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Frozen by Erin Bowman: Chapter 2

Frozen by Erin Bowman: Chapter 2

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Published by EpicReads
The second chapter from FROZEN - the sequel to Taken by Erin Bowman
The second chapter from FROZEN - the sequel to Taken by Erin Bowman

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Published by: EpicReads on Apr 10, 2014
Copyright:Traditional Copyright: All rights reserved


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my father makes a few
swift gestures, ordering Xavier and Sammy down a side street, September and Bo down another. He nods at me and Bree to continue up the main one, and heads into the nearest building with the others to check interiors. We all know his order, even if he never said the exact words:
 Spread out. Look for survivors.
Somewhere in town a wind chime is clinking, singing an uneven melody as Bree and I move up the street. The road dead-ends before a whitewashed building, tall, with a cross on its peak. Its heavy wooden doors hang open. Theres a dog between them, copper in color, and on the brink of starva-tion, given his thin, wiry frame. He bares his teeth, a low guttural growl escaping him, and then runs inside. Bree
and I glance at each other and dart after the dog, taking the stairs two at a time.The inside of the building is composed of a single room, large and cavernous and shaped like a
. Snow has drifted up the aisle we stand in, which bisects rows of benches. The seats are burdened with the dead, heads resting on shoul-ders, hands clasped as they sleep eternally. Even in the intense cold, the air smells like spoiled meat.“Gray?” Bree nudges her rifle toward a raised platform at the front of the room. I follow the motion and I see him. A boy, tucking candles into a tattered bag. He is young.  And scrawny. And dirtier than a wild animal, with dark skin, and hair that stands up in all directions.“Hey,” I call out. “Are you okay?”He jumps, twisting toward my voice. When his eyes find us, they linger on Bree’s weapon and he backs away slowly, until he’s leaning against the far wall. His dog stands before him, growling.“What happened here?” I ask.“Sickness,” the boy says, lip trembling. “One got sick. Then another, and another. They died.Bree lowers her rifle. “From what? What kind of sickness?”“Don’t know. Mama said it came from the east—a city under a dome. She said they brought it here knowing we  would die.
Bree and I exchange worried glances. Not more than two months ago, we infiltrated Taem to track down a vaccine that would protect the Rebels against a virus engineered in Frank’s labs. We feared he’d capture one of our own and send him back infected, eliminating all the Rebels in the process.“Who brought it here?” Bree asks. “The sickness?”But the boy just sinks to the floor, hugging his dog around the neck. He’s so scared he’s shaking, or maybe he’s just cold.Bree walks up the aisle, pausing in the center of the
. The dog growls, and she decides not to risk the stairs. “Come on,” she says, holding out a hand to the boy. “We can get you  warm. Help you—”“No!” he says. “They carried weapons, too. I don’t trust  you!Bree looks at me for help, but I’m as confused as she is. She turns back to the boy, cautiously walks up half the stairs.“Go away!” he shouts. “You’re like them. You’re just like them!” He keeps screaming like she’s attacking him, which causes the dog to lunge at Bree. She jumps back, barely avoiding a bite.“Look, we’re offering to help you,” she snaps, sounding like she wants to do anything but.“Can’t you see you’re scaring him?”The voice startles all three of us. We twist, and find Emma

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