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Thirteen Moons, Following the Form of the Cosmology

Thirteen Moons, Following the Form of the Cosmology

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Published by innocentbystander

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Categories:Types, Research, Science
Published by: innocentbystander on Oct 30, 2009
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28 Meditations on the Law of Time: Meditation 3, Thirteen Moons, Following the Form of the Cosmology 
Thirteen Moons, Following the Form of the Cosmology
“Meditation 3” of The 28 Meditations on the Law of Time 
Bolon Ik 
: Welcome to Teaching Day Three of this Seven Week Earth Wizard’s Seminary. Today we will be continuing thetheme of the 13 Moons. “Following the form of the cosmology, breaking with the old 12:60 form.” For my part I will begin againtoday with a brief summary of our personal discipline and our cultural bio-diversity. First we can straighten our spines andbecome aware of our breath by taking a large inhale and on the exhale we can enter the radial No-Time. And remember thetechnique: whatever comes up in your mind, simply label it “thinking.” Come back to your breath, and on each exhale youenter the No-Time. So today we begin a new harmonic, Harmonic 23, Magnetic Process, Formulate Free Will of Purpose.Today is kin 89, Red Spectral Moon:I dissolve in order to purifyReleasing flowI seal the process of universal waterWith the spectral tone of liberationI am guided by my own power doubledWe also begin a new Overtone Chromatic, Red Moon -Skywalker, Purifying Prophecy Chromatic. Today is a red day; redalways initiates a new cycle. So we may continue with our learning process today fresh again. Finally, we can state the wordsfor today, “Patience Transforms Conduct.” So we can ask ourselves: “In our personal discipline, where is our patience?” Ibelieve this patience is very connected to our self-love. Because, remember, we can speak of falling off our balance; but withour patience the time always brings us back into balance. So the most important thing is to pay attention to every moment,and when you fall off balance, with humor and patience you can come back into balance. On the other side, if you holdtoo tight you may actually find yourself not in balance. So everything is movement, and the cycles that we are discussingthis week are our gift, our gift of time. So I end my part again with the words “Patience Transforms Conduct.” For the finalstatement: patience is rewarded by the correct order in time.
Valum Votan
: This is a very important point that Bolon Ik has just expressed, that patience is rewarded with the correct orderin time. Actually, any question we have will be answered by our being in the correct order in time. And this is the third teachingsession out of 28, so I have a feeling that many of the questions you may have now will be answered sometime during thenext 25 sessions. If not, there may be something wrong with both of us, which I don’t think is the case.This is a very special day, for me at least, and perhaps because of that, for all of you. This is the Self-Existing Moon 12and it is the 12th anniversary of the death of my son. I was informed of his death at seven in the morning: outside of FortCollins (Colorado, USA), on Highway 25, at mile marker 266, the car he was driving ran into another car and he and hisfriend, Mike Buddington were instantly killed. My son’s name was Josh. Because of this event, it made my path for therest of my life very clear.I had been a very successful person. I had published books, appeared at different places. I had become famous or infamousfor various activities of mine, including the Harmonic Convergence global meditation. But all of that became very pale next tocontemplating the death of my son. And I realized, before too long, that he had opened a door, the door to what we call thefourth dimension: Without his opening the door I would not have awakened to the rest of my mission.Everything is in perfect order. Through the realization of his death I know that there really isn’t any death, that we have portalsthat we pass through, and that much of what we call our “civilized life” is an effort to not open that door, or to accept thatthat door opens. So I am very, very thankful to all that has occurred, including the death of my son and especially the deathof my son. Because of that I was able to walk on a purely spiritual path, leave behind many attachments to the physical-material world and plunge off the cliff of civilization with the parachute of time. I found that it was not hard to do. Jesus Christwas absolutely correct, God takes care of everything. The lilies of the field do not have to worry about anything, nor do thebirds - except for maybe acid rain. So because of this I was able, with the very, very conscientious care of Bolon Ik, to gocompletely into the understanding of fourth-dimensional time. My son called me from the fourth dimension to enter that fully,and so because of that we have been able to bring forth the knowledge that we have brought forth. So when Bolon Ik talksabout patience, I would like to reaffirm that we all need patience, because in that patience we will understand how much ourthoughts are driven by our ego, and that creates natural conflicts for us. With these conflicts we cannot understand.I think that many people are here who think that they know something, and I am quite certain that they do. Maybe they knowsomething about the Thirteen Moon Calendar, but we have to understand now more deeply. So each day that we teachwe are taking one baby step. With each baby step that we take, we are creating a context of comprehension. In order tounderstand for ourselves and to present to others why they should follow the Thirteen Moon Calendar, we need to have acontext for comprehension. So we are gathered here in this very, very beautiful 13:20 community, and these seven weeks thatwe are here is the first time that we have gathered the purely 13:20 community for the cycle of post-history. We must considerthat this is an extremely special opportunity because now we are living the context for comprehension.
28 Meditations on the Law of Time: Meditation 3, Thirteen Moons, Following the Form of the Cosmology 
So we can return to our theme of the thirteen moons, that in the presentation for today it’s the third phase of learning. Thethird phase of learning is the application/transformation. So the Thirteen Moon Calendar is the application which transforms.From what we have presented earlier we can say that since time is of the mind, following the thirteen moons is the completereformulation of the human mind. We have to think that at this point, even when we all think: “When is Christmas?” “December25th!” That is registered like a program in our brain, in our nervous system. We hear the names of different months and wethink of different qualities, we have songs like “April in Paris” or “September in the Rain,” which further imprint in our brain(those are old songs, maybe some of the younger people don’t know what I’m talking about. You have to go to old 1950’smovie festivals, and think of obscure people like Fred Astaire to understand what I mean).But the point is it is impossible to think of the annual time without the reference to the Gregorian calendar names. We can’tthink of time without thinking of the Gregorian calendar. We can see how deeply embedded and ingrained this is. Scientists,I have read, would say they have found a trace of a dinosaur, February 25th, 160 million B.C. So they actually think theuniverse is coded with the Gregorian calendar and they don’t understand that it is just a projection of their mind. So when wesay the Thirteen Moon Calendar is the reformulation of the human mind, this is what we mean.How long will it take to erase that program? It would be very good if we could think of ourselves as being a computer, and wecould find the Gregorian calendar on the screen of our brain, black it out there, and then push the delete button. And then putin a new program. So we are talking about new software for the human computer, and eliminating the old software. Only byreformulating the human mind will the next evolutionary step occur. We have said many many times before that despite theefforts of all the great teachers - Buddha, Christ, Muhammad, St. Francis, Mahatma Gandhi, Martin Luther King - we don’tseem to be any closer to peace, because we are embedded in the old program. If we want to get one step closer to peacewe have to find where we can push the delete button, and then delete the old program so we can be at one fresh momentwhere we can then put in the new software. Only by reformulating the human mind can the next step of evolution occur. Youcan see how deeply programmed the Gregorian calendar is in our mind: if we are able to delete that program, then we aredefinitely going to go to another stage.This next stage of evolution, as we have demonstrated through the discovery of the Law of Time, is entry into full cosmicconsciousness. Full cosmic consciousness represents the realization of a higher order of reality. We cannot even enter intothat higher order of reality until in some way or another we stop the world and then go to some place new. So everything wehave done so far has always dragged down and never become completely finished. The vision of complete enlightenment,the vision of being fully completely present in the face of God, the vision of being at one with nature and talking with thebirds–we see that those visions have not been fulfilled. We also see that in the process of those visions not being fulfilled, asa species we have become involved in a process called history, which we presented the other day in terms of the cycle of theThirteen Baktuns. During this cycle of history we see that there is a progression of greater complexity of the human socialorder. What is this complexity of the human social order? What this represents, in a very simple way, is an abandonment oftrust in the divine order.In place of the trust in the divine order we place our trust in human laws. The human laws are very fallible. Because the humanlaws are so fallible it is always necessary to make more and more laws. We think it is an advance in civilization to creategovernments and that the governments are special people whose only responsibility is to make more laws. Year after year, inevery nation, these people get together and make more laws. Every new invention that occurs, they have to make more lawsabout that invention. So you see, it gets very complicated. We find that since the laws are very arbitrary, very fallible, then thesystem of justice to enforce the laws also is prone to the same fallibility. So we have many cases of people sent to jail eitherfor crimes they did not commit, or for breaking laws that never should have been laws. So we actually have encoded a systemof injustice which we call justice, and created a system of laws that from the divine point of view are illegal.All of this process has been encapsulated in the system of artificial time, which we describe and refer to as the 12:60. Wemust understand that this 12:60 is an unconsciously accepted timing frequency, that actually vibrates in our unconsciousand affects all of the thoughts that we have - as, for instance, the example of the Gregorian calendar. Because of this finalencapsulation of the error of the human free will in the form of artificial time, we have finally come to the conclusion of theThirteen Baktuns. The purpose of the Thirteen Baktuns was to provide a measure of the testing of the human free will. If Godhad wanted to, he could have made our minds in such a way that we would never deviate from divine law. But God was kindand said, “No, I’m not going to be a fascist and make you follow my law; I’m going to let you figure it out yourself. If by tryingto figure it out yourself you don’t understand your ego ... Well, you probably will end up like you will end up at the end of the13 Baktuns.” But this is only so we can arrive at a new stage of learning.The new stage of learning is: can we understand how we got here? And if we can understand how we got here, can we takethe next step to get away from this condition? This is what we mean by the opportunity of the Thirteen Moon Calendar asbeing the most simple level of software to introduce into the human bio-computer to redirect the human consciousness. Butto introduce the new software you do have to eliminate the old software, otherwise we will get nowhere but more confused.
28 Meditations on the Law of Time: Meditation 3, Thirteen Moons, Following the Form of the Cosmology 
We all know about this confusion because to some degree or another we have been following the Thirteen Moon Calendarand being tortured by living in 12:60 society – with many neurotic afflictions, and problems that occur even among the best ofourselves. So this is why the opportunity of being here at camp 13:20 is a very, very rare opportunity to experience altogetherpurely the 13:20 frequency. And hopefully over the seven weeks we might identify certain points in ourselves where we haveneurotic 12:60 twitches, isolate them and maybe take greater strength for when we have to return. But this is why we are here,we are the seed bed of the reformulation of the human mind. We should take great pride in that and also be very humble, thatwe would have been some of those people, chosen–self-chosen, but still chosen–to participate in this process.So when we say we are going to the next stage of the evolution, we are going to full cosmic consciousness. Cosmicconsciousness represents a higher order. We’ll focus on that word “order” Because we can see what we have all contemplatedone way or another: this {showing Gregorian calendar} is the order of the old Gregorian calendar and {showing a ThirteenMoon Calendar} this is the order of the Thirteen Moon calendar.In reality this {showing a Gregorian calendar} is not an order, if we think of order as having proportion, measure and form This{showing a 13 Moon Calendar}, at a very simple level is order, and everything about this order has form and measure. This isa very simple and very clear visual demonstration of what we mean by disorder and order. We see in the Gregorian calendarin this demonstration here, that all the extra days after the 28th day of every month add up to that 13th moon plus the Day Outof Time. So the order is hidden in there, but becomes totally confused, so we can say that the Gregorian calendar is the finalform, or de-formed form which captures the human mind and ironically places it in the Christian Judgement Day. I say ironicallybecause this is supposedly the Christian calendar. So we are reformulating. It is a very different thing to realize... what if our mindis like this {showing the Thirteen Moon Calendar}, and that’s gone {throws Gregorian calendar away}: that’s the delete buttonand this is all we have left to work with. So we are all here to see if we can put our minds completely in this order, so that when wereturn to the so-called “civilization,” this is our main reference point. If we use the Gregorian dates, it’s only to be kind to others.The Thirteen Moon Calendar is a higher order in relation to the disorder of the Gregorian Calendar. Since time is of the mindand we want to reformulate our mind according to harmony and order, we have no choice but to go to this level of order. Thislevel of order represented by the Thirteen Moon Calendar is a result of a conscious act. Because it is a conscious act it entersus into the first stage of cosmic consciousness. Everybody who follows this calendar is in that same level. Cosmic meansorder and this order is a universal order. Also when we look at this {showing the Thirteen Moon Calendar}, this form actuallyrecapitulates the cosmology of time, because in the cosmology of time everything is radial and fractal.The cosmology of time can be experienced at different levels, and all the different levels will reflect the same order. We say,“What is the order of the cosmology of time?” The cosmology of time is established as the thirteen stages of the wavespell,which is what you are looking at in this form of the Thirteen Moon Calendar. The form that you see here is the wavespelland this form is always recapitulating the cosmic cosmology of time. When we look at this and we say that there are thirteenstages, we are talking about what we call the fractal mathematical qualities of the wavespell. We have stated one of themain premises: All is number, God is number, God is in all. The nature of the universe actually has completely mathematicalproperties. If everything is created with form and measure, all form and measure then can be comprehended by number. Wesay, “Why 13?” We have already seen that the universal constant of time is a mathematical frequency 13:20, which has thehidden 7. When we talk about the mathematical cosmology we are dealing with this ratio. 4 is to 7 as 7 is to 13.4 : 7 :: 7 : 13Why is that? If you have 7, which we know is the occult hidden key number, and we look at 7 as 7 whole parts, in the center is 4.O O O |O| O O O4Just like when we look at 13 as thirteen whole parts, the 7 is in the center.O O O O O O |O| O O O O O O74 is to 7 as 7 is to 13. This is the basis of the wavespell. And that is the mathematics. Some people say, “I don’t understandthe mathematics. I have a mental block.” I don’t believe it. This kind of mathematics anyone can understand. That’s why wesay the mathematics of time is a whole, holonomic, or whole system mathematics. Again, it’s one of those programs youhave to delete ... “Oh, mathematics, I go numb,” or “I’m really not an artist, I can’t draw a straight line.” Well, I’m supposedlyan artist and it’s very hard for me to draw a straight line, too. These are all self-imposed limitations, and while we are here wemight as well get rid of all of those self-imposed limitations. In this program we are all mathematicians and we are all artistsand there aren’t any barriers between those. There is nothing more elegant than good math. That’s elegant math. Maybe mylines could have been better, but you know... it’s elegant! So this is the mathematical foundation of the wavespell, and yousee here actually we are dealing with three key numbers: 4, 7, and 13.

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