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Pioneer Review, April 10, 2014

Pioneer Review, April 10, 2014

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Published by surfnewmedia

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Published by: surfnewmedia on Apr 09, 2014
Copyright:Traditional Copyright: All rights reserved


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EK<IMJ F= FLJE JLEJE<. > E<I60. EJ  K 10KF 15 DG.
 A =<N FLJ=IFD KD< KF KD<. FN 38.EJ  K 5 KF 10 DG.
I)*+ "(;
S/ I(N:, "(('C; O O R(/,C; A/ R(
P+,,S+ D$$ 57567+'$; A,10 2014. ,((-(,(.&
N. 33 !. 108
E' ) D$; 4/07/14
12 P ",( "+(........$6.6414 P S,* "+(.........$6.47M,/....................................$3.78C....................................$3.74M,//(..................................$8.25SFS B,'(('..................$19.00
N( C 2014
12 P ",( "+(........$6.5114  S,* "+(.........$6.41
EK<IMJ F= FLJ E JLEJE<.> 64. EJ  K10 KF 15 DG.
?=- #?:
IKPFLP J<J. FN 41.EJ  K 10 KF 15 DG.
EK<IMJ F= FLJE JLEJE<. > 67.EJ  K 10 KF 20DG.
 #?:
 A =<N FLJ. FN 41.EJ  K 10 KF 15 DG.
 A =I<< PFLK JFFK, JGFEJFI<P <JK M<I  889, N << K K< IG<I LE CL =FIJ ><J 17 E LE<I FE LE-P, AGI 13, K 2:00 G.D. (C). ADDF N < GIFM< KF GIKGEKJ. FI DFI< E=FID-KFE, FEKK E <EIJ,605-683-6202 FD< FI 605-530-0743 <.
Fee +!'&h %h!!&"laed f! Da"e
 < EEL LEKA JJE G N < < KLIP,P 3, K K< G ADLE<<IM< LE>. < =I<< JJ N JKIK K8:00 .D. E FEL< IFLE5:00 G.D. I<EKJ, = EFK KE>K< FLIJ< K<DJ<M<J, I< EFKI<HLI< KF JKP NK K<I JNF I< KK<EE> K< FLIJ<.LE N < GIFM< =FI K-K<E<<J. I<I<>JKIKFE J EFK I<-HLI<, LK >I<KP J< =FI JFJKL<EKJ E ><K  LDG JKIK FEK< LEK=< DEL E KF <E-JLI< <HLK< JJ JLGG<J.<I< J  I>< DFLEK F= D-K<I KF FM<I E FE< P. = EFKGI<I<>JK<I<, K< KK<E<<JJFL IIM<  KK< <=FI< 8:00.D. =FI I<>JKIKFE E KF KLIEE K< I<HLI< GI<EK-J>E<G<IDJJFE JG. I<I<>JKIKFE E < FE<P FEKKE> NK G F<C<= K ID K 859-2850FI NK CFEJ<IMKFE +==<I FDJ<E K 859-3006. J FLIJ< J I<HLI< =FII<E <KN<<E K< ><J F= 12E 16, = K<P NJ KF < <>-< KF LEK. = PFLI  KLIEJ12 <KN<<E <GK<D<I 1 E<<D<I 31 F= 2014, K<P I<<>< KF GIKGK<. 
M<E KFL> 10 P<I FJ N< FN< KF LEK =FI K< =J<JFEJ E 2014 KIFL> K<D<EKFI GIF>ID, K<P N EFK <FN< KF GIKGK< E K<LEK=< FLIJ<. FI IL<J EI<>LKFEJ FE K< D<EKFI<LEKE> GIF>ID, I<=<I KF K<2014 LEKE> EFF
F(( HS)(&( M; 3
 D B=?>
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B # H
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PHS P(&$ 2014
The theme for this year’s Philip High School prom was “The Great Gatsby.” TheFine Arts Building was filled with audience members there to view the grandmarch of the prom couples. Shown above, Nick Hamill and Katie Hostutler were voted in as the prom king and queen. After the couples were introduced, the au-dience was ushered out so the meal and dancing could begin for the prom partic-ipants. Post prom activities included bowling, card games for “funny” money, giftbaskets for all PHS attending seniors and juniors, other gifts for underclassmenand out-of-town guests, and finally a light breakfast.
Del Bartels
P<I. <<I NJ I<-<<K< J J-KIK 8 I E M <J<I,DPFI E LIF, NJ I<-<<K< JM< I. FJ< KK<EE> MFK< KFF K< 2015 JKIK 8 D<<KE> EF. AFIE> KF KJ N<JK<, K< NJ FI>EQ< E 1934, J EFEGIKJE, EFEGIF=K JJFKFE F= EFIGFIK< DLEGK<J E FLKFK. KJ DJJFE J K< FFG<IKM<DGIFM<D<EK F= DLEG >FM<IE-D<EK E FLK FK. A MFK< F= K<D<D<IJ K K< EEL FE=<I<E<<K<IDE<J K< <>L<YJ DFI GF-<J. A EE<K<<E-D<D<I >FM<IEE>FP <<K< =IFD DFE> K< D<D-<IJ II<J K< I<JGFEJKP F= D-G<D<EKE> K<J< GF<J. A =L-KD<<O<LKM< I<KFI E JK== DEJ-K<I K< GF<J E K<I J<IM< KF D<D<IJ. BP FFG<IKE> KIFL>K< <>L<, FLK FK DLEG-K<J GIFM< K<DJ<M<J NK JKIFE> I<J<I GIF>ID E E <=-=<KM< <>JKM< MF<. < <>L<YJ GIDIP JFLI< F= =EEE> FD<J KIFL>K< D<D<IJG L<J K<J, KFNEJ E ==K< FI>EQ-KFEJ GP. < L<J GPD<EKJ I< J< FE GFGLKFE.  JGFEJFIJ KI<< IJ JIE> GFFJ UK< FI<IJY CFDG<EJKFE LE, K< FLK FK L AJ-JLIE< AE< N GIFM<J KP E GIFG<IKP FM-<I><, E K< <K FF F= FLK FK. E 1991 K<<>L< <EFIJ< K< FLK FK L LEJ EM<JK-D<EK ILJK,  GIF>ID KK JJJKJ F >FM<IED<EKJ NKK<I J DE><D<EK E EM<JKD<EK E<<J.
 S.D. M+%!c!'a# Leag+e &)*ed b c!* &f P!#!'
 J P<IYJ FLK FK LE-G <>L< JKIK 8 EEL D<<K-E> NJ FJK< P K< KP F= G,L<JP, AGI 1. A=K<I JF KD< <=FI< E LI-E>  D<, K< F== D<<KE> NJ<D<< P F PFI IIP<<I. G CKP CFLE D<D<I I<> AIKLI >M< K< N<FDE> JG<<KF K< DFI< KE 35 DLEG F==-J, I<GI<J<EKE> =M< KFNEJ. <G-I<J<EKKM<J N<I< GI<J<EK =IFD K<JKIK 8 K<J E KFNEJ EFE, B<EE<KK, JFE, FE<J,<<KK<, KE<P E F FLE-K<J. < JKK< J M< EKF 10 J-KIKJ. MFEE< PFI,  <O<LKM<I<KFI, JGF< FLK K< FLKFD< F= K< 2014 <>JKM< J<JJFE, E K<<==<K E<N NJ N M< FE FLKFK DLEGK<J. < JF J-LJJ< K< I<KFE E =LKLI< F= K< <>L< E J<IM<J F==<I< KFK< DLEGK<J. VFI< E DFI< N< I< J<<E> K< E<< KF ><K <KK<I E-=FIDKFE FLK KF K< KQ<EJ E <>JKFIJ. LEG>FM<IED<EK GIFM<J  MJK IIP F= J<IM<J, E G<FG<E<< KF < E=FID< F= N<I< K<I KO FIJ I< >FE>.J KPG< F= <LKFE E FEP <E<=K DLEG >FM<IE-D<EK. < KOGP<IJ NFL < M<IP GIFL F= K<I F >FM-<IED<EK = K<P N<I< =LP NI< F= FN DL J<IM< DLEGKP GIFM<J K  I<KM<P FN FJK,W PFI JE  GI<JJ I<<J< K< P =K<I K< D<<KE>. PFIYJ JLDDIP F= K< JKK< <>JKFE <E< NK K<KI<E KF JNE>  KF  VE<<JJIP DG<W NP F= KE-E>. LEGK<J JFL < < KF I<K< IL<J KF ILE K<KP, IK<I KE I<HL<JK JG<= <>JKM< LKFIKP =IFDK< JKK< =FI <M<IP KK< K<D. IIP <<I, DPFI E F E  JKIK 8I, JGF< F= JD KFNE GFKJ E FEKIFM<IJP. V<NK K.  FL < I>LE> NK JFD<FE< FE< E>K E <ME>  <<I NK K<D K< E<OK =K<IEFFE,W J <<I. B<P BILEJE>,  GI<J<EK =FI 2014, NJ JF FEE KF JLJJ <I GIFIK<J =FI K< LII<EK P<I. < JFFELK< K< <<KFE F= JKIK 8 F==<IJ =FI K< LGFDE>
From left are Becky Brunsing –president of the South Dakota Municipal League, Yvonne Taylor –SDML executive director,Harry Weller –Kadoka mayor and SDML District 8 chair, Greg Arthur –Philip City Council member, and Carrie Harer –South Dakota Public Funds Investment Trust.
Del Bartels
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&,(' 
< G > FF -JFF GP N < G<I=FID< K7:00 G.D. FE IP, AGI 11,E K
3:00 <..
FE LEP, AGI 13.
JHH I=H=G =G <M H =J HHG = HG  M KG GHM  G =  M GI- >H.   GJ H< =<H H =H M G=J H=  G H =H H = H< HH G.  G GJ H< =<HH >H M   HHG.I =  =GH= = H< <IGM =GGI =G H< = M H 5:00 .. %HHG =H   H<  JHH I=H=G KG G<I  =  < =J H < ==J=IKG =. A HHG
 H< == G=HI, GG  H< I  H< IH<.
%"IICA" "EE' % HE EDI%':
 =H= HHG  H I H< HK K?G = H  H=.< R%HHGS I =G =H H  G H< HI=HM H LGG H<= ==G. "H =G H H H  -JH=G= G  G  <= .<=G I=H=TG  =G H HH H< =GH H IH   G<. I HG  K  -I.
 <> ' J.%. B< 788 J=, D 57567-0788 J(605) 859-2516  FA: (605) 859-2410
Rae##e**e P+b#!ca*!&%), I%c.
Letters Policy 
A, 10 2014 < P,(( R(,(
 ?>=< '?
: F ?, #?G,  #G IH=G,C=<H, , I=, IG, KG, =J=K,  MG -GGG: $36.00  M (+ L); EGK<: $42.00  M.
S&%h Dak%a #e$iden%$ a#e #e"&i#ed % !a* $ale$ %a.
 ==G GH = H <==, D. GHGH, G <  GG H= H:
Pinee# Re'ie,
BL 788, <==, D 57567;  FA H: 605/859-2410.
? ?>=< ':
E- >??:
?: .=<>->.< E??  1906.
< = J=K, H< == KG  ? CIHM, H<HKG  <==  =,  ? < D=GH=H 27-1 =G I-=G< K?M M JHH I=H=G, ".
Pinee# Re'ie 
= =GH H 221 E. ? HH = <==, IH< D?H.
<: (605) 859-2516; JFA: (605) 859-2410;
-: ?@=<>->.<
 C<=> 1981:
JHH I=H=G, ". A =<HG GJ.H<= M  =H, <H=,  = M KM I H<=G I=H=, = K<  = H, K=H<IH H< K=HH GH  H<I=G<.
DEAD"IE:D?= & C??A>?:
IGMG H 11:00 .. ()
F=MG H 5:00 .. ()
D JHH
G. #>. < %=><?/A D?:
M H= 
E<>/? '=<>>:
D BHG
'=<>>/A D?:
M =<
A ?:
BI JHH
E-MAIL ADDE!!E!:AD!: (*@3++-++.)3 < NE%!: +*+@3++-++.)3
=, D .... 433-780
HAA$# C$# $#G +$"E# 
N D<<K FEP, AGI 14, K 6:30 G.D. K < K<FLJ< E G. BIE> KNFFQ<E GJK <>>J E EP KF JKL== K<D!
GA&DE# CB 
N D<<K AGI 15K K 7 G.D. E K< FDDL-EKP IFFD F= K< FLIKFLJ< E G. M<IPFE< N<FD<.
 A"E&ICA# EGI$# AIIA&
N D<<K LIJP, AGI 10, K 7:30 G.D. K K< FD< F= <D <KQ<.
%HII% CA#CE& %%$& 
D<<KJ L<JP, AGI 15, K6:30 G.D. K K< <E< AGKJ. FP, G. AEPFE< J N<FD<.
%HII% A&EA AA&%/&A 
D<<KJ FEP, AGI 28, K 6 G.D.K K< J<EFI <EK<I E G NK  JFLG JLGG<I E GIF>ID FEFEJLD<I =IL>. AEPFE< J N<FD<.
D&IE& ICE#E EA" 
I< M< K K< JFECFLEKP CFLIKFLJ< E F, 1 E K., LIE> I<>LI LJ-E<JJ FLIJ. AGGKFEJ DLJK < JLDKK< K <JK FE< FLI EME< F= J<L< FJE> KD<. F IM< K<JKJ N < >M<E=IFD 11:30 KF 1:30. FI DFI< E=FIDKFE, >F KF NNN.GJ.J.>FMFI  1-800-952-3696.
C$""#I BEE&"E# C$""IEE 
J JGFEJFIE>K< <<J< D< <E-LG =IFD EFN LEK K< <E F= <<J<D<. FI DFI< E=FIDKFE, FEKK I<E< KK, 859-2077.
F&EE A %&E%A&AI$# ...
 AA O A< N < GIFM-E> =I<< <<I KO I<KLIE GI<GIKFE K K< <EFI C<EK<IG FE L<JPJ 9 .D. KF FFE. < J<IM< J FG<E KF  ><JNK <DGJJ FE FN E D< EFD< KOGP<IJ. C BF -E< 859-2227 =FI GGFEKD<EK FI DFI< E=F.
;  ;= #$#-%&$FI ? >? =, <>>? ?  : 859-2516, ;= - ?;: >@<;-=-=. ;. +  = ;= ? ;? ? ?;>>><=;=?;;=?? ; =.
L A:+?
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O( ,( A'
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Del Bartels
Brad Taylor, left, and Kevin Dunham, technicians for The Glass Shop, Spearfish,put in the mechanism for the west doors of the Haakon County Courthouse.The automatic door makes the courthouse compliant with the American Dis-ability Act. The project was started and completed on April 1.
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,  >I<K ELD<I F= K<J< JF<IJ, JFIJ, ID<E EIE<J M< <=K =D<J NK I<E <E N< J<IME>; E 
, K<J< I<E I<  JFLI< F= GI< E FEFI KF LJ E G E FLK FK, E K J FEP =KKE> KK N< K< KD<KF <<IK< K<I JGIK E I<F>EQ< K<I FEKILKFEJ, <KKE>FLI D<E E NFD<E E LE=FID EFN KK N< K<P I< KE>I< F= LJ, N< I< KE> I< F= K<I I<E; E 
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,  JG< P E K< DFEK F= AGI N < E FI<I KFJLK< FLI DKIP I<E, KF GIFM< F JLGGFIK KF DKIP -I<E E =D<J, =D<J KK I< E FLI M<IP FNE PIJ; E 
, VLIG< G! FI KIP J PW N FN LJ KF GPKILK< KF DKIP I<E =FI K<I FDDKD<EK, JKIL>><J E LE-FEKFE JLGGFIK F= FLI KIFFGJ, <LJ< N<E GI<EKJ J<IM< EK< DKIP, K<I I<E N J<IM< KFF; E 
, AGI 15, 2014, N < VLIG< G! FI KIP JPW U JG< P KF JFN F JLGGFIK F= FLI DKIP I<EE =D<J; E 
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, N<, K< FM<IEE> BFP F= K< CKP F= G,FLK FK, F <I<P GIFD K< 15K F= AGI, 2014, J VLI-G< G! FI KIP J PW E G, FLK FK, E LI>< KQ<EJ, LJE<JJ<J, E >FM<IED<EK <<IJ KF FJ<IM< KJ PP N<IE> GLIG< E FI<I KF JLK<, FEFI, JLGGFIK E KE FLIDKIP I<E E K< FDDLEKP.K< K G, FLK FK, KJ 7K P F= AGI, 2014. FI K< FM<IEE> BFP F= K< CKP F= G, FLK FK   /J/ < <KK<I, PFI AKK<JK   /J/ FEE E EK, EE< +==<I<I I FI D,  D<D<I F= FLI JJ JNFIE> FE  GIF<K < K<VI< F= KK<J.W < I< I<JGFE-J< =FI >K<IE> J DL E=FI-DKFE J N< E =IFD  ELD<IF= JFLI<J.  M< FJ<E FLK FK =FIDP JKK<. = EP F= PFLI I<<IJNFL <G D< FLK P J<EE> EPGKLI<J, GFJKIJ,  LJ< <EJ<GK<, =KJ, GIFLKJ, <K. =IFDPFLI JKK<, K NFL < >I<KP G-GI<K<. <J< J<E K< E=FIDKFE KFK< <FN I<JJ. E<I<P,DP KI, ==K >I<CJ< CIJKE FF601 EK AM<. LPLG, A 98372DEJKIKFE J VLEJJ=<.WJ N ==<K <IKE =EEJLGGFIK K< KP E ><K =IFD K<AA. G N JGLK< <IKEIK<I KK GLKJ K< IGFIK EJL  JJ=KFE. < LKFDK< =L< JPJK<DYJDE><D<EK =<< =FI K< IGFIK JEFN $125 G<I DFEK. <  =FIK< EJKKFE F= K< IGFIKYJFLE>< IFF= NJ NI< KF BIFFM<, G. < KPYJ IL< JK< GJJ< KJEEL I<M<N P K< FLKFK <GIKD<EK F= EMIFE-D<EK E KLI <JFLI<J. <IL< JK<YJ JLDD<I FLIJ <>EP 3. I<< LDG N<<<E J I-P, P 16-17. < JK< N <FG<E 9:00 .D. KF 1:00 G.D. FKPJ. < IE K< J P 23-24.-LG F= <GK< KIJ =IFDJ<EFI KQ<EJ FI J< G<IJFEJJ FEP, P 19. < FLE LKFIQ< LJE> FDDLEKP J<IM< NFI<I =FI 100FLIJ F= FI. < G<IJFE N <LE<I FLIK J<IM<J, J J>E<E ELIP NM<I, E N N<I P<FN FI FIE>< M<JK =FI <EK=-KFE GLIGFJ<J. < FLE LKFIQ< M<IKJ-E> =FI 2014 JNDDE> GFF G<I-JFEE< NK E GGKFE FJE>K< F= P 2. < <K EI<I<KFE FDDKK<< N I<M<NGGKFEJ FEP, P 5, K3:30 G.D. < FLE LKFIQ<IDYJ KK<EE< K  JL<EE=EK <K EM<JK>KFE EFIFE<IJ KIEE>, P 5-6, EG CKP. CKP F==<J N < FJ< K< =-K<IEFFE F= IP, AGI 18, E -FIE< NK FM<IEFI <EEJL>IYJ <IKFE F= K<FF IP FP. < E<OK I<>LI D<<KE> P K<G CKP CFLE J FEP,P 5, K 7:00 G.D. E K< FECFLEKP CFLIKFLJ< FDDLEKPIFFD.
E= <
B!b Faig. Field S"eciali%&Wie Regi!al E*&e%i! Ce&e
#: L;
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 4-15: KIK< L <JK IE-E>, 1:00 GD /2:00 GD C, OK<EJFE C<EK<IJ 4-21: KIK< L <JK IE-E>, 9:30 D /10:30 D C, OK<EJFE C<EK<IJ
Spring is coming! 
CJ= I=G:OE G O=GOC =?OC EHMHOCGHLP IHG
Saddlery, Bottle VetLocally owned operated859-2482 • Philip
    
-(.)(% '!,* ,%%* () *%
('*  !)'*('* ( & .    ) )#& #& 
                
( ()+,'  ",$ ()+,'  
   
PHILIP, S.D. FAITH, S.D.605-859-2525 605-967-2191
Member FDIC
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 111.RPI+,(%)-.c(L!$,a(+ L%0!-c * * *Ma)#!) A)#-* * *Ea#'! C,!! A)#-* * *COMING SOON:F,)!3- Ra"!, UC,-- A)#-* * *Ma & Pa A)#-* * *P$%'%+ L%0!-c3-B'' Da2 
DA'> F= = A$ A;> -<D? ;= D>>?= A>>>?%=;=>
E"%#!e"' Begi"& A$%i 15 f#%Li)e&'#ck, H#"e+bee, Fa%!-Rai&edFi&h P%#g%a!&
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F ;* A*>
J( H A&,* CED 605-859-2186(.+@'.'$.*
 < FLKFK <>J-KLI< J <-JKFN< <EK<CFDD<DFI-KFE LD<I 27KF K E IPFL LGK,LEE. < <>J-KM< FDD<DF-IKFE,EKIFL< P<EKFI DBI=FI E<GI<J<EKKM<JQ<K PE <ME<I, FEFIJK< LGKIE F= -JFE CFLEKP JK< 2013<FGF CFEJ<I-MKFE ANII<G<EK. < FEFI I<J: V
, K< <FGF CFEJ<IMKFE ANI, ED<=FI I<EFNE< FEJ<IMKFEJK AF <FGF, I<F>EQ<J =ID E IE=D<J NF <DFEJKIK< FLKJKEE> FEJ<IMKFE <<IJG FE K<IE E E K<I FDDLEK<J; E 
, K E IP FL LGK F= JFE CFLEKP FNE E FG-<IK<  7,000 I< KK< IE E<I LEE =<KLIE> >IJJEJ NKIFE> J E  DE NFF< I<< ILEEE> KIFL> K< IE; E 
, K< LGKJ FEJ<I K<DJ<M<J E K<I =M< I<E J><E<IKFE I<K<IJ F= K< E, I<JGFEJ< =FI <EEE> K<<K F= K< E E NK<I I<JFLI<J; E 
,  FDDKD<EK KF D< K< E <KK<I =FI =LKLI< ><E<I-KFEJ J <O<DG=< P K< LGK =DP J K< I<G<EK F= K< 2013<FGF CFEJ<IMKFE ANI: 
#;, =;=, B I? C;;=?
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