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Published by Tunji Tunde
An inspired clarion call to Nigerians to be patriotic so as to avert the impending economic and political collapse.
An inspired clarion call to Nigerians to be patriotic so as to avert the impending economic and political collapse.

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Published by: Tunji Tunde on Oct 28, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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I saw it in my dreams, it was a huge abridge made up of heavy metal structures with eternally durable pillars. People walked on it in beehive of activities. They were not moving forward nor backward they were working; all manners of work. Seriously busy; flexing enormous muscles and perspiring. The air was filled with smell of perspiring bodies.

I saw also that despite the strength of the bridge, it was gradually giving way under the great load of people and insufficient maintenance; it was no longer serving its purpose-transition from the past to the land of the people\u2019s dream. It was still a bridge alright, but it was the people not really moving. It was a dynamic equilibrium, a little moving forward and a little moving backward. So it appeared they were not really moving. They were moving about the same point.

In the midst of the activities, I saw many more people arriving on the bridge. Yet the bridge was still at the verge of collapsing. Any moment the bridge would collapse. Yes, I also saw engineers; construction engineers of all sorts, they were welding, cutting, fixing, and forging different parts in attempt to repair the bridge. I was still far from being comfortable because I saw some of them doing it right but others doing it wrong- weakening the bridge more and more. On a closer look, one of the destroyer menders looked at me and smiled a smile that told me it was not a mistake but deliberate destruction. Another looked up from his destroying mending with a worried face, an expression of confusion. At another corner I saw two engineers fighting, a destructive and constructive engineer, both claiming right for a job.

Amidst all the noise, I shouted, shouted on top of my voice. Then I
saw the head approached me, sweating though well dressed in
\u201cbuban riga,\u201d he looked around worried then focused his attention
on me.
\u201cThis bridge is collapsing.\u201d I shouted, pointing to the bridge we
were standing on.
\u201cI know, and we are doing everything possible to repair it.\u201d

He was also holding some tools, he was emaciated and in bad health condition. I felt for. He was depreciating and his sincerity was unmistaken.

\u201cI know you are sincere\u201d I told him sympathetically, \u201cI can feel your pains, your toil and fears; I know you are working relentlessly despite your failing health condition, but most of your engineers are not sincere in their responsibilities.\u201d

Then I saw that I was not the only one screaming for help, I was not the only one observing and recommending, we were many all around, ever screaming yet nobody was listening. People were laboring some also charted away, some were laughing and busy, others cried, still others appeared stunned-unconscious of their environment. Yes, there were others drunk while others convulsed from intoxication.

All of a sudden some securities started beating us away from the leader; they stick a label each on our foreheads, on it was written \u201cpolitically ignorant and troublesome.\u201d The leader would like to listen to us but because we were many and also have the label.

At once the bridge vibrated greatly, everybody startled and became conscious, we ran around in confusion, stampeding. I stopped and look back, it was too far to see the rear end, going back was not an option for us, yet end was dangling away from its anchorage, it was swaying in mid air and from its far distance it looked like the mirage on the glimmering tarmac on a hot afternoon during a boring journey. Lest I forget I also saw some well dressed men trying to hide away the dangling fore end of the

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