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The Fate of Buddhism in Middle Asia - In the Light of Archaeological Data

The Fate of Buddhism in Middle Asia - In the Light of Archaeological Data

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Published by Guhyaprajñāmitra2
The Fate of Buddhism in Middle Asia - In the Light of Archaeological Data
The Fate of Buddhism in Middle Asia - In the Light of Archaeological Data

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Published by: Guhyaprajñāmitra2 on Apr 16, 2014
Copyright:Traditional Copyright: All rights reserved


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T Ft   n  
n the gh of heolog dtBors. J Stsky he sed of Bddhsm thogh the tetoes of entr As nd lso nto hn  one of the most mortnt vtes on the otes of the Get Slk od t s dt to oveesmte ts sgnfne for the sbse· ent develoment of the lte nd  of the eoles of enl As hn Kore nd n he Rssn oens Ademn WWBthod hd oned o the  role of Bddhs
the hsor of enrl As nd nn te!een befoe etended heologl eserh s stredMenhe nke those n Afghnstn nd Xnjng, the Bddhs monments n the entr Asn ebs dd not for  long tme fll th n the e of rheoogsts It s not ntl 96 tht n eedton sonsoed by he Moso Msem of Orent tres no the Stte Msem o the Oentl eo lesA) nd led  ro. BP ene ent to he nt of eme n Soth ekstn One of ts tnts AS Stelko s ble o dentfy the Zm oe t the ste of Od eme s the ns of  lrge Bddhst stt s so A.S Strelkov ho n 9 ond te fst ex· mes of Bddhs stone slte n he e In 9 he de ttenton to some ves red n snd n the northestern oner of the ste nd sg gesed tht they ere the emn of Bddhst es smlr o those fond n Afghnstn nd Xnng Strekovs sggeston thogh  s nee b shed, s mentoned n the eedtons eort of 9 ell·non mong resehes nd dsssed t sholrly meetngs n Moso enngd nd Tshen) he fst dsoees of Stelov ere folloed by the dsovey of  Bddhst snty t Atm es of eme) n 9 by M.. Msson, nd of some Bddhst sttes n the h ey y AN. Benshm n 94094. Ate he Seond World W Bddhst gnes, nstons nd most motntly Bddhst bldngs ere osonly dsoered n the dfferent hstoo·tl egons o nent entl Ashe bdngs ee of v· o erods nd mnnes of onstrton. Altogeher seeneen mon· ments ee fond n Br okhrstn sne the foth entry AD.) nd s nothen  mode soh Uesn d Tdn sohes kmenstn) seen n Semrehe the h vle noth Kghstn) to n Mer n the loe ehes of the Mg soth kmenstn) one n
 
A A.,
Sohd t trl o o tr A Meootm d oe  th Fe vlly At fom le mll d du ovr   etuy tty v Buddt moum ve b doveed (F     lou te lud ml d tu tu d vdtly  moty o mot ; b) omex d mo o  tu d tue  l teml tur d tu. L u brly ly h ou od to  o dtbuto.
Norther Bactria-Tokharista 1  large Buddhit Religious Cetre o the Karatepe Hill i Old Termez
bot 2 m t o modr mez o e rt b of t Amudry ver o obby udr Kh  d t  bdod d d h e S zd Btrot. t o t etre oevr otud to fuo utl t t th ft uy h e  lod o e thetoed ll of Krt (. 2 O te ou o th o mot thoouhly tudd  v re foud e od ouryd d bov oud uur de e v o  er Buddh omx All  ll lo th ou  o the  o bte 5 d 20 omexe e rd  hoeo . Eh of t omx otd of  outyrd (L ) dt to  v h dt d o rm  ll  ubdy utu o te loe omtme bov t v Te v e duto t  ot y do  the ll o t ouyrd d or oroud buld er md o    ouyd uy d oodd ooe   b d tl o olum d lo te lte  o to but th ft r of ood Bd toe bo bd br d dotv l e ud o ve t od d to  th t o tr. O th oh hllo o Kr-t  mouml omx outd holly bovoud  b vtd.  em to be
l moey buld t ll urvv r d t u to te v o 6 mt Amo tutu uertd o Kt tee  ve d ooud teme tu d ou tu he to fmet of Buddht hture m o o tuo d ly utu d moumtl ll t  oud Amo tee fd o l tet  to o ottry  Khrohth d Brm t  t Ku (B t d  od uo t o Am orr e o to (rt o t ll of  moly dotd ve trutu  Id Btr Mddlee d tr o Arb r
 outoftow moastery o the Fajatepe koll
(bout  m oh of
Stavky: T Fae of Budm  e A
Kaa-te  3 4- aro a r sltaeosly wt Kaa-ee t was a tly  raw-br strtr w te otyars ea sroe by a ro of ree.   ara wa  e e bt t sta we ots e bls. Orally  was sall b laer o t was bre  se a ew lare sa. O Fajaz-tee l o Kara-tee eas of wa as se o o (P ) so a lay slte a oery wt Ia a Batra rtos wer so
3 Rmai of aoh Buddhi ompx w avad i a ubub of Old m
Oly s baset a r. otey a a stos fo t ae eabe s eaato to efr ts oboy Bst str to e ae ero a Karate a Fazte<
Ruis of a a upa a kow a h Zumala ow
as of
 Tr F-3-3. t s ost ly tat t sta ftoe a a et lt tte fo te  to t t ete ot fa fo te o oa. t was a of aw b a  at ts wa tly fae w o a ba br 
5 Buddhi ompl a iam
abot   fo Ol Te  t aya Re) wa bt  te seo ty o a oll aools abo t s o a or ae fort. t oe t baset of a a sta a satary a a se-baet a e o a ael). T atay  a lose roo were ao otr  a stoe elqary  e a o a ta a raets of Bt sto stats we o t te etrae to te satary tee w two yos fae wt toe tls a rowe wt atas ea oos fro for stoe bos eoat wt lf alffre o sa arabarers a or rsoae wt aats as as a baroe fao ta lf"
6 upa a iam
east of te f ra oex at a osabl tae fro t ees to a b t at t sae te -5t etrs a  aw-b Bst oex ot fa fro t a aw-b rr of ow fto was sor s  stl ras rta wt ts a sta . 2 was at of a Bs olex or was a t osrto sta aat.
  moay o Uhumullo
abot 3  fro r  te arya  oe Tajsta wa eete r te 3 ers a eott obably at   of  4tt e t osst of a oay ror a raw-br ste wt a sa earby F 4- Te sta oaly al .  was a of raw br la  toe, a  lae s aw bs.  of wa ats a a to ot lqay wr so  e oastey
 8.  auay o h Zap i
abo   to t ot-wes of Tee)  a sarat lo F 5-3  te ity of l aooato a a oseol olx b e e lar o t  of a fotr wall of a a ow   or of aao e ea o a ay 

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