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February 18, 2014 Highspire Borough Council Meeting Minutes

February 18, 2014 Highspire Borough Council Meeting Minutes

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Published by Press And Journal
February 18, 2014 Highspire Borough Council Meeting Minutes
February 18, 2014 Highspire Borough Council Meeting Minutes

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Published by: Press And Journal on Apr 15, 2014
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Highspire Borough Council Minutes
February 18, 2014
Council President Kay Sutch called the Highspire Borough Council meeting to order at 7:02 p.m. The prayer was offered by Member Matesevac then followed by the Pledge of Allegiance. Roll call was taken: Council Members Present: Carolee Roman Charles Dengler Michael Anderson Tyler Thatcher Marie Hoch  A. Kay Sutch Dorothy Matesevac Mayor: John Hoerner Borough Manager: John McHale Interim Public Works Superintendant:Randy Kreider  Authority Member: Von Hess Code Enforcement Officer: Terence Watts  Assistant Borough Secretary: Jennifer Rabuck Borough Engineer: Christopher Knarr Borough Solicitor: David DeLuce
President Sutch presented the meeting minutes from the January 21, 2014 Council Meeting and asked for questions regarding them. Hearing none, a motion to accept the minutes was made by Member Hoch and seconded by Member Anderson. Motion approved unanimously.
Financial Reports
President Sutch presented the Trea
surer’s Report
 and Financial Statements for the month of January 2014 and asked if there were any questions regarding them. Hearing none, a motion to accept the reports was made by Member Anderson and seconded by Member Hoch. Motion approved unanimously.
Mayors Report
Mayor Hoerner presented a Life Saving award to Officer Christopher Santiago for performing CPR and saving the life of a one year old child in August 2013. Mayor Hoerner presented an award to Officer Gary Branch who is retiring from the Highspire Police Department with 18 years of service. Mayor Hoerner noted that he attended the following meetings: 1/22 Lower Swatara Planning meeting; 1/23 School Board meeting; 1/27 Neighborhood Watch meeting; 1/30 Title I dinner; 2/1 TMI training; 2/6 Senator Folmer grant workshop; 2/17 Fire House meeting. He also mentioned these upcoming meetings: 2/24 Neighborhood Watch; 2/27 Intergovernmental Meeting in Steelton.
Police Department Report
President Sutch presented the Police Department Report for the month of January and asked if there were any questions regarding it. Hearing none she noted that it could be filed.
Fire Department Report
 Fire Department President Shirley Sundy noted that the department would be holding a ham dinner on 2/23 and Breakfast with the Easter Bunny on 4/12. Assistant Fire Chief Chris Gillott handed out information pertaining to box changes for the fire department. He requested the Council to look over them and contact him with any questions. President Sutch presented the Fire Department Report for the month of January 2014 and asked if there were any questions regarding it. Hearing none, a motion to accept the reports was made by Member Matesevac and seconded by Member Anderson. Motion approved unanimously.
South Central Emergency Medical Services Report
President Sutch presented the South Central Emergency Medical Services report for January and asked if there were any questions regarding it. Hearing none she noted that the report could be filed.
Citizens Comments
 A letter from Bill Mortimore inviting Borough Council to participate in the 2014 National Night Out being held on August 5, 2014 in Memorial Park.  A thank you letter from the Highspire Historical Society for being chosen for the Traditional Category in the Holiday Home decoration Contest.  A letter inviting the Borough to participate in the Steelton Veterans Appreciation parade.
Committee Reports
Public Facilities
 Member Matesevac asked if the storm water drains are open for the melting snow to run into. Manager McHale noted that the highway crew has been working on them. Sanitation Committee
 Member Dengler had nothing to report. Bi-Centennial Committee
 President Sutch noted that tickets are available for the Spring into Spring Dinner and Crowning of the Bicentennial Queen. She also noted that the Shriners will be participating in the bicentennial parade and that the commemorative books will be available shortly for $20. The next bicentennial meeting will be held on 3/13. President Sutch noted that as discussed last week, an Easter Bunny costume would need to be purchased. She received quotes for several different costumes and would like to purchase the one that is presented tonight. Motion made by Member Anderson, seconded by Member Dengler to purchase an Easter Bunny costume with funds out of the Holiday Decoration Fund. Motion approved unanimously. Finance/Administration
 Member Thatcher noted that they will continue the recodification meeting Thursday, February 20 at 6pm. Personnel
 Member Roman noted that she attended the Neighborhood Watch meting and two fire department meetings. She would also like to thank the road crew and those plowing for the fantastic job they have done. Community Development
 Member Hoch noted that they will be having a meeting soon to pick the citizen and business of the year.
Public Safety Committee
 Member Anderson noted that last week he had brought up about the vacant home with trash cans. It was noted that the Codes Office would keep a look out for ones that continually sit and notify the waste hauler to remove them. He also asked if the borough lot behind AP Food Mark could be plowed for the Fire Department dinners. Member Anderson also requested that it be placed in the newsletter about keeping fire hydrants clean of snow and ice accumulation. Junior Council
 JCP Montijo gave an update of the Steelton Highspire School events.
Staff Activity Reports
Manager McHale noted that the snow emergency resolution was changed to include the latest storm. He also noted that the Fire Department financial report is not included due to missing receipts from the fire company. Codes Officer Watts noted that his report also include a Royalton activity report. He also noted that on the 27
 he will be meeting with Pema/Fema to discuss the scope of work for the Jury and Market Street bridge replacements.  Acting Superintendent Randy Kreider thanked Member Matesevac and Member Roman for their kind words and commend the employees for their preparation and actions during the snow storms. He also noted that they department will be working on the storm drains again in the coming days. Mr. Kreider noted that in January the borough had two incidents of spills which were reported to DEP into the storm drains; one was an accidental spill and the second was on purpose where someone poured oil into the storm drain. He noted that he would be meeting with Rettew to update the storm sewer program.  Assistant Borough Secretary Rabuck noted that the Borough was successful in the Local Share Municipal Grant program. The Borough will receive approximately $156,000 for road work. President Sutch presented the Staff Activity Reports for the month of January 2014 and asked for a motion to accept it. Motion moved by Member Matesevac, seconded by Member  Anderson. Motion approved unanimously.
Solicitor’s Report
 Solicitor DeLuce noted that the Liquor Control Board Exemption hearing was held on February 4 and that the Borough is awaiting a decision. He also requested an executive decision for a legal contractional matter.
Engineer’s Report
 Engineer Christopher Knarr noted that there is coordination between PEMA/FEMA in regards to the Market & Jury Street bridge repairs in which they have to see if they can amend the scope of work to be able to use both sets of funds received. He also noted that DCED granted a 6 month extension for Rhoda Ave Phase I. The Borough did receive Rhoda Ave Phase II subrecipient agreement. It was signed and sent back and now the Borough is waiting for the
signed agreement from the County. He noted that they did talk with the County’s consultant
regarding Phase II and he agrees with the approach of the Borough suggested to combine Phase I and II but he is not able to speak on behalf of the County so they will be reaching out to the County again.
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