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N Srinivasan Affidavit to SC

N Srinivasan Affidavit to SC

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Published by Firstpost
Srinivasan Affidavit to SC
Srinivasan Affidavit to SC

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Published by: Firstpost on Apr 16, 2014
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REPLY AFFIDAVIT OF N.SRINIVASAN-RESPONDENT NO.2I, N.Srinivasan son of late Mr.T.S.Naraanas!a", a#e$ %& ears, resi$in# at No.%, A'M Aven(e, 'oat )l(*, )+ennai-%  $o +ere* sole"nl affir" an$ sin/erel state as follo!s0. I a" t+e se/on$ res1on$ent in t+e a*ove S1e/ial Leave Petition an$ I a" !ell a/(ainte$ !it+ t+e fa/ts an$ /ir/("stan/es of t+e /ase.2. T+e a*ove 1etition !as ori#inall file$ * t+e Petitioner +erein (estionin# t+e )o$e of )on$(/t )o""ittee a11ointe$ * t+e '))I for in(irin# into t+e alle#ations of *ettin# an$ s1ot fi3in#. T+o(#+ I !as "a$e a 1art to t+e 1ro/ee$in#s, t+e relief so(#+t a#ainst "e !as not 1resse$ in t+e 'o"*a 4i#+ )o(rt. A#ainst t+e or$er 1asse$ * t+e 4on5*le 4i#+ )o(rt of 'o"*a, t+e '))I an$ t+e Petitioner file$ /ross a11eals an$ I /ontin(e to *e a 1art to t+e 1ro/ee$in#s. ' or$er $ate$ ..26, t+is 4on5*le )o(rt !as 1lease$ to a11oint a 1ro*e )o""ittee /onsistin# of t+ree 4ono(ra*le "e"*ers to #o into alle#ations of *ettin# an$ fi3in# in IPL "at/+es * Mr. 7(r(nat+ Meia11an, )+ennai S(1er 8in#s, Mr. Ra9 8(n$ra an$ Ra9ast+an Roals. T+e re1ort of t+e Pro*e )o""ittee, in t!o 1arts, !as s(*"itte$ to t+is 4on5*le )o(rt on .2.2:. M intera/tion !it+ t+e )o""ittee is re/or$e$ in t+e re1ort. T+e re1ort /on/l($e$ t+at " state"ent t+at +e !as a ;Mere )ri/<et Ent+(siast; !as in/orre/t an$ Mr. 7(r(nat+ Meia11an !as t+e 1(*li/ fa/e of t+e IPL Tea" )+ennai S(1er 8in#s.6. T+e re1ort /on/l($e$ t+at t+e '))I +a$ f(ll /oo1erate$ in t+e 1ro/ee$in#s. I !as a$vise$ t+at I nee$ not file an res1onse or o*9e/tions to t+e re1ort of t+e Pro*e )o""ittee, /onsi$erin# t+e fa/t t+at t+e ter"s of referen/e $i$ not in/l($e " f(n/tions in t+e '))I or " role in t+e In$ia )e"ents Lt$. A1art fro" t+at, I !as a$vise$ t+at t+e a11re/iation of t+e '))I5s /oo1eration * t+e )o""ittee !o(l$ e3ten$ to its offi/ials, in/l($in# "e, an$ t+at t+ere !as no taint on "e in t+e re1ort. T+ere are t!o events !+i/+ +ave o//(rre$ sin/e t+e "atter !as ta<en (1 for +earin# on 2=.6.2: !+i/+ /o"1els "e to file t+is re1l affi$avit.:. On 2=.6.2:, t+is 4on5*le )o(rt orall e31resse$ its $ee1 $is1leas(re to " /ontin(an/e as '))I Presi$ent, *ase$ (1on "aterial in a seale$ /over s(*"itte$ * t+e Pro*e )o""ittee. On 2>.6.2:, Senior )o(nsel a11earin# for t+e 1etitioner a11arentl ar#(e$ t+at I !as #(ilt of /orr(1tion an$ ;/over (1; as 1er '))I Anti )orr(1tion )o$e sin/e " 1(r1orte$ state"ent to t+e )o""ittee t+at Mr. 7(r(nat+ Meia11an !as a "ere ;)ri/<et Ent+(siast; !as fo(n$ to *e false. I +ave not state$ ant+in# to t+e Pro*e )o""ittee !+i/+ even re"otel s(##ests t+at I !as trin# to /over (1 a/ts of alle#e$ *ettin# or fi3in#. Parts of t+e re1ort of t+e )o""ittee !ere *ein# t!iste$ o(t of /onte3t !+i/+ re(ires an e31lanation
on " si$e. F(rt+er, an intervention a11li/ation +as *een file$ * Mr. 7.Sa"1at+ 8("ar, a s(s1en$e$ Poli/e Offi/er, !+i/+ reveals "aterial "ost li<el availa*le in t+e seale$ envelo1e t+at "a +ave /reate$ an i"1ression in t+e "in$ of t+e /o(rt t+at I !as interferin# !it+ t+e )'-)ID investi#ation into *ettin#. I !is+ to /larif " 1osition on t+is iss(e also an$ *rin# t+e tr(e fa/ts to t+e <no!le$#e of t+is 4on5*le )o(rt. It is for t+ese reasons t+at I !is+ to file " re1l affi$avit, /onfinin# it to onl t+e iss(es raise$ fro" t+e re1ort of t+e Pro*e )o""ittee an$ ar#("ents "a$e in )o(rt * Petitioner5s /o(nsel.=. I res1e/tf(ll state t+at * an or$er $ate$ 2-6-2: in t+e a*ove S1e/ial Leave Petition, t+is 4on5*le )o(rt re/or$e$ " offer t+at I !o(l$ not *e $is/+ar#in# an f(n/tions as Presi$ent of 'oar$ for )ontrol of )ri/<et in In$ia an$ 1oste$ t+e "atter for final +earin# on %-:-2:. I s(*"it t+at " )o(nsel infor"e$ "e t+at on 2=-6-2: !+en t+e S1e/ial Leave Petition !as first +ear$ after re/eivin# t+e o*9e/tion fro" t+e 1arties to t+e Re1ort of t+e /o(rt a11ointe$ Pro*e )o""ittee, t+is 4on5*le )o(rt "a$e re"ar<s !+i/+ +ave /a(se$ in9(r an$ 1re9($i/e to "e an$ " /ontin(an/e as ele/te$ Presi$ent of '))I. I !as tol$ t+at t+e '))I )o(nsel !as as<e$ to s(*"it 1ro1osals on t+e !a for!ar$ !it+o(t "e /ontin(in# in offi/e. ?1on +earin# t+e o*servations "a$e * t+is 4on5*le )o(rt t+at !ere !i$el re1orte$, I vol(nteere$ to ste1 asi$e fro" " $(ties an$ f(n/tions as Presi$ent, '))I till an in$e1en$ent investi#ation a#en/ or$ere$ to #o into t+e a/ts of *ettin# an$ "at/+ fi3in# /o"1lete s(/+ investi#ation. T+is !as /o""(ni/ate$ as 1art of t+e list of 1ro1osals s(*"itte$ to t+is 4on5*le )o(rt * '))I )o(nsel on 2>-6-2:.%. F(rt+er I !as infor"e$ * " )o(nsel t+at t+is 4on5*le )o(rt !as 1lease$ to re/eive t+e sai$ 1ro1osals an$ as<e$ t+e )o(nsel a11earin# for 1arties to /o""en/e ar#("ents in t+e a*ove SLP as !ell as SLP No 2=2> of 26 file$ * '))I. T+e Senior )o(nsel a11earin# for t+e 1etitioner /o""en/e$ an$ /o"1lete$ +is ar#("ents on 2>-6-2:. In t+e /o(rse of +is s(*"issions, )o(nsel for t+e 1etitioner "a$e e3tre"el serio(s alle#ations a#ainst "e as !ell as Mr.M.S.D+oni t+at *ot+ of (s !ere #(ilt of a /over (1 sin/e !e +a$ not s1o<en t+e tr(t+ to t+e Pro*e )o""ittee an$ +a$ in fa/t sai$ t+at Mr.7(r(nat+ Meia11an !as a ;"ere /ri/<et ent+(siast;. Serio(s alle#ations !ere "a$e a#ainst "e t+at I !as #(ilt of /o""ittin# /orr(1t a/ts sin/e, as 1er a11li/a*le r(les, a 1erson !+o #ives false infor"ation !o(l$ also *e #(ilt of a /orr(1t a/t. I !as infor"e$ * " )o(nsel t+at Mr.4aris+ Salve, Senior A$vo/ate, a11earin# for t+e 1etitioner, *e#an +is ar#("ents * s(*"ittin# t+at +e +a$ listene$ to t+e ta1e re/or$e$ /onversation *et!een one Mr.Vin$oo Dara Sin#+ an$ Mr.7(r(nat+ Meia11an, t+at totall filt+ lan#(a#e !as *ein# (se$ * t+e sai$ t!o 1ersons, t+at +e !o(l$ not re/o""en$ for t+is 4on5*le )o(rt to +ear t+e ta1es, t+at t+e /onversations /learl 1rove t+at *ettin# +as ta<en 1la/e an$ t+at insi$er infor"ation !as also s+are$. Several 1ersons !ere na"e$ as e"1loees of t+e
In$ia )e"ents Li"ite$, of !+i/+ I a" t+e Vi/e-)+air"an an$ Mana#in# Dire/tor. Several of t+ese 1ersons !ere alle#e$ to +ave $(al role in t+e sai$ /o"1an as !ell as in '))I to fa/ilitate 1er"eation of " 1o!er an$ infl(en/e into '))I so t+at I /an "is(se an$ a*(se " ele/te$ 1osition to f(rt+er t+e 1ros1e/ts of In$ia )e"ents Li"ite$ !+i/+ o!ns IPL Tea" )+ennai S(1er 8in#s, its e"1loees an$ also 1rote/t " son-in-la! Mr.7(r(nat+ Meia11an an$ IPL Tea" )+ennai S(1er 8in#s fro" *ein# i"1li/ate$ in t+e *ettin# an$ "at/+ fi3in# s/an$al.>. I res1e/tf(ll state t+at 1ra/ti/all ever ne!s /+annel an$ ne!s1a1er /arrie$ t+e #ist of ar#("ents a$van/e$ in t+is 4on5*le )o(rt * Mr.4aris+ Salve, Senior  A$vo/ate, a11earin# for t+e 1etitioner as !ell as t+e 1ro1ose$ interi" or$er e31resse$ * t+is 4on5*le )o(rt. Mean!+ile, t+is 4on5*le )o(rt +a$, t+ro(#+ t+e Re#istrar, as/ertaine$ /onsent of Mr.S(nil M. 7avas<ar to *e t+e Interi" Presi$ent of '))I. I a" tol$ t+at at t+e /on/l(sion of t+e "ornin# session on 2>t+ Mar/+, 2: t+is 4on5*le )o(rt on +earin# t+ese s(*"issions "a$e * t+e 1etitioner5s )o(nsel, +a$ e31resse$ t+at it 1ro1ose$ to 1ass an interi" or$er *arrin# )+ennai S(1er 8in#s an$ Ra9ast+an Roals fro" 1lain# IPL an$ also $ire/tin# "e to ste1 asi$e. Statin# so, t+e /o(rt as<e$ Mr.).A.S(n$ara", Senior  A$vo/ate, a11earin# for '))I to 1la/e +is s(*"issions on t+e interi" or$er so 1ro1ose$ to *e 1asse$ * t+is /o(rt on 2-6-2:.. On 2-6-2:, I a" tol$, even 1rior to t+e /o""en/e"ent of ar#("ent * '))I )o(nsel, Senior A$vo/ate for t+e 1etitioner $re! t+e attention of t+is 4on5*le )o(rt to t+e role of Mr.S(n$ar Ra"an, )+ief O1eratin# Offi/er of IPL an$ so(#+t for +is re"oval on t+e #ro(n$ t+at +e !as also #(ilt of a /over (1 *efore t+e Pro*e )o""ittee. I a" tol$ t+at t+ereafter (1on +earin# '))I )o(nsel for a s+ort !+ile, t+is 4on5*le )o(rt e31resse$ its vie! t+at t+e "atter !ill *e 1la/e$ for final +earin# on %-:-2: an$ t+e 1arti/i1ation of an of t+e tea"s in IPL-> !o(l$ not *e $ist(r*e$.&. I res1e/tf(ll s(*"it t+at I a" /onstraine$ to 1la/e t+e a*ove se(en/e of fa/ts on re/or$ *e/a(se I a" +i#+l a##rieve$ * t+e (nfair an$ (ns(*stantiate$ alle#ations "a$e a#ainst "e in t+e /o(rse of +earin# of t+e a*ove "atter on 2>-6-2:. F(rt+er, I a" 1ersonall not a!are of t+e reason !+ t+is 4on5*le )o(rt orall e31resse$ t+at I s+o(l$ not /ontin(e as Presi$ent of '))I. On t+e fa/t(al assertions "a$e * Senior A$vo/ate a11earin# on *e+alf of t+e 1etitioner on 2>-6-2:, I !is+ to 1la/e on re/or$ t+e follo!in# fa/ts.. To t+e *est of " <no!le$#e, t+ere are no a($io ta1es of /onversations *et!een Mr.Vin$oo Dara Sin#+ an$ Mr.7(r(nat+ Meia11an availa*le in 1(*li/ $o"ain. T+e re1ort of t+e Pro*e )o""ittee +as not en/lose$ an s(/+ a($io ta1es. I a" not a!are if t+e seale$ envelo1e s(*"itte$ to t+is 4on5*le )o(rt * t+e Pro*e )o""ittee /ontains s(/+ "aterial *(t I a" a$vise$ t+at s(/+

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