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Drinking Age to Eighteen Lower or Higher

Drinking Age to Eighteen Lower or Higher

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Published by: AssignmentLab.com on Apr 16, 2014
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Your name 1Student Name Professor Name Subject 17 September, 2012 Drinking Age to Eighteen: Lower or Higher The age, from which alcohol consumption is allowed, is the minimum age established by the law on reaching which the alcohol consumption is authorized to a person within a certain jurisdiction. The age, from which alcohol consumption is allowed, can differ from the minimum age established by the law on reaching which a person is authorized to make alcohol purchase. In many countries the minimum age, established by the law for alcohol intake, corresponds to the age of majority, though the age level can be established lower or higher. Age restrictions on alcohol consumption reflect the specifics of a local culture. Many young people face the problem of purchase of alcohol in shops and cafes. The sellers often call absolutely different age of “alcohol adulthood” which fluctuates from 18 to 21 year. It is time to determine what the definite age is when it is legally allowed to buy alcohol and to use it. The growth of alcohol consumption, including the growth of youth and female alcoholisation, has become a universal trend recently. The European Union together with the World Health Organization considered that the average consumption of alcohol by the ordinary citizen of the European Union makes 12.5 liters of alcohol per capita older 15. The group of the heads of the American colleges addressed to the legislators with a request to reduce the minimum admissible age of alcohol sale from 21 to 18. It was reported that the petition was signed by the members of administrations of at least one hundred educational establishments.
Your name 2According to the activists, the lowering of the age of the so called “alcohol adulthood” to 18 years will lead to the moderate consumption of alcohol by teenagers. According to the data of researches, at present 90 percent of cases of alcohol consumption by minors in the USA lead to abuses. It is necessary to note that the students of colleges ambiguously treat this initiative. Some of them consider that if to allow eighteen-year old people to use alcohol, they will not cease to get drunk. The others insist that this easing would allow students to visit some bars and night clubs where they cannot go because of alcohol sales. The experts noted that the problem of alcoholism and tobacco smoking cannot be solved without a comprehensive approach, and it is necessary to do emphasis on the formation of a lowering policy for the psychoactive substances. The value of the alcohol age threshold is different in different countries. In some countries the alcohol adulthood can correspond to the age of majority established by the law; in other countries the other age level is defined by the law. In the view of existence of the cultural factors, making strong impact on the sphere of alcohol consumption, the consensus concerning the age of the alcohol use becomes acceptable. As a result, the age restrictions established by the law - where they are - vary from 16 (for example, in Georgia, Italy and Portugal) till 21 (for example, in the USA and Indonesia) and higher (International Center for Alcohol Policies: 2012; Anderson: 2012). In the process of globalization and requirements to harmonize the corresponding political strategy should be developed in some regions. (Osterberg & Karlsson: 2003) The measure the youth considers alcohol depends on the cultural views concerning its role in a certain society. For example, the traditional Mediterranean approach assuming an admissibility of the use of food alcohol under the supervision of adults contradicts the different views concerning the alcohol use, treating it as exclusively “adult” element of
Your name 3behavior (Heath: 2000). These distinctions in public values find an accurate reflection in the rules entered for the regulation of lawful access to alcohol. The basis of motivation to the acceptance of the unified approach partially includes the problems which can arise in the presence of distinctions in the age restrictions operating in the neighboring territories of different jurisdictions. The youth which has not reached the alcohol adulthood under provisions of the legislation of the native country can easily get an access to alcohol in the neighboring territory of other jurisdiction where the level of age restrictions concerning the consumption of alcohol is lower. The cross-border moving on purpose to avoid the restrictions imposed by the law concerning the alcohol adulthood includes such problems as, for example, “drunk driving” and bout consumption of alcohol. However, the coordination of a uniform age threshold for alcohol adulthood can be a difficult task because of a variety of the aspects of culture, history and traditions relating to the sphere of alcohol use and alcohol containing food consumption. The main motivation to the introduction of the legislative restrictions concerning the minimum age for the use or purchase of alcohol is the fact that young people can be not ready - neither in physical, nor in the emotional sphere - to the consumption of alcohol and, respectively, they have not developed the demanded internal limiters necessary for the minimization of harm. Thus, the corresponding legal restrictions are directed at the prevention of the access to alcohol and its consumption, and a delay of the age from which the youth starts to use alcohol. However, the efficiency of existence of age restrictions on alcohol adulthood as a preventive measure still remains a subject of discussions. In all societies where there is a sphere of food alcohol consumption, there is a consensus concerning the need of the organized efforts directed at the protection of youth from the harmful effects, connected with the indecent styles of alcohol consumption. The

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