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Analyzing learning spaces

Analyzing learning spaces

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Published by John Koetsier

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Published by: John Koetsier on Oct 29, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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ETEC 511 Assignment 1A
John KoetsierSection DEmail: john@sparkplug9.comPhone: 778-549-1353Assignment
Identify two local educational spaces that make use of educationaltechnology, broadly defined. A space should be understood in its broadestsense. In other words, it could be an emotional, physical, psychological,political, economic or other type of space.For each space (e.g., town square, school, factory, parking lot, advertisingbillboard, broadcasts, videos, churches, classroom, prison, farm, popularmovement) produce the following:A 300 word (maximum) per space analysis that describes the space.Feel free to include a photograph, drawing or map of the space.Your analysis of the space should answer the following questions:
What kind of educational technology is being used in thespace?
How would you classify the technology according to theframeworks discussed in Unit 2?
How is the technology being used?
How are the space and the technology discursivelyconstructed? By “discursively constructed” we mean who put ithere and whose interests are served by its presence? (You mayneed to jump ahead and look at Unit 3 for this.)
What are the significant social issues related to this spaceand the use of educational technology?
September 15, 2007
Space#1: my dining room, the evening of Sept. 13
What kind of educational technology?
I’ve found 10 educational technologies:1.pencils and felts for taking notes2.paper for storing information3.tin box for organizing papers4.poster illustrating multiculturalism (top of table)5.glue, scissors for tactile learning and creating6.computer for information search, synthesis, storage, retrieval7.wireless internet for many learning purposes8.learning management system: ETEC 511 website9.radio remote control for audio learning10.table, chairs, light for enabling learning
1.Illustrative: 1, 2, 42.Manipulative: 53.Environmental: 3, 104.Extension: 95.Connective: 6, 7, 8
How is the technology being used?
My oldest child is doing homework. My younger children are coloring andcreating. I am accessing, organizing, synthesizing, and creating informationfor ETEC 511.
Who put it here? Whose interests are served?
Our kids are learning, which is a desire my wife and I have for them. Theirinterests are being served (though they may not always understand that)because education will multiply their life options.In terms of my learning, my interests are being served – I’m learning, andadvancing my career. Also, UBC’s interests are being served since I am astudent and paying for my classes, and my instructor’s needs are beingserved since without students, she would not have a class to teach. Finally,my employer’s needs are being served, since by learning I can do my jobmore effectively, and my employer can market better products and services,thereby making more money.
Social issues?
The family is learning together.Our kids’ schools and teachers are being supported at home.Since I’m learning here, in my dining room … I’m not in a university classsetting, which entails trade-offs. For instance, I can stay home and be abetter father and husband, but I cannot participate in face-to-facediscussions with my fellow students.

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