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Building You Own Network

Building You Own Network



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Published by extinguisha4real

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Published by: extinguisha4real on Oct 29, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Build Your Own Computer Network ForHome or Office5th EDITION2008
© MicroDIY 2003 to 2007
Section Description Page
Introduction 3
Brief overview of a computer network,what they are and how they work 
1 Quick Network Guide 4
How to plan your network layout withbasic details of network wiring
2 Choosing Your Hardware 8
Description of each component usedto build a peer-to-peer network usingHubs/Switches, NIC adaptors andCAT5 cable.
3 Putting it Together - Wired 18
Detailed step-by-step instructions onhow to put your network together.4
Setting-Up your Network (Wired) 28
Setting up your network and how to configureeach computer.5
Putting it Together - Wireless 38
Detailed step-by-step instructions onhow to configure your wireless network 6
Firewall Settings 45
Check your firewall settings to allow other Computers to connect correctly
There are a great many suppliers of networkinghardware. Dabs.com have an excellent range of networking hardware which means everythingyou need is under one roof and you get greatafter sales service.
© MicroDIY 2003 to 2007
You might already have given the idea of setting up a home computer network some thought, but never reallyhad the information or the know-how of where to start. So, before you go out and start spending that hardearned cash, spend a little time planning what you want the network to do and how the network functions.There are a great many books available on the subject of computer networks. Some are rather good, butfinding the right book which concentrates on putting a network together without all of the technical stuff isdifficult. So why is there a lot of technical jargon to go with a computer network?To answer that we need to understand that the computer industry and companies that use networks to link allof their computers together need to have a lot of control over how the computers and their users can accessthe network. That level of control means that the network administrators who monitor and control network traffic can do so with predictable results.However, if you are using any of the windows operating systems, you can set up a home network right awayfor free with no extra costs involved other than the hardware. We do not need to get into the really technicalstuff to get a home network up and running which will give us the ability to share files and Internet etc quiteeasily. Even then, you may be surprised to learn that many of the latest motherboards already come equippedwith a network connection as standard. To set up a home network that can be used for sharing files; Internetaccess and printers or playing computer games that support the LAN function (play Command and Conquer with dad either against each other or both of you against the computer is great fun), is easy if you build thenetwork based upon the peer-to–peer network.This booklet explains in as simple terms as possible how to put together a computer network suitable for your home or small office. This means, that each computer will remain as an ordinary computer which will work either by itself or can send and receive files with the other computers sharing the same network. I will try tokeep the technical stuff to a minimum and also use full colour illustrations throughout to show you what isrequired and how to put the parts together, where to find the bits that you may need and what to lookout for.To help guide you to what type of network you require, various network layouts are illustrated along withcomponent requirements shown for each in the Appendices
Web Links.
http://www.cableuniverse.co.uk/ http://www.ebuyer.com/customer/home/http://www.dabs.com/ http://www.rapidonline.com/http://www.cclonline.com/ http://www.maplin.co.uk/

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