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GTS Newsletter 4th Quarter 2005

GTS Newsletter 4th Quarter 2005

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Published by gts
http://www.gartmantechnical.com - Gartman Technical Services presents 2005's 4th Quarter Newsletter.
http://www.gartmantechnical.com - Gartman Technical Services presents 2005's 4th Quarter Newsletter.

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Published by: gts on Feb 27, 2008
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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www.gartmantechnical.com(602) 788-8121
Volume 1, Issue 1 October 2005
GTS News 1
What Is Happening At GTS? 
Exciting Growth
GTS is growing. We have recently hired two newservice technicians. Derek Alvey joined us inSeptember and Edward Antolik joined us in October.Both are highly qualified and experienced technicians.With Derek’s and Ed’s addition GTS now has six fulltime service technicians and two full time database andweb site developers.
New UPS Generator
Several of our customers have parts of their web siteshosted on servers in our office. While we do not havefrequent power failures in our office they do happenoccasionally. We have now installed a new powergenerator connected to our server room that willautomatically start and will supply uninterrupted power toour servers when there is a failure. This will insure thatour customer’s web sites will not be down during thesepower failures.
First Issue 
First Gartman Technical Services, Inc. NewsletterGartman Technical Services, Inc. (GTS) would like tothank each of our customers for their business andcontinuing business relationship with us. In an effort tokeep each of you informed of efforts we are making toassist you and to provide information to help you makedecisions concerning your technology needs, GTS isproud to publish the first issue of GTS News.We will be publishing a quarterly issue starting inOctober 2005. Some of the topics you will see in thisand subsequent issues will be What Is Happening AtGTS, Helpful Hints, Customer Feedback, FeaturedCustomer, GTS Product And Service Information,Featured Web Sites, Fun Stuff and more. If you haveideas for topics you would like us to put into GTS Newsplease let us know.
GTS Services 
Hardware, Software and Network Support.
GTS offers a full range of support services for small andmedium size businesses. These services includehardware installation and maintenance, softwareinstallation, and network installation and maintenance.This encompasses everything from individual PC’s andnetworks to large scale servers and complete officenetworks.In addition, GTS will do your IT shopping for you. GTSpurchases from many sources and can often find betterprices than the IT equipment and software pricesavailable to the general public. We pass these savingsalong to our customers.
Custom Software Development
GTS can develop custom software applications for yourbusiness. We use Microsoft Access, VBA, Office, VB,
First Issue
What Is Happening At GTS?
GTS Services
Web Site Management
Featured Customer
New Product Announcement
Emergency Computer Equipment
GTS Staff
Our Office
GTS Services
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 GTS Services:
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GTS News 2
It Seems Like A Long Time Ago:
Memory was something you lost with ageAn application was for employmentA program was a TV showA cursor used profanityA keyboard was a pianoA web was a spider's homeA virus was the fluA CD was a bank accountA hard drive was a long trip on the roadA mouse pad was where a mouse livedAnd if you had anything floppy . . . . . . .you kept it a secret!
Web Site Management 
Web Site Control PanelAll GTS customers who have web hosting services withus also have a web site facility called Control Panel.This is a very powerful tool that allows web site ownersto manage and control their web sites.To get into the Control Panel for your site you mustknow your account name and password.Go to
 Note: not all web sites end in .com so use the exactname of your domainSome of the things you can do with email through yourControl Panel are:
Email accounts; You can add or delete accounts,change the quotas allowed for each account, andchange passwords
Enable or disable the Spam Assassin facility andconfigure how it works
Enable or disable the Box Trapper facility; Seemore about this recently added facility in ourSpam section
Access the Web Mail for individual email accounts
Setup email forwarders for individual accounts
Add Auto Responders for individual emailaccounts
Create Mailing Lists
Create email Filters; See more about this andother recently added facilities in our Spam section
Maintain how email sent to your web site withincorrect email addresses are handled (DefaultAddress)View Statistics for your web site through your ControlPanel:
See different types of statistics for your site.These include hourly, daily and monthly visitorcounts, page and file counts, bandwidth usage,search engine and “robot” visitor counts, etc
See what search phrases people use to find yourwebsiteWeb Site Management
Submit your web site to search engines
Backup your web site content
View your disk space usage
Many more features to exploreand SQL Server as our primary tools. Some of theapplications we have developed include Real EstateDevelopment and Investor Tracking, Financial andBudgeting, Purchase Orders, Inventory Planning, CreditManagement, Mortgage Processing and Marketing,Private School Management, Retail Sales Notifications,etc. If you have a need for a custom application tosatisfy your business needs, GTS will be glad to giveyou a free consultation and estimate to develop theapplication.
Web Site Development
GTS has developed many professional web sites for ourcustomers. The types vary from very simple one pagesites to dynamic data driven sites that collect data andfeed other applications. Some seldom, if ever, changeand some change constantly. If you are in need of aweb site or would like to update an existing web site,please contact us.
Web Hosting Services
GTS has excellent web hosting services at verycompetitive prices. Our servers are state of the art andconstantly maintained. Our primary server is located inan off-site secured service center with 24 X 7 coverage,three high speed communications networks andgenerator power backup. The web server in our office isused for specialty web sites; it has a generator powerbackup (see What Is Happening… pg 1); and it has a fullT1 communication network.
Domain Name Registration and Management
GTS offers complete domain name registration andmanagement services. We constantly monitor yourdomain names for expirations, changes andunauthorized activity. We offer Private Registrationservices to keep your name, address, phone numbersand email addresses hidden from public viewing on theInternet. If you need a domain name registered for youor your business or your current registrar is not doing agood job for you, please let us know.
GTS News 3
Featured Customer 
Roger Pencek is a long time GTS customer. He ownsAcquisitions, Businesses & Investments (ABI) as well asCar Wash Brokers (CWB). GTS has developed websites for both of Roger’s companies and also handleshardware and network support for his office.His web sites are:
 CWB specializes in the purchase and sales of all typesof car wash businesses. ABI works with the sales andacquisitions of other types of businesses for investors.A few months ago Roger came to GTS and asked us todevelop a professional web site that would allow his staffto change the content easily and frequently. Hisobjective for both of his web sites was to increase website traffic and exposure, allow visitors to get all theinformation they needed about business investments,and allow quick and easy contact with prospects, Rogerand his agents. Roger says, ”We have 21 offices acrossthe United States which specialize in the sale of carwashes and you and your staff have met all of ourrequirements. Since the site has been up and runningfor the last 6 months, our productive business e-mail hasincreased substantially.”Roger goes on to say “I would urge anyone who islooking for a reputable company to develop and managetheir website(s) to contact GTS. The GTS web sitedeveloper’s diversity, imagination and creativitycombined is a resource which our previous websitedeveloper/manager could not provide”.
As everyone with an email account knows …… Spam isa big problem. GTS is no different than any of ourcustomers. We get hundreds of junk emails each dayand have to wade through it and manage it.There are some good email management tools that wehave made available to our web hosting clients throughthe Control Panel.
Spam Assassin.
This is an optional feature that can beenabled or disabled for the entire site. Spam Assassinreviews all email coming into the site before it isdelivered and “grades” the email based on preset criteria.If the grade is higher than the threshold you set forSpam, the email is marked with special headers anddelivered to the recipient. It makes the Spam emailmuch easier to manage in your email box.
Box Trapper.
This is a recent addition to the ControlPanel. This software is optional by individual emailaccount. Box Trapper maintains four different lists foreach email account that has enabled Box Trapper.These are White, Black, Ignore and Forward. Any emailsent to an email account with Box Trapper enabled ismatched to these lists. If found in any of the lists, theemail is directed as indicated (White List addresses aresent to the email address, Black List addresses aredeleted and not sent, etc). If the email address is notfound in any of the lists the sender is sent an emailasking for a reply and the original email is held in aqueue until the reply is received back from the sender (ordeleted after a number of days). Machine generatedemails will not send a reply, therefore the email wasprobably Spam and will be deleted after a few days.
These provide another useful feature from theControl Panel. Filters evaluate every email to a web site(not individual email accounts) and determine if the emailmeets any rule you have established to ignore email.With proper caution, filters can do a very good job ofcutting down on Spam. But, unfortunately, theysometimes do too good of a job. For instance many ofus receive Spam which contains the word “CIALIS”.GTS created a filter for our web site to delete any emailthat contained this word. Recently a job applicant wassending us email that never reached us. It turned outthat his email contained the word specialist. The word“specialist” contains CIALIS so all of his email was beingdeleted. We still use filters at GTS but are more cautiousabout what we put in them.
New Product Announcement 
GTS Introduces:The GTS Office Management System (OMS)In late October GTS will be installing a new softwareproduct to assist in Office Management for servicecompanies like GTS. For many years GTS has had itsown time reporting system and most of you have seenthe monthly project time reports for the work GTS has
New Product Announcemen
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Tech support:
What kind of computer do you have?
A white one...
Tech support:

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