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The Attributes of God Under the Doctrine of God by Raymond McGough

The Attributes of God Under the Doctrine of God by Raymond McGough

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Published by Irene McGough
This is a study of God's holiness.
This is a study of God's holiness.

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Categories:Types, Presentations
Published by: Irene McGough on Apr 14, 2014
Copyright:Traditional Copyright: All rights reserved


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 The Attributes of God under the doctrine of God By Raymond McGough There is no more exciting or enthralling journey for the disciple of the Lord Jesus Christ than to ta!e a loo! at "hom God really is as # am$ and countless others "ho ha%e surrendered their li%es to the Lordship of Jesus Christ$ This study is on his attributes "hat is characteristically God # "ill ma!e a start at loo!ing at the holiness of God his moral and ethical  perfection$ Many scholars and theologians "ould call it his "holly otherness$ &hereas you and # had been born in sin imperfect God is not$ &e see his holiness  been acted out against #srael his chosen people$ #srael had already sinned and rebelled against God no" because of his holy character he "as deciding "hat punishment to deli%er against them$ '(x$))*) + ,- .Go up to a land flo"ing "ith mil! and honey, for # "ill not go up in your midst lest # consume you on the "ay for you are a stiff nec!ed people$/ '+- 0or the Lord had said to Moses .1ay to the children of #srael .2ou are a stiff nec!ed people$ # could come up into your midst in one moment and consume you$ 3o" therefore ta!e off your je"ellery that # may !no" "hat to do to you$/ The holiness of God is not something to be trifled "ith$ 4e "ould pass sentence and execute judgment some time later on$ But they had been "arned earlier of the conse5uences of being disobedient against the holiness of God$ '(x$67*8 9 :$- '8- And God spo!e all these "ords saying* '6- .# am the Lord your God "ho brought you out of the land of (gypt out of the house of sla%es$ ')- 2ou shall ha%e no other gods before me$ ':- 2ou shall not ma!e for yourself a car%ed image;any li!eness of anything that is in hea%en abo%e or that is in the earth beneath or that is in the "ater under the earth$/ There are no mista!es here God has "arned #srael of "hat he expects of his people his holy character demands it of them$ The holiness of God is stressed repeatedly in both the <ld Testament and the 3e" Testament but here "e loo! at it in the <ld Testament$ Because of their immorality "hile Moses "as on the mountain top "ith God they rebelled against him by ma!ing a golden calf by  pro%iding the goldsmith "ith their gold rings bracelets and nec!laces$ They had made for themsel%es a false idol$ &hen Moses came bac! a second time to gi%e #srael the tablets God had "ritten his la"s upon God reminded them that he is a jealous God ' (x$):*8:$- .'0or you "ill "orship no other god for the Lord "hose name is Jealous is a jealous God$-/ 4e is still a jealous God$ The 3e" Testament does not replace the <ld Testament, it brings 5uite a number of its prophecies to fulfilment the most important one the coming of the Messiah our Lord Jesus Christ$ Therefore, he li!e his 0ather is a %ery jealous God "hen "e turn a"ay from him his anger "ill "ax hot against us$ 1till continuing "ith the holiness of God he ma!es %isible his glory in a pillar of cloud "hile tal!ing to Moses in the tent of meeting$ '(x$))*=;88$- The most noticeable characteristics of the passage despite the central action of God in con%ersation "ith Moses are the reactions of God>s people "hen they sa" it e%ery man "orshiped at the door of their tents$ 1uch "as the radiance of God>s holiness and glory from the pillar of cloud$ They stood in a"e of a holy and glorious God the only Lord God$ &hat a great shame that a lot of this a"e is missing from a huge proportion of Christ>s church to"ards him today$ Moses had tremendous courage in his relationship "ith God "hich at times %erged upon him being 5uite impertinent to"ards God seeing that he himself "as
mortal li!e "e all are$ 4e as!ed God if he could see his glory "ithout realising that if he loo!ed upon the face of God he "ould be completely consumed by his holy fire  because of sin the curse that affects e%eryone today "ho does not !no" Jesus Christ as Lord$ #n reply to Moses re5uest God graciously turns him do"n but instead of turning him a"ay he ma!es %isible his other attributes to him but not his glory$ '(x$))*67$- But 4e said .2ou cannot see My face for no man shall see Me and li%e$/ The %ery same principle applies to those "ho do not !no" Jesus the Anointed <ne of God commonly !no"n in our bibles as the Lord Jesus Christ$ But as # ha%e said God manifested his other attributes by letting Moses see them those under the major attribute of holiness$ '(x$))*8?$- Then 4e said .# "ill ma!e all My goodness  pass before you and # "ill proclaim the name of the Lord before you$ # "ill be gracious to "hom # "ill be gracious and # "ill ha%e compassion on "hom # "ill ha%e compassion$/ <b%iously Moses is the recipient of God>s grace and compassion in this instance the benefactor of God>s 5ualities characteristics "hich is his attributes$ An incredible scene of the highest drama unfolds to allo" God to do for Moses "hat he had promised him$ #t illustrates God>s holiness in his mercy graciousness longsuffering goodness truth forgi%ing ini5uity transgressions and sin and on the other side of his holiness the perfect morality of his impeachable character he "ill not clear the guilty %isiting the ini5uity upon the fathers and their children and the fathers of their children$ '(x$):* : 9 =$- ':- 1o he cut t"o tablets of stone li!e the first ones$ Then Moses rose early in the morning and "ent up Mount 1inai as the Lord had commanded him, and he too! in his hand the t"o tablets of stone$ '+- 3o" the Lord descended in the cloud and stood "ith him there and proclaimed the name of the Lord$ '@- And the Lord passed before him and proclaimed . The Lord the Lord God merciful and gracious longsuffering and abounding in goodness and truth '=- !eeping mercy for thousands forgi%ing ini5uity and transgressions and sin by no means clearing the guilty %isiting the ini5uity of the fathers upon the children and the children>s children to the third and fourth generation/ but "hen this all happened God turned his bac! to face Moses so as not to consume him "ith his fiery fire$ '(x$))*6)$- 4is holiness illustrated in his mercy lo%e and compassion acti%ated to"ards his faithful ser%ant Moses$ There are se%en attributes that describes the central attribute of God>s holiness$ These are as follo"s* "rath "hich can be described as his anger righteousness his moral perfection his mighty po"er as one "ho is God his constancy meaning he is al"ays consistent "ith his character ne%er changes$ 1cholars and theologians describe it as his immutability$ As the e%er present God in his omnipresence he is e%ery"here self creating and self sustaining$ 4e is eternally God "ithout beginning and "ithout end his glory and "isdom$ These ha%e all to do "ith his holiness Those attributes that spea!s of the lo%e of God are in the follo"ing manner* mercy grace patience !indness faithfulness goodness !no"ledge The men and "omen "ho sla%ishly commit their %ery li%es li!e me to the Lord God "ill find themsel%es caught up "ithout !no"ing it in "orship of the one triune God in this instance the Lord God "hile studying his attributes$ The 4oliness of the Lord God To get a proper %ie" of the holiness of God "e turn to the prophet #saiah in his first meeting "ith God the Lord$ 4o"e%er, it should be said he is not the only one "ho has an encounter "ith the li%ing God spo!en of in the bible$ Before "e turn to
#saiah try and put yourself in his footsteps and en%isage the drama unfolding$ nimaginable, the Lord discloses himself to a mere mortal$ #saiah sees an incredible %ision pro%ided to him from a gracious act of the Lord full of mercy and compassion$ '#sa$@*8$- #n the year that ing iah died # sa" the Lord sitting on a throne high and lifted up and the train of 4is robe filled the temple$ Does #saiah really understand the significance of the Lord appearing in all of his holiness splendour and glory sitting on his throneE 3o one "ill really !no" but the %ision "ould stay "ith him "ith his faith and belief remaining constant "hich "ould lead to martyrdom$ &hile loo!ing at this extraordinary %ision unfolding before him he sa" the seraphim not just one all crying out to one another$ '@*)- And one cried to another and said* .4oly holy holy is the Lord of hosts, The "hole earth is full of his gloryF/ The same refrain on the holiness of God is ta!en up by the prophet John "hen he "as afforded a re%elation from Jesus Christ in a %ision of "hich he "as part of recorded in the boo! of Re%elation$'Re%$:*-$ The four li%ing creatures each ha%ing six "ings "ere full of eyes around and "ithin$ And they do not rest day or night saying .4oly holy holy Lord God Almighty &ho "as and is and is to comeF/ The time of his coming is dra"ing nearer$ Both of these great %isions afforded to #saiah and then John in the 3e" Testament illustrate the transcendent majestic glory and holiness of God fully deser%ing of our eternal praise sacrifice lo%e and self abnegation denying oneself handing oursel%es completely o%er to the Lord$ God>s holiness is li!e "ho he is inexhaustible immeasurable "ithout depth  bottomless li!e an abyss$ The 5uestion often as!ed by his ser%ants is often "ho is li!e you GodE The only sensible ans"er is nobody$ Moses as!ed this %ery same 5uestion$ '(x$8+*88$- .&ho is li!e 2ou < Lord among the godsE &ho is li!e 2ou glorious in holiness 0earful in praises doing "ondersE/ 0rom his song of praise in heart felt "orship to"ards God$ #f only Christ>s body could sho" the same humility in "orship to"ards God$ The %ery same refrain in exaltation of the holiness of God is heard from 4annah in her song of praise to"ards God$ &e find the record of that in the first boo! of 1amuel$ ' 8$1am$6*6-$ . 3o one is holy li!e the Lord 0or there is none besides 2ou 3or is there any Roc! li!e our God$/ #t is at once totally unimaginable to mortal intelligence but ne%ertheless authentic and genuine the "orship of the Lord God "ho is absolutely other in majesty of holiness separate from us but "ith us e%en although separated from his creation in his otherness 4e "ho !no"s no beginning and no end eternal the %ery centre of di%ine holiness$ Men get do"n on your !nees and "orship "hile you breathe and can$ &e must ne%er see God in his holiness as being contradictory in his moral and ethical perfection or in his purity$ God is one and all of his attributes are contained in the oneness of his entity, they do not di%ide the unity of "ho he is$ # belie%e it "ould  be profitable to loo! at the reaction of the prophet 4aba!!u! to"ards the Almighty Lord God$ '4ab$8*86 8)-$ .Are you not from e%erlasting < Lord my God my 4oly <neE &e shall not die$ < Lord 2ou ha%e appointed them for judgment, < Roc! 2ou ha%e mar!ed them for correction$ '8)- 2ou are of purer eyes than to behold e%il And cannot loo! on "ic!edness$/ &ithin his soul and spirit 4aba!!u! !no"s of God>s holy morality and his perfect ethical standards in his absolute holiness$ God made me  but he does not sho" only tolerance to"ards me he lo%es me$ Because of his holy moral character and the fact of his lo%e to"ards me he had to send his 1on to die on a cross to enable his blood to cleanse and co%er my sins to appease his anger to"ards sin$ 3o" "hen he loo!s at me he sees no sin$ But "e all need to understand the meaning of his holiness in regard to his moral perfection

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