: vertigo568 on Feb 26, 2008
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1embraced by Mass. Senator Ted Kennedy andothers supporting this legislation as well.How can parents have a say in how their chil-dren are educated when the federal govern-ment is mandating testing of children's atti-tudes and values? (
Sixty% of the test itemson National Assessment of EducationalProgress – NAEP are attitudinal
.) Bush'smandate for testing will of course call for amandated federal curriculum since one can'ttest what one hasn't taught. What tiny bit oflocal control remained prior to this legisla-tion will be swept away. School superinten-dents and good teachers are already com-plaining about having lost control.Even the New York Times has problems with
Leave No Child Behind 
. It bragged that themore than 1000-page giant education bill will"dramatically extend the federal role in pub-lic education" and, indeed, is "a breathtakingintrusion of the federal government onstates' control of education."This legislation, which passed 381-41 in theHouse and 87-10 in the Senate in January2002, is accompanied by the largest dollar in-crease ever in federal education aid. Educa-tion Week, 1/9/02, describes the
No ChildLeft Behind Act
as follows: "The mega-mea-sure is accompanied by the largest dollar in-crease ever in federal education aid. The De-partment of Education's overall budget will riseby $6.7 billion in fiscal 2002, to nearly $49 bil-lion."The legislation, although pretending to ter-minate the highly controversial
Goals 2000
and the
(STW) legislationpassed in the nineties under President Clintonand initiated in the eighties under PresidentsReagan and Bush, Sr., actually continues thetotalitarian agenda since all states have imple-mented the requirements of
Goals 2000
Goals 2000
was originally called
under former President Bush who in ad-dition called for implementing the Soviet systemof workforce training in 1991 (See Congres-sional Record). This STW system calls for quo-tas for doctors, lawyers, janitors, etc. and lim-its freedom of choice for children or adults.Minnesota and Indiana are two of the statesthat mandate children choose a job/career
Written by Charlotte Iserbyt
, former Sr.Policy Advisor, U.S. Department of Educationduring President Reagan's administration,and author of 
the deliberate dumbingdown of america...a chronological papertrail
, 1999, 3rd printing 2001.This alert/overview is for ALL Americans, me-dia or otherwise. Please feel free to distrib-ute this wherever you wish, to elected offi-cials, teachers, plain citizens, local business-men, students, libraries, your local talk show hosts, etc. You may also wish to e-mail it over-seas since this system is international and citi-zens in foreign countries are becoming ex-tremely concerned over the direction thesmall elite in each country is taking them. If you have any questions, call (207-442-0543)or e-mail me, Charlotte Iserbyt. And pleasepick up on my new title for the Bush/ Kennedy Education Plan
resident Bush's "
No Child Left Behind
"could be referred to as "
No American LeftAlone
" since what we are looking at is whatthe National Alliance of Business, which sup-ports "planned economy," refers to as Kin-dergarten through Age 80 Education/Train-ing. This is basically the United Nations Life-long Learning- Brainwashing Agenda underthe umbrella of what will eventually be"unelected" school and community councils(council is defined as "
" in many dic-tionaries) which will make all decisions for usat the local level. Former Senator Bill Bradley,N.J., called for this on one of the Sundaymorning talk shows about four years ago. TheGovernors, very recently at their NGA con- ference, discussed the use of unelected (po-litically-correct?) citizens to police our com-munities. This is so unbelievable I find it hardto even write about it.Although Pres. Bush, according to a Wash-ington Times article by Bill Sammon, 1/9/02,said in regard to the education bill he signedthat "Parents will have more informationabout the schools and more say in how theirchildren are educated… from this day for-ward, all students will have a better chanceto learn, to excel and to live out their dreams."Pardon me, but this is a plain lie, and a lietrack in the 8th grade—just like Cuba or anyother communist/socialist country! How ac-curate the National Alliance of Business hasbeen to refer to this agenda as Kindergartenthrough Age 80 (
life-long learning
)!The system is the UN's
lifelong learning
(brainwashing) system called for by Lenin(a.k.a. international socialism).Very simply, such a communist system(Lenin's world government) can only beimplemented when the following compo-nents have been put in place. Very sadly, tosay the least, most, if not all of the followingactions have taken place. They are includedin my book
The Deliberate Dumbing Downof America…a chronological paper trail 
Control of Education
The chairman of the Communist Party, U.S.A.,1932, William Foster, in his book
Toward aSoviet America
, called for a U.S. Dept. of Edu-cation, the teaching of evolution, eliminationof nationalism and religion in schools, theteaching of internationalism, and for the usethe Pavlovian method (
direct instruction
)on the students, etc., etc.Note: School choice is a Trojan Horse. The onlyrequirement left to implement school choiceis tuition tax credits or vouchers which willtake over the private sector. If those choiceproposals do not fly in legislatures or in Con-gress, federally-funded charter schools willbe used, as is already the case in many states,to implement the
plannedeconomic system.
Control of Economy
The planned economy will come to usthrough
legislation. Therewill be quotas for jobs; no upward mobility for children. Students must select their ca-reers by 8th grade. It is the same as the Cu-ban system. STW is implemented in all states.This is the failed elitist system which broughtthe Soviet Union down but which is still be-ing used worldwide. And, now our Congresshas voted to implement it. How deliberatelydumbed down our Congress seems to be!They don't even know what form of governmentand economy we are supposed to have.
“Education must be restoredto its state of excellence priorto 1960 …This can be done, andmust be done, if our childrenare going to have upwardmobility and if America is goingto survive as a free country.”
Left Alone!”“No American
H.R. 1, S. 1 or
 A L E R T ! 
2Of interest is that Lynne Cheney, wife of VicePresident Richard Cheney, spoke eloquently,prior to the election, in opposition to the STWagenda being implemented in the UnitedStates. How sad that her advice was notsought or listened to in regard to this mostcontroversial initiative which will result inchanging our economic and political system.
Control of Churchesand Private Schools
The Washington Post refers to PresidentBush's
Faith-Based Initiative
as "communi-tarianism" which is defined in most dictionar-ies as "a member or supporter of a commu-nistic community" or "a communistic formof government." The camel's nose is underthe tent right now with Bush using/fundingchurches to "tutor" students in failing publicschools. Churches which accept federal mon-ies will be controlled by the government asin fascist/communist countries. The same federal control applies to private schools orhomeschooling families who accept onepenny of federal money.
Control of Nation ThroughUnelected Councils and Droppingof County, State, National Borders
This control takes place through regional gov-ernment which was referred to by a com-munist writer for Daily World as the Sovietsystem that has "worked so well in the SovietUnion!" Regional government is being imple-mented worldwide. The European Commu-nity is a good example of a major region be-ing set up for the world management sys-tem (Lenin's international socialism). Doesanyone need to be reminded that unelectedcouncils are appointed councils? Regrettably,we're getting participatory democracy. Youget to participate IF chosen!
Control of Physical/ Mental Health System
The government will direct and fund healthcare through the schools (school-based clin-ics for all children regardless of income).Hilary's health care system (socialized medi-cine) is being implemented without a whim-per from those who fought its implementa-tion. This seamless web includes all servicesunder the umbrella of the school district(birth through death).
Control of Local Policing
Community monitoring will be accomplishedthrough the
Community Oriented Polic-ing System (COPS)
, put in under PresidentClinton. His administration laid ground work for a strong community crime control strat-egy with federal, state, and local partnershipsto fight crime. From the Clinton Administration'sLaw and Enforcement Strategy, March 1999,we read, "Across the country an expandednumber of community police officers havebeen working together with block watches,neighborhood patrols, high school guidancecounselors, probation and parole officers,religious groups and local businesses…".President Bush is focusing more on commu-nity policing in schools. His recently passedPatriot Act will enforce this totalitarian agendaand limit citizen resistance. Eyes will be watch-ing over us continually!
Business, education and religious partner-ships with the government, pointed outabove, extend the socialist/communitari-anism agenda. An international conferenceentitled "
Community Schools and Educa-tion Policy in Transition Countries Duringthe 21st Century
" was held October 9-13,2000, in Omsk (Siberia) Russia. The goal was"to establish partnership between govern-ment education departments and the com-munity school movement" (taken from Rus-sian URL on Community Education.) Commu-nity Educator, out of Alaska, in the early 1970sat a Community Education conference inWashington, D.C., defined community edu-cation as the Chinese Communist system.Community education now comes under avariety of names including
site-based man-agement, regionalism, community ‘what-ever', school-based ‘everything', lifelong‘anything', sustainable development,communitarianism
and other terms. (Forthose interested in this subject, education re-searchers are in possession of filing cabinetsloaded with community education research,and may be contacted through Iserbyt.
De-liberate Dumbing Down of America
alsocarries several important entries on Commu-nity Education.)
Control of Land
Environmental legislation and sustainable de-velopment efforts (beginning with the EarthSummit, Rio 1992 and now finished with EarthCharter in 2000), implement controls on theright to own and use property as one wishes.The President's Council on Sustainable De-velopment (Clinton in 1996) helped form a joint effort between the U.S. Conference ofMayors and the National As sociation of Coun-ties. They came together to form
The JointCenter for Sustainable Communities
. Andthe U.S. Conference of Mayors adopted a reso-lution endorsing the
Earth Charter
in 2001.
Control of BehaviorUsing Skinnerian/Pavlovian
This psychological method is stimulus-re-sponse-stimulus dog/animal training. It hasrecently been referred to as the Direct In-struction method, which is failed OBE mas-tery learning.
Direct Instruction
(same as
mastery learning
) is now being used toteach reading and math and is especially nec-essary for workforce training for dumbeddown "third world" skills. Skinner said "I couldmake a pigeon a high achiever by reinforc-ing it on a proper schedule." Following thisreinforcement method, teachers are forcedto read from a script, use hand signals as indog training, clap their hands and, pop can-dies in students' mouths when they get thecorrect answer. President Bush is mandatingthis method in his legislation that calls for re-training teachers to use "scientific researchbased" teaching methods.Not only is above reward and punishmentmethod being used in the schools, one seesit all around in our communities with citizenswho conform to the government agenda re-ceiving rewards and those who resist beingignored, isolated or punished.
If you want to bake a cake you usually use arecipe which calls for certain ingredients; ifyou want to implement international social-ism (communism) one would have to takecertain actions over a period of time whichare clearly spelled out in the
Communist Manifesto
and in William Foster's "
Toward a Soviet America
," and in many other booksand documents. Those actions constitute a"recipe" so to speak. All those requirementshave been met. I've spelled them out for you: free trade, international banking system, U.S.Dept. of Ed with teaching of evolution, hu-manism (atheism), internationalism, and useof Pavlovian method; faith-based initiatives(communitarianism defined in dictionaries ascommunism) and choice to control schoolsand community through the tax dollar, STWto control economy (planned economy),
Pa-triot Act
to control "us" when we resist. NowI ask, "What label would you put on a systemwhich encompassed those elements?"No longer can we who love America and whatshe stands for say "If we don't do something,such and such will happen." We are nowobliged to say "International socialism hashappened and the United States is a majorplayer in this unthinkable agenda." Isn't thistragic? Americans were bamboozled whenthe Soviet Union fell apart, believing commu-nism was dead, when in fact it simply leapedacross the oceans.We were taken through what I refer to as TheFour-Prong Fork, a most diabolical undertaking:
1. Gradualism
(Put a frog in cold water, heat it up graduallyand he stays until he's dead). The top changeagents at the UN, federal government andstate government levels, including non-gov-
3USA and care nothing for our children's up-ward mobility or America itself.) Educationmust be returned to the local level, bypass-ing even state education agencies that taketheir orders from and receive between 60 and80% of their operational budgets from the federal government.Education must be restored to its state ofexcellence prior to 1960 —the best educa-tion system in the world. This can be done,and must be done, if our children are goingto have upward mobility and if America isgoing to survive as a free country.
Charlotte Thomson Iserby
(Author of
The Deliberate Dumbing Down of America...A Chronological Paper Trail 
; former senior policy adviser tothe U.S. Dept. of Education’s Office ofEducational Research and Improvement(OERI), and former School Board Member.The
Deliberate Dumbing Down of  America
is into its third printing in twoyears. Barnes & Noble.com had it ranked #2in terms of sales out of 1290 books in the"educational change" category (May 2001).
Chronological Record
(Taken from
"the deliberate dumbing down of america"…A Chronological Paper Trail 
:Chamber of Commerce plans for UN, re-gional government, school vouchers, etc.
:William Foster, Chairman of the United StatesCommunist Party, has his book,
Toward aSoviet America
published. It calls for every-thing that has since been implemented inour nation's schools, including the establish-ment of the U.S. Dept. of Education.
:Carnegie Corp. plans to change America's free economic system to socialism/collec-tivism in the New Order. They pilot an 8-YearStudy using
Outcome-based Education
:Time Magazine publishes an article revealingplans for the Federal Council of Churches toimplement world government.
:The United Nations is created by a majorityof communists. Alger Hiss and his close friend, Canadian General and psychiatristBrock Chisholm, made statements calling forusing the schools (retraining the teachers) toget rid of the conscience (right and wrong).
:Congress set up the Congressional Investi-gation of Tax-exempt Foundations. Gaither,President of the Ford Foundation, tellsNorman Dodd that foundations receive di-rections from White House in regards to us-ing tax-exempt monies to change Americaso that it can be comfortably merged withthe Soviet Union.
:Eisenhower signs the first U.S.-Soviet agree-ments.
Elementary and Secondary EducationAct
moved our pre-1960 excellent educationsystem from academics to behavior modifi-cation and values destruction (beginning ofOBE/Skinner method).
:The U.S. Department of Education was created.
:Due to the Chicago disaster in 1981 when onehalf of the Chicago inner city school childrendropped out due to Benjamin Bloom's tenyear
mastery learning
experiment on mi-norities, Spady et al changed the label to
.Thus, federal funding of
began in 1981.(
. is the new label for the failed
.) President Reagan implementspublic/private (corporate fascist) partnershipsby creating the President's Task Force on Pri-vate Sector Initiatives.
:President Reagan scheduled to meet with thedeveloper of major Skinnerian
program in the Bronx, N.Y.
:The federally funded paper entitled "
Sha-manistic Rituals in Effective Schools 
" by so-ciologist Brian Rowan, Spady's closest asso-ciate was presented at the annual meeting
ernmental persons and entities, have beenat this game for over one hundred years.
2. Semantic Deception
This is the use of familiar, nice soundingterms, which have one meaning to goodAmericans and entirely different meaning to"
change agents
: Basic skills used to mean 3R's; now itmeans believing in tolerance of all behavior; theneed to move to an international system; the need for a new Constitution; the need for a new eco-nomic system.
3. Hegalian Dialectic
Create a problem; people scream; impose so-lution; people embrace "it"—not realizingthey have been taken to the cleaners throughthe deliberate creation of a problem.
: Create high school budgets that createhigh property taxes which causes people to haveto sell their houses and move. Then propose a so-lution to move funding of education from localto state level; the people embrace the idea sinceit lowers their property tax.
However, locals have just lost all their controlof schools to state, federal, and the interna-tional level. Also, dialectic includes moving fromsound morals and values to
situational ethics 
through constant discussion using groupprocess. Pit "It's wrong to lie" against "It's OKto lie" and nearly all agree that lying is wrong.But through discussion and presentation ofsituations calling for compromise, one arrivesat "Sometimes it's OK to lie." Then eventually,one comes to the realization it is OK to lie, orkill, or steal, or do anything else that makesone feel good anytime one feels like it.
4. Billions of Tax Dollars
Our money is spent on social engineering. Taxmoney is not spent on academic educationas most people believe. It appears we aregetting a lot of taxation and very little repre-sentation.
SOLUTION (other than a tea-party)
The only solution that has the remotest pos-sibility of saving our country, outside of get-ting out of the United Nations, is to throwout all rascals who voted for this educationlegislation in the next elections. The litmustest for candidates running for Congressshould be "will they work to abolish the U.S.Dept. of Education and break up that cozy,in-the-same-bed, relationship it shares withthe Department of Labor and the UN?"Choice proposals are traps supported by mul-tinational corporations (David Rockefeller,etc., and by top education union officials—not teachers—who have no allegiance to the
of the American Educational Research Associa-tion. It discusses conning inner city parents intobelieving their children are doing well by using"
Effective School Research
" (Pavlovian/Skin-nerian ML/DI: teach to the test and manipula-tion of demographic statistics, etc.) Washing-ton Post article entitled "
Industrial Policy Urged for GOP 
" was published May 14, 1984.This article explained involvement of leading Re-publicans in advocating Republicans shed someof their deep-rooted antipathy to a plannedeconomy.
:U.S.-Soviet (Reagan-Gorbachev) and Carnegie-Soviet Education Agreements merged the twonations' education systems and set in motiona planned economy.
80s & 90s
: These were years of involvement of Secre-taries of Education, Bell, Bennett and Alexander,and President George Bush, Sr. in
America 2000
.Clinton continued
America 2000
, implemented bySecretary Riley, under the new name,
Goals 2000
:Carnegie Corp.'s Marc Tucker, governors, cor-porations, etc. implemented
Goals 2000
life-long learning out of UN and Soviet-style STWacross country during nineties.
:President George Bush, Jr., embraced by Sena-tor Ted Kennedy, MA and Congressman GeorgeMiller, CA, call for passage of
H.R. 1, S. 1
, whichcompletes a socialist takeover. This is the finalnail in the coffin. Has anyone looked inside tosee who is being buried.
This information is posted on the internet at:www.deliberatedumbingdown.com/pages/latestnews.html

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