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Using the Biological Literature - A Practical - Elisabeth B Davis & Diane E Schmidt

Using the Biological Literature - A Practical - Elisabeth B Davis & Diane E Schmidt

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Published by carmo-neto

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Published by: carmo-neto on Apr 10, 2014
Copyright:Traditional Copyright: All rights reserved


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A Series of Monographs and Textbooks
Allen Kent
School of Library and Information ScienceUniversity of PittsburghPittsburgh, Pennsylvania
1. Classified Library of Congress Subject Headings: Volume 1, ClassifiedList,
 edited by James G. Williams, Martha L. Manheimer, and Jay E.Daily 
2. Classified Library of Congress Subject Headings: Volume 2, AlphabeticList,
 edited by James G. Williams, Martha L. Manheimer, and Jay E.Daily 
3. Organizing Nonprint Materials,
 Jay E. Daily 
4. Computer-Based Chemical Information,
 edited by Edward McC. Arnett and Allen Kent 
5. Style Manual: A Guide for the Preparation of Reports and Dissertations,
Martha L. Manheimer 
6. The Anatomy of Censorship,
 Jay E. Daily 
7. Information Science: Search for Identity,
 edited by Anthony Debons 
8. Resource Sharing in Libraries: Why
 Next Action Steps,
edited by Allen Kent 
9. Reading the Russian Language: A Guide for Librarians and Other Pro-fessionals,
 Rosalind Kent 
10. Statewide Computing Systems: Coordinating Academic ComputerPlanning,
 edited by Charles Mosmann 
11. Using the Chemical Literature: A Practical Guide,
 Henry M. Woodbur
12. Cataloging and Classification: A Workbook,
 Martha L. Manheimer 
13. Multi-media Indexes, Lists, and Review Sources: A Bibliographic Guide,
Thomas L. Hart, Mary Alice Hunt, and Blanche Woolls 
14. Document Retrieval Systems: Factors Affecting Search Time,
 K. Leon Montgomery 
15. Library Automation Systems,
 Stephen R. Salmon 
16. Black Literature Resources: Analysis and Organization,
 Doris H. Clack 
17. Copyright
Information Technology
Public Policy: Part I
Public Policies; Part II
Public Policies
Information Technology,
 Nicholas Henry 
18. Crisis in Copyright,
 William Z. Nasri 
19. Mental Health Information Systems: Design and Implementation,
 David J. Kupfer, Michael S. Levine, and John A. Nelson 
20. Handbook of Library Regulations,
 Marcy Murphy and Claude J. Johns,Jr.
21. Library Resource Sharing,
 Allen Kent and Thomas J. Galvin 
22. Computers in Newspaper Publishing: User-Oriented Systems,
 Dineh Moghdam 
23. The On-Line Revolution in Libraries,
 edited by Allen Kent and Thomas J.Galvin 
24. The Library as a Learning Service Center,
 Patrick R. Penland and Aleyamma Mathai 
25. Using the Mathematical Literature: A Practical Guide,
 Barbara Kirsch Schaefer 
26. Use of Library Materials: The University of Pittsburgh Study,
 Allen Kent et al.
27. The Structure and Governance of Library Networks,
 edited by Allen Kent and Thomas J. Galvin 
28. The Development of Library Collections of Sound Recordings,
 Frank W.Hoffmann 
29. Furnishing the Library Interior,
 William S. Pierce 
30. Cataloging and Classification: A Workbook, Second Edition, Revisedand Expanded,
 Martha L. Manheimer 
31. Handbook of Computer-Aided Composition,
 Arthus H. Phillips 
32. OCLC: Its Governance, Function, Financing, and Technology,
 Albert F.Maruskin 
33. Scientific and Technical Information Resources,
 Krishna Subramanyam 
34. An Author Index to Library of Congress Classification, Class P,Subclasses PN, PR, PS, PZ, General Literature, English and AmericanLiterature, Fiction in English, and Juvenile Belles Lettres,
 Alan M.Greenberg 
35. Using the Biological Literature: A Practical Guide,
 Elisabeth B. Davis 
36. An Introduction to Automated Literature Searching,
 Elizabeth P. Hartner 
37. The Retrieval of Information in the Humanities and the Social Sciences:Problems as Aids to Learning,
 edited by Thomas P. Slavens 
38. The Information Professional: Survey of an Emerging Field,
 Anthony Debons, Donald W. King, Una Mansfield, and Donald L. Shirey 
39. Classified Library of Congress Subject Headings, Second Edition: PartA
Classified List; Part B
Alphabetic List,
 edited by James G. Williams,Martha L. Manheimer, and Jay E. Daily 
40. Information Technology: Critical Choices for Library Decision-Makers,
edited by Allen Kent and Thomas J. Galvin 
41. Structure and Subject Interaction: Toward a Sociology of Knowledge inthe Social Sciences,
 Stephen Bulick 
42. World Librarianship: A Comparative Study,
 Richard Krzys and Gaston Litton 
43. Guide to the Successful Thesis and Dissertation: Conception to Pub-lication: A Handbook for Students and Faculty,
 James E. Mauch and Jack W. Birch 
44. Physical Disability: An Annotated Literature Guide,
 edited by Phyllis C.Self 

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