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SeminarBoost.co.Uk - Why You Need to Go to Personal Development Seminars

SeminarBoost.co.Uk - Why You Need to Go to Personal Development Seminars

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Published by seminarboost
seminars and workshop make these clacims of improving you ..do you need improving? I did ..have a look
seminars and workshop make these clacims of improving you ..do you need improving? I did ..have a look

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Published by: seminarboost on Oct 28, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Why you need to go to Personal Development Seminars ? Is it just hype and “feel good factor” or is there really some useful stuff to learn? What have I achieved from Seminars What changed for me 6 human needs Learning and taking action You get what you focus on 
What have I achieved? 
I have just spent the weekend in the UK attending a great FREE seminar. Therewere 12 speakers, all multi-millionaire’s and obviously all promotingsomething..but WOW what gems they gave us, I learnt about Internetmarketing,property, passive investments,tax avoidance (wow), business setupsand stock market trading (already done that one but hey always a goodreminder).The whole experience was amazing. Not only did I learn loads of hot tips, I alsomet loads of great people and hob-nobbing with successful people who walk theirtalk and actually started out from the same place as me is always completelyinspiring.This time last year I attended a Anthony Robbins UPW seminar which wasbrilliant, I have just re-read my note that I took and I was a little ashamed toadmit how little I have really done to get to my goal. However after discussingwith Ian (my husband) he pointed out that actually we have achieved quite alot;
We made a decision ..yes drums roll…In may 2009, I gave up my £40K+ job as an accountant and we moved to France from England
I have set up my website
We attended 2 major seminars
I studied NLP
I studied speed reading
I have directly helped people to change their lives through my coachingthis year
I have met some great people who will change my life in the future
I have made some decisions regarding my health, my business and myrelationships
We celebarated 10 years of marriage
I read at least 20 life changing/inspirational booksSo I have acheived loads..unfortunately we are not brought up to say “Well doneme” to blow our own trumpet, to praise ourselves and celebrate when we aregreat…as Joseph McClendon tells to say…You Freakin Rock!
What changed for me 
Sometime I really don’t believe that I am a confident person, but I try not to letthat stop me moving myself through the pain barrier and doing what needs to bedone to connect with the right sort of people.A few years ago a went on a NLP workshop (Neuro linguistic programming – basically analysising what beliefs that you have about yourself and dealing withthem)A few strange things happened:There were 10 people attending the course and we shook hands & said Hi asyou do. As we (me & my husband Ian) shook hands with a guy he said “Hi IanGoddard” WOW out of 10 people what are the odds that someone there shouldhave the same name as my husband!!Over lunch at the pub we discovered that not only did the Ians have the samename (middle names as well!!) they also had the same birthday..spooky.Joking I said to one of the girls “bet you don’t have the same maiden name asme though ..Pease” to which fell a horrid silence, “No” she replied, ”but mymothers maiden name is!!” Oh my God I can not tell you how freaked out I was,tingles down the spine.Anyway back to confidence..at this workshop you had to share an issue with thegroup that was bothering you. I shared that I had no confidence, I thought thatno-one ever remembered who I was and that I was quite insignificant. The groupwere amazed and shared with me the actual persona that I give off (unbeknownto me!) Apparently when I walked in to the room I walked in confidently, giving anair of knowing but approachable, they all said that I was definitely memorableand they completely broke down the “idea” that
of myself. This was arevelation to say the least.Since then, although I do still have the odd panic of insecurity, I do feel moreconfident, more able to hold my head up and say “here I am”. I also use a fewlittle tricks that may help you too:-
If I am going somewhere that I am going to have to socialise and make smalltalk.a) I tell myself repeatedly ..I am an incredible person and I am great at talking topeople.b) I remember a time that I did have a good time socialising and felt successful indoing so and I try to get into the same mind set.c) I write some key things down on a flashcard that I know that I can talk about,so if I get stuck I know that I have something prepared. Normally it is somethingthat I have read on the internet that I thought amusing or interesting that I canshare with peopled) Before I walk into the room I take a deep breath and decide I am going to havea good timeThese little tricks always work for me and it gets easier the more you do it. Andnow living in France I am having to make conversation in French ..oh my, it is funI beleive that confidence is a state of mind, If you are telling yourself that you arenot good enough, you are not worthy of being listended to, then that is thevibration that you give out. You are setting yourself up for disaster before youeven arrive at the event.I have recently joined a mastermind group that is full of successful people, somelearning (like me) and some who have achieved some fantastic financial goalsand moving on to bigger ones. It has been said before “you are the people whoyou mix with”, so I am putting myself out there, I am ready to move into the bigleague, which is a far cry from that timid girl a few years back!

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