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Tropical Shores for St Pete Beach

Tropical Shores for St Pete Beach

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Published by stpetebeachtoday
Tropical Shores for St Pete Beach
Tropical Shores for St Pete Beach

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Published by: stpetebeachtoday on Oct 28, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Tropical Shores for September By Cleo RobertsonJust when we thought in July that we were never going to get rain again…we got RAIN, big time! So far, however, no hurricane warnings, which makes everyone happy I think I was around for most of this summer and I am glad to say that overall nature seems to besurviving pretty well despite our interferences. I have even seen some things I’ve never seen before. For instance, I saw a school of manta rays as I was swimming one day. Atfirst I thought they were cow-nosed rays which I love to swim with, but these clearly hadthe mouth wrapping around the front of their faces (see photo) so I knew what they were,I was just totally surprised.On the other hand, I have not seen any Southern Stingrays off shore birthing their young.It may be that because of the red tide last year, they are avoiding us this year. Hopefullythey get straightened out andcome back to our shores.The skimmer bird made a great show this year, skimming along the shoreline with their dislocateable jaw. If they hit a rock or shell, it simply snaps back into place—the wondersof nature. And who says fishermen aren’t compassionate? I saw a man catch a hugesnook at the point of Pass-a-Grille and was most pleased when I saw him de-hook it andreturn it to the Gulf. He said he had enough fish for the day.If you’ve been walking the beach or a golf course, I am sure you have seen the Ibis poking around the ground for coquinas, worms, grubs…you name it. Sometimes you’llsee a flock of them flying which is quite a sight. At other times you might see themcarefully aerating grass as they get their evening meal.Has anyone noticed how St. Pete Beach seems to be blessed when storms start rolling in?We get the beautiful view of them and then they split in half and go right around us. Ihave seen this happen several times this summer and it is quite a sight to behold. Let’shope that all hurricanes follow the same path.Rain. Go figure. It rains on one side of thestreet but not the other. It rains on 70th Avenue but not on 60th I remember when I wasten or so I was standing on the seawall by Merry Pier. Rain was coming towards me so Iwaited to get drenched. But I didn’t. The rain stopped right on the bay side of the seawallso I could reach my arm in and it got wet, but I was nice and dry on the other side!Lightening. Don’t go figure, just go run for cover. We have had some awesome stormswith lightening close enough to make the hairs on my arms stand straight up, but I still siton my porch and watch every strike I can see. My Mom used to sit with me and we’d justooooohhh and awwwwhh over the incredible patterns God was painting in the sky. WhenI say go run for cover, however, please make it inside a building if possible. If you arecaught on agolf course or in a field, find a ravine or gully and curl up inside—you want to be thelowest thing around. Do not go under a tree. If lightening strikes the tree (because it is the

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