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PSYC 001-Z1
Summer 2014Tuesday - Wednesday - Thursday!00 A" -12!4# P"
Pr$%&s&$na' C$urse Sy''a(us
"s, Tera a..&n$/ "A
O&+e L$+a*&$n!
University Health Center, Old Hall, 3129
E-ma&' address!
O&+e H$urs!
By Aointment
Phone Number:
Reu&red Te*($$3s!
!ri""s, #. A., $2%1&'.
 Psychology: A concise introduction.
(d.'. )e* +or- orth. /his 0oo is-  Comrehensive  neensive  4orta0le 4lease 0rin" your 0oo to 5lass.
C$urse es+r&5*&$n 6 O(7e+*&%es!
/his 5ourse *ill "ive a 0road introdu5tion to the field of sy5holo"y, *ith an emhasis on ho*  sy5holo"y relates to our everyday lives. t is a
5ra+*&+a' s+&en+e
and relies on a stron" eerimental and emiri5al foundation. /herefore, this 5ourse emhasizes eerimental methods, and results, as alied to the study of 0ehavior. /his 5ourse *ill rovide a foundation for those ursuin" a  sy5holo"y ma6or and non7ma6ors *ill find the information and insi"hts of "reat value to the ursuit of their rofessional lives. /his 5lass *ill 0e an intensive 1 month 5ourse8 ho*ever my "oal is not to 0om0ard you *ith *or. y "oal is to rovide an intera5tive learnin" environment *ith a a5e that is reasona0le for the intensive s5hedule. y hoe is that you *ill learn and en6oy the ro5ess of doin" so.At the end of this 5ourse, you should have-  An idea of the s5ien5e of sy5holo"y  An in5reased understandin" of ho* sy5holo"ists "ather and evaluate information a0out 0ehavior and mental ro5esses  An a5:uaintan5e *ith a 0road array of 0asi5 su06e5t matter and an in5reased are5iation for the variety of fa5tors that may influen5e an individual;s 0ehavior  <ome ideas for ho* to ra5ti5ally aly sy5holo"i5al rin5iles in your o*n life
C$urse Reu&remen*s 6 Grad&n8!
+our "rade *ill 0e 0ased on your erforman5e on 3 :uizzes, in75lass arti5iation and a =7> a"e  aer due at the end of the 5lass. /here may also 0e home*or o55asionally and?or in 5lass assi"nments.
uizzes *ill 0e rimarily multile75hoi5e, *ith other tyes of :uestions in5ludin" fill in the 0lan, sele5t from a list, et5. uizzes *ill usually 0e administered at the 0e"innin" of 5lass.
)n C'ass Par*&+&5a*&$n
/his 5lass is stru5tured to 0e intera5tive. /herefore, everyone should arti5iate in every 5lass.  *ill  0e uttin" in the effort to mae intera5tive a5tivities and  *ill ee5t everyone to ut forth the effort to en"a"e in these a5tivities? dis5ussions.
&na' Pa5er
A =7> a"e aer *ill 0e due at the end of 5lass that relates the sy5holo"i5al 5on5ets *e dis5ussed in 5lass to an events?henomenon in the *orld. +ou *ill 0e ased to su0mit your aer toi5 half *ay throu"h the 5ourse.
ae7u :uizzes *ill O)+ 0e "iven in the 5ase of a do5umented emer"en5y. ae7u :uizzes may 0e a different format than the eams "iven durin" 5lass time $that is, you may "et fill in the  0lan and?or short ans*er instead of multile75hoi5e'. +ou should mae every effort to attend the s5heduled eams and 5onta5t me ahead of time if ossi0le *hen an emer"en5y arises. ae us *ill  0e taen on my s5hedule.
A**endan+e 6 Par*&+&5a*&$n
- Althou"h attendan5e is theoreti5ally voluntary, erfe5t attendan5e is stron"ly en5oura"ed. <tudents *ho do *ell in 5lass attend re"ularly as mu5h of the material resented in the le5tures *ill not 0e found in your tet0oo. O0viously if you miss 5lass, you are resonsi0le for the information $in5ludin" announ5ements' you missed. By arti5iation  mean you *ill 0e en"a"ed *ith the material, 5lass dis5ussions, and a5tivities. +ou 5an;t "et the maimum num0er of arti5iation oints if you have less than erfe5t attendan5e. <ummer 5lasses are short, and you really 5an;t afford to miss one. Come to 5lass, it *ill 0e *orth itD
A+adem&+ &sh$nes*y!
A55umulatin" a5ademi5 5redit dishonestly is 5heatin". Cheaters "enerally "et 5au"htE either dire5tly and o0viously or su0tly. /he "eneral rule is that you should not do thin"s that 5ause you to tae 5redit for the *or of others, nor should you do thin"s that let others tae 5redit for your *or. 4lease tae time and revie* the University;s oli5y on A5ademi5 nte"rity
S5e+&a' Needs!
 *ould are5iate hearin" from anyone in this 5lass *ho has a se5ial need that may 0e the result of a disa0ility.  am reasona0ly sure *e 5an *or out *hatever arran"ement is ne5essary, 0e it se5ial

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