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MB0023 Bus. Comm

MB0023 Bus. Comm

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Published by varsha

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Published by: varsha on Oct 29, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Describe any situation in your experience where the communicationwas a failure. Analyze the barrier(s) which stood in the way of successful communication. Explain how you would overcome thebarrier(s).Situation where Communication was a failure to me:
As an Associate Manager, I was a sender for a communication and intended tobe received by my executives.I have sent the following communication to my executives through a notice anddisplayed on the notice board:
“Coming Second Saturday to complete our targets for the month a review meeting is arranged and all should attend. If any executive is not able to attend should find out the contents of the meeting from their peers without fail”.
But my communication went wrong and out of 10 executives, only threeexecutives have attended at 4.00 PM who checked-in with me the time of themeeting.
Following were the barriers of communication which stood in the wayof my communication:
The ChannelI have chosen did not ensure the receipt of thecommunication by “Receivers” 
The communication lacked the “Chronological context” The second Saturdaybeing a non working day.
The communication has created a “Psychological noise” by not mentioningcorrect time of the meeting and confusion has been created.
The social contextalso is one of the cause for the failure of thecommunication as I have not taken all my executives into confident bygiving any advance information or a intention of the meeting earlier.
Lessons learnt in order to overcome these barriers of communication:
My communication was unclear by not giving exact time of meeting.
The media I have used is the placing the notice on the notice board, insteadhad I circulated to all the receivers and obtained their signatures by askingtheir availability or feedback my communication would not have failed.
I have chosen a wrong day a holiday though the task was a routine one.
Set 1MB0023
I could have maintained good relations with my executives for success of mycommunication.
Select an article of around 200 words from any business publication.Analyze the readability of the article using the “Fog Index”. Is thereading level appropriate for the reader of the publication?
 “Readability formulas” are methods used to find out if documents are written atthe right reading level for their targeted audience. Gunner’s Fog Index is one of the most famous. The Fog Index measures the level of reading difficulty of anydocument. It assumes that the bigger the words you use and the more complexyour sentences, the more difficult your document will be to read. The Fog Indexlevel translates into the number of years of education a reader needs to readthe material easily. The “ideal” score is 7 or 8; anything above 12 is too hardfor most people to read. The Fog Index does not determine directly if thewriting is too basic or too advanced for a particular audience. It does help youdecide whether a document is likely to be hard to understand – and mightbenefit from editing using “plain English” or “plain language.” 
Using the FOG Index
Select a short document or passage and count the
number of words
(usually around 100 words). For example:
The responsive manager tends to succeed by building bonds of respect andtrust with those around him/her. Staff respond positively to responsivemanagers; they work more diligently, work to help the manager and theorganization succeed, and will go the extra mile when necessary. That isbecause responsive managers act consistent with the principle that their jobsare to help their staff do their jobs. So, a basic inter-dependence emergesbased on behaviours that show concern, respect and trust.Responsive managers also influence those above them in the hierarchy.Because responsive managers have the ability to read and act upon the needsof their "bosses", they are perceived as helpful and reliable, or in a simple way,very useful. This allows them to get the "ear" of people above them in thesystem, and further helps get things done when needed.Contrast this with the limited influence of the UN responsive manager. Theunresponsive manager is restricted in influence because those around him/herdo not respect or trust them to look out for their welfare. Influence is morelimited to the use of power coming from the formal position, and fear, amotivational component that is hard to sustain over time. Unresponsivemanagers tend to be perceived as self-interested, or at best uninterested in theneeds of those around them.
Set 1MB0023
Number of words:220
Count the
number of sentences
within the passage.Number of sentences:11
Count the
number of big / difficult words
(3 or more syllables). Excludewords in which “es” or “ed” form the third and final syllable, hyphenatedwords like “state-of-the-art”, and compound words like “newspaper.” Number big or difficult words:94.Calculate the average sentence length by dividing the number of words bythe number of sentences.Average length of sentence:220/11:20 words5.Calculate the percentage of big words by dividing the number of big wordsby the number of words, and multiplying by 100.Percentage of big words:(11/220)*100:5%6.Add the average sentence length to the percentage of big words andmultiply that result by 0.4; that’s the Fog Index score.FOG Index :(20+5) *0.4:10This passage requires 10
class level of reading ability. A 10
class studentwill understand this passage without any difficulty.
3.Imagine that you are the Chairperson of the Board of Studies of the Department of Management & Commerce of Sikkim Manipal University Department of DistanceEducation. You have been asked to call a meeting of themembers of the Board to discuss the launch of newmanagement programs and new specializations in theexisting management program. What kind of meetingwould be required? Prepare a comprehensive agenda forthe participants of the meeting.
As the meeting has been called to discuss the launch of new managementprograms and new specialisations in existing management programs, this typeof meeting is a called
Task Oriented Meeting
that is to discuss and makearrangements for a specific event. All the key people involved may be asked toattend the meeting to discuss the arrangements that are to be made for this.
Set 1MB0023

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