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Published by Jennee Harris

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Published by: Jennee Harris on Jul 31, 2007
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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I do it for you
everything I doI do it just for youeverything I sayI say it to protect youeverything I feel deep insideI feel because of youeverything I think of I think of it because of youI do this for you because of the wayI can't get you out of my mindI can't get you to stay aroundall I can I dois remind you of the thingsin which you have given me so manytimeswhich I am greatful for you are the onethe one who I lovethe one who I never want to leavethe one who I can't sleep withoutunless I know you there with meyou are the onethat takes my breath awayeach and every dayyou are the onewho I can't stand not talking or seeingyou are the one who makes me crywhen you say good-byeeven if its for a breaf timeyou give me joy and happinessyou give me the strength to carry onyou give me everything I needyou are like a angelthat has fallen from heavenon to my lapletting me touch the starswhich sit so highyou give me courage to carry onto do what I believeyou are the oneI can't be without anyoneso please come back to me because Ineed youin my life for the rest of the yearsin which Ihave to live
Have You Loved Someone
have you loved some one so dearlywhen they leave just for a secondit seems as if they have been gonefor a life timehave you loved some one so dearlythat you needed them in your lifefor the rest of of your lifehave you loved someone so dearlyyou can't even sleep at nightunless they are aroundhave you loved someone so dearlythat it seems an angel has fallen from thesky'son to your laphave you loved someone so dearlyyou can't find the wordsto describe the feeling they give youdeep down insideif you have done thisthen treat them as sonever let them leavedon't let them get awayfind a way to tell themhow they make you feelwhat is so hard to sayall of the timelet your emotions out into the openopen your heartlet them know how it is you really feelabout them
My Heart Melts
you make my heart miltlike chocolate in the sun lightyou make me feel so happyit feels like I am highyou make me calm and gentlelike the blue river you seeyou make me impossible to knock downlike a gaint rock which can't be tokendownyou make me believethat there is really somethingout there is this world for me
you make me seethat there is a lot morethat I need to learnyou make things so much clearer for me
A Dream Place
we live in a placefull of dark green leafy tree'swhere the mountain's are highand birds fly in the skywhere all of our dream's come truewhere the water flows through the river as smooth as can bethis is where we are froma place that you dream of each day that you livea palace that you could be if you chose toa place full of love and beautya place that was meant for us to bea palace where we go tostare at the stars in the deep lit up nightto steal the sap out of lifeforming thoughts into wordsthat flow out of our mouth'slike water from a waterfallinto a deep oceanmaking the world better than it seems to befor you and ushoping that some one will come andcarry onthese things which are so important to us
People of the Night
we are the children of the nightall dressed in black staring into the deep dark nightin a far a placewhere people dream of beingwith wonders in our eyesand thoughts of wordscoming to our mindsas we take everything out of lifeturning it into wordsas we say them beneath the starsstaring up in the skyhoping one day people will be brave enough toflow us into the soul of the worldmaking everything seem to beas good as it can be
None of You
its none of youwho have done this too menone of you could have treated melike these people havein my lifethey just made it soI can't be or show the real me because of the things that they have doneto tear and crust anything feelingI had for anyone in my lifethese day s and even after this daythis just provesthat I can not trust or let anyone else in before they hurt me in anywayeither lying or taking there life away fromme
I Miss Lead Myself 
I let you in my heartI trusted you with all I hadgoing for meI loved you like I shouldand then you did thisyou turned around and liedin every way you can think of so now my love is gonequestioning everything you have saidno caring about a thing because now I knowI was better off the way I was no matter how bad it seemedI think that was the best way for me because of things you have done and saidwhich weren’t needed?which makes me unable to love you
You Have Always Been There
you were always therenever leaving my sideand now you that you gave upand left me here all aloneI don't know what to doI don't know where to goor even what to sayyou just ignore me nowevery step of the wayno matter how things get because you got selfishand took your life away from mewhich meaned so much too meno matter how I tried to stop youor what I tried to do for youthis is how you repaid me by talking your life away from mewhich was so important and dear  but you will never knowno that you have goneleaving this pain and hatredin this so of mine which will not leaveno matter what I do or even say people don't see it in meyet it is so noticeablethat no one even stands me because of what you have done to meand I don't what I didto deserve this pain but I had to have done something because people don't get this for nothing just out of the blue
I Need You
when we don't talk I start to cry because I miss you so much because of the love I have for youdeep down insideI want to be with you for the rest of mylifeI want you by my side all of the timeI can't stop thinking of only youI can't stop wishingthat we had meet sooner I don't want this to end because you are a part of my heart andsoulwhen you goyou will take a part of mealong with you where ever it isthat you may goa part of me that can't be replacea part of me which means so dear a part of me that would be deada part of me that couldn't think of theworldwith out a person like you
he comes from the skies abovehovering over ushoping that we will take his handas we walk through this lifethat we leadnot knowing where we are going or even end uphe is our protector that doesn't leavehe is always here by our sidethe one who's promises are never brokento any of ushe comes and chases our shadows awayin which we fear that will concur ushe is here to protect usfrom these thingsthat bothers or can hurt usin any way shape or formhe will never leavehe will always be therefor each and everyone of ushe isn't the one who will take us awayhe is the one whowill bring us to the placeswhich dream of during these days
A Princess
 beautiful as as a princesswith a heart of golda soul that spreads through us all

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