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Ec Argumentative Essay1.

Ec Argumentative Essay1.

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Published by serimawar

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Published by: serimawar on Oct 28, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Argumentative essay.
Do young people today make good use of the leisure time? Or do they spend too much timewatching television and playing video games instead, of taking part in more productiveactivity ?
Leisure time or free time, is a period of timethat we spend out on doingwork s and essential domesticactivity. It is also the period of recreationaland discretionary time before or  after compulsory activities such aseatingandsleeping,going to work or running a business, attending schooland doinghomework ,household chores,and day-to-daystress. In other words, leisure time is the time available for ease and relaxation or the time at one's command, free fromengagement and convenient opportunity.There are many ways how to spend our free time wisely and how to make the most of it.As we know, young people today were not use their leisure time efficiently because most of their activities during free time did not give any benefit for them. So, I disagree that young peopletoday make good use of their leisure time. This is proven according to a statistic which showonly a few young people know how to spend their free time efficiently and have a good rest.Most of the young people do activities that only wasting their time. For example, they spend toomuch time on watching television, playing video games, loitering at mall and smoking instead of taking part in more productive activities such as involve in sport activities, join the club, doingexercise and so on. So, we can say that they simply waste their time and did not try to changetheir lifestyle.I agree that the young people spend too much time on watching television. Watchingtelevision is not a good way of using our leisure time because it will give more negative effectcompared to positive effect. Watching television will give an advantage if we use to watchinformation channels such as news, sport activities or discovery channel. But, we know thatyoung people did not like to watch this kind of channels. They will only spend their time moreon watching entertainment channels such as singing competition like “Akademi Fantasia” and“Malaysia Idol”, cartoon programmes or the other programmes that give them less benefit.
Wasting time is one of the other inherent disadvantage of watching television. Let’simagine, if in one day, a person spends an hour of watching television without gaining any usefulinformation, then in one year he will waste 365 hours and in 10 year is 3605 hours. With thattime, you can learn several language as well as finishing your studying course. On the other hand, watching television will change young people into passive behaviour because television isonly one way communication. They can only watch what is happen in television and disable tocriticize them, in other words, they cannot give comment on what dissatisfied they have. Thiswill keep it on their heart and later become more passive.Besides, television programmes are not always suitable for all ages. Sometimes, there aresome movies which have violence and sexual element which are not suitable for the stormy phase growing children and teenagers. It will be extremely dangerous if parents neglect their children to discover the TV programmes themselves as they will immediately be influenced onwhat things they had seen. Therefore, social problem will be increased if young people try tofollow the actions that have been seen. In the aspect of health, spending hours on watching TV isharmful to eyesight because the light from the television can effect our eyes.I also agree that young people spend too much time on playing video games as one of theactivity to fulfill their leisure time. Actually, this is not a good use of the leisure time because playing video games will also give more disadvantages compare to the advantages. As anexample, playing video games can decrease important social interactions between family andfriends. Therefore, young people cannot improve their soft-skills like talking, leadership or theothers. This anti-social behavior will make children to keep away from others and become passive. So, it will give the negative effects not only to themselves but also to our country because we cannot develop future multi-skills leader. Next, playing video playing video games can decrease development of skills in sports,music and arts. Performance in academic will be affected if reading and homework areneglected. They usually use a lot of time to play video games because when we start playing it,we will try to finish the games successfully. Therefore, their time to do the other activities will become limited. Sitting all of day in front of computer is can also contribute to an unhealthylifestyle because we will not perform active movement of body. Besides, violent video gameswill provide a forum for learning and practicing aggressive solutions on how to solve problemsin different situations. The active nature of the learning environment of video games suggests

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