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Build Management Guide v2.0

Build Management Guide v2.0

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Android, iOS Application Build management guide for Kony Developers
Android, iOS Application Build management guide for Kony Developers

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Published by: K. Niranjan Kumar Reddy on Apr 15, 2014
Copyright:Traditional Copyright: All rights reserved


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Kony Build Management Guide
Project : Technology: Kony One StudioPlatforms: iPhone, AndroidAuthor: Kaya Niranjan Kumar ReddyDate: 22!ul"#$ersion: 2%&
Revision History:VersionDateAuthorDesc.
"%&&'!ul"#Niranjan Kumar Reddy(nitial )om*ilation%2%&22!ul"#Niranjan Kumar Reddy+nhancement Added eatures
ollo- the ste*s in se.uence to ha/e the right 0inary -ithout any errors in the functionality%
Targeted Audience:
De/elo*ers, Testers, Technical 1eader, Team 1eader, Architect, Project anager, etc%
Useul !or:
This guide is meant to 0e used 0y de/elo*er res*onsi0le to 0uild Test and Production releases% De/elo*ers and Testers -ant to do the 0uild and run a** in case of intermediate  0uilds or any 3ind of defects4issues4changes fi5% Others can refer this for their local 0uilds e.ually%
"te#s or BU$%D:$.Kony &nvironment "etu#
a%Do-nload and install !DK 6!DK 7 or !DK 89  0%1ogon to htt*s:44---%de/elo*er%3ony%com%c%Do-nload a**ro*riate Kony One Studio% ere -e are using /ersion ;%&%8%d%Ac.uire Kony One Studio license from your Project anager% <ou -ill need it -hile s-itching to Kony Pers*ecti/e or launching the (D+%e%Start your Kony Studio and you should 0e a0le to see see the Kony One Studio Pers*ecti/e%
$$.'ode "etu#
a%(n the (D+ right clic3 on the *roject e5*lorer 6Na/igator -indo-9 and clic3 =(m*ort>? and select @eneral
 +5isting Project into or3s*ace and clic3 Ne5t% 0%Bro-se the *roject folder and clic3 Ne5t%c%No- select the chec3 0o5 against the *roject as highlighted 0y o/al 0elo-% a3e sure you clic3 the chec30o5 =)o*y *rojects into -or3s*ace? if you -ant to ha/e disconnected mode ena0led% (n this case your changes -ill not 0e in sync -ith S) ser/er% To ha/e sync ena0led unchec3 this com*onent% And as a final ste* clic3 =inish? 0utton%

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