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A Great Wish

A Great Wish

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Published by nirlavana
Making a Great Wish will give meaning to our life!
Making a Great Wish will give meaning to our life!

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Categories:Types, Presentations
Published by: nirlavana on Apr 15, 2014
Copyright:Traditional Copyright: All rights reserved


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A GREAT WISHbyTheodoor Richard
Sooner or later, for all of us there may come this point in life when we wake up one morning and with a sudden shock of realization, ask ourselves: “Is this it? Is this the life I am supposed to lead until the day I die?” Or we may look at the world today and feel this is not the world that we want to live in anymore !e are facing a crisis of values!hen this happens, we will have reached the moment that we need to change the way we feel and think a"out our lives, our surroundings and ourselves, the way we do things#ut often we do not know where to start $ust ho""ling along the familiar ways seems so much easier %o we then have the courage to make the decisive step forward?In #uddhist thinking, this kind of moment is the time when we need to e&amine our general intent in life !hat do we live for? !hat is the all encompassing goal that we work towards in our life? 'he yard stick "y which we measure our success in living?!hen we come to our crisis of values, we need to read(ust the colour of our )eart *ay"e, so far, we put our lives in the sign of making money Or "uilding our careers, chasing promotion, reaching the top of our profession or "usiness #ut suddenly, this has lost its importance !e need something else to make our life have meaning again,  "ecome valua"le again+rom a #uddhist perspective, this means we need to set a right intent that guides us in our life nd the "est way to do that is to make a -reat !ish for our doing, thinking and speaking 'raditionally, the -reatest !ish possi"le for a #uddhist, is to reach .nlightenment for the sake of all other sentient "eings 'his is the one and only reason we practice the way the #uddha has taught us: to see our #uddha /ature so we can help others see theirs as well ll the #uddhist teachings are then no more than means of how to do this, some faster, others slower, all depending on each person0s capacity'his -reat !ish then sets the tone to our lives, like a "asic note to a piece of music ll we do is measured "y this intent 'his renews our purpose in life and helps us find direction when the times are hard s long as we put our heart0s compass to the needle of

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