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103Motor Beam Focus Initialisation Fail
106Motor ND Move Fail
108Motor Beam Focus Move Fail
112Optics Position Motors Failure
113Optics Hardware Initialisation Setup Failed
119Dew Point Reached Peltier Switched Off
128Expose Calibration Nvram Problem
129Expose Calibration FPD Measure Failed
130Expose Calibration ND Adjust Failed
132 Expose Calibration Associated Resolution Failed
133Expose Calibration Failed
139Calibration Files Restore Fail
143Expose Not Enough Power
144Drum Temperature too Low
146Laser Age Current Rate Exceeded
182Laser Diode Board Not Connected
183Laser Photo Diode Board Not Connected
184Laser Current Limit Exceeded
185Laser Power Limit Exceeded
186Laser Peltier Error Fail
187Laser Shutdown
188Laser Peltier OK Fail
190Laser Age Fail
191Expose Calibration Max ND Fail
192Laser Integrator Current Low
193Serial Number Mismatch
194Laser Head Board Problem
199Drum Temperature too High
205Non-Fatal Error
215Invalid Status
235Edge Detect Error
240Edge Detect Late Error
245Edge Detect Early Error
305Spinner Error
310Invalid Status
320PLL Out of Lock
515STB Over Temperature
525Formatter Board Fan Failed
530Drum Temperature Limit Exceeded
535OK to Start Imaging
565Chad Tray Missing
572User Cover Opened
577Interlocks Failed
578Interlock Board Not Present
579Autoloader Cover Open
590Slave PCB Reset
605Input Data Controller Disabled
606FireWire Buffer Overrun
624:MLS Job Without Autoloader
625:Small Plate Option Missing
705Output Data Path Aborted
706Output Data Path Halted
707Buffer Underrun
708Shift Register Empty
905Processor Not Attached
910Processor Feed Jam
915Processor Requires Service
1005System Registry Test
1217Interleaf Door Opened Unexpectedly
1245Jobs Waiting for Media
1247Paused While Waiting for Media
1248Idle Timeout While Waiting for Media
1250Media Initialisation Failed
1260Paper Bin Nearly Full
1270Paper Bin Full
1280Chad Tray Nearly Full
1281Media Fog at Input Alert
1294Media Feeder Media too Big
1295Media Feeder Remove Plate
1296Media Feeder Replace Plate
1298Failed to Eject Plate During Initialisation
4600Centering Motor Failed to Reach Home
4601Centering Motor Failed to Clear Home
4610Pusher Motor Failed to Reach Home
4611Pusher Motor Failed to Clear Home
4801Pullbar Motor Failed to Clear Home Sensor
4810Failed to Raise Spring Push Bar
4811Failed to Lower Spring Push Bar
4820Failed to Raise Swing Arm
4821Failed to Lower Swing Arm
4830Failed to Raise Vacuum Arm
4831Failed to Lower Vacuum Arm
4832Vacuum Arm Failed to Release Plate
4833Vacuum Arm Failed to Pick Up Plate
4860Failed to Enable Main Pump
4861Failed to Disable Main Pump
4862Failed to Enable Main Pump
4863Failed to Disable Main Pump
4864Failed to Enable Lead Edge Vacuum
4865Failed to Disable Lead Edge Vacuum
4866Failed to Enable Vacuum Arm Vacuum
4867Failed to Disable Vacuum Arm Vacuum
4868Failed to Enable Air Curtain
4869Failed to Disable Air Curtain
4922Punch Centering RH Continuity Failed When Centering
4931Failed to Insert Punch Registration Pins
4932Punch Reg Pins Failed to detect Continuity
4950Failed to Raise Vacuum Bar
4951Failed to Lower Vacuum Bar
4952Vacuum Bar Failed to Release Plate
4953Vacuum Bar Failed to Pick up Plate
4980Media Output Paper Detected
4990Media at Output Waiting for User
4991Media at Output Fog Alert
4992Media at Output Initialisation Waiting
5000CAN Network System
5010Invalid Stepper Request
5011Invalid Actuator Request
5012Invalid Sensor Request
5013Invalid Timer Request
5014Media Details
5015Conform Position
5016Retry Counters
5021Invalid STD Request
5022Invalid Drum Request
5023Invalid Pullbar Request
5024Invalid Platen Request
5025Invalid Feeder Request
5026Invalid Output Request
5027Invalid Autoloader Request
5028Autoloader Timeout
5028No Valid Licence
5200Stack Height Motor Failed to Reach Home
5201Stack Height Motor Failed to Clear Home
5204 Stack Height Motor Failed to Reach Top Limit
5220Diverter Motor Failed to Remove Paper into Bin
5221Diverter Motor Failed to Load Plate to Engine
5230Nudger Lift Failed to Home
5231Nudger Lift Failed to Drop Down
5240Retard Lift Failed Lift Up
5241Retard Lift Failed to Home
5250Checking Cassette Not in Position
5251Cassette Checking Wrong Cassette ID
5252Cassette Checking No Media in Cassette
5255Media Checking Unclear Media Path
5256Media Checking Paper on Top of Plate
5257Media Checking Failed
5260Environment Checking Paper Bin Door Open
5269Stack Checking Failed
5270Nudger Motor Failed to Move
5271Stack Height Motor Failed to Move
5272Diverter Motor Failed to Move
5273Nudger Lift Checking Failed
5274Retard Lift Checking Failed
5300Paper/Plate Jam at Pre-Diverter
5301Paper Jam in Paper Bin
5302Media Out of Cassette
5310Paper in Drum
5311Paper Still in Drum
5312Unable to Close Cassette Lid
5313Remove Paper from MLS
5314Plate Set in MLS Incorrectly
5315MLS Door Opened
5316MLS Door is Open During Initialisation
5317MLS Opened Fog Alert
5318MLS Media Fog at Input Alert
5319MLS Occupied Preventing Cassette Loading
5400 Media Plate Drive Motor Failed to Load Plate
5405 Media Plate Drive Motor Failed to Eject Plate
5410 Media Pull Bar Motor Failed to Eject Plate
5415 Waiting to Eject Remove Plate From IO Platen
5501Unknown Autofeeder Error
5502 Failed to Enable Pulsed Sensors
5504Failed to Start an STD
5505 Incorrect Command or Parameter
5520Failed to Move Cassette Arm Home
5522Failed to Move Cassette Arms Forward
5530Autofeeder not Safe to Move
5531Elevator Target Shelf is Invalid
5540Cassette Door Failure
5541Failed to Unlock the Cassette Door
5543Elevator not at Load Position
5550Elevator in Unknown Position
5551Read Sensor Elevator at Bottom Limit
5552Read Sensor Elevator at Top Limit
5580Cassette Door Open at Initialisation
5590Vector Drive Alarm Tripped
5591Vector Overload Tripped
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FUJI Luxel V6 Error Code Guide

FUJI Luxel V6 Error Code Guide

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Published by Djordje Djoric
FUJI Luxel V6 Error Code Guide
FUJI Luxel V6 Error Code Guide

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Published by: Djordje Djoric on Apr 16, 2014
Copyright:Traditional Copyright: All rights reserved


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