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Web Design Trends in 2014

Web Design Trends in 2014

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Published by YourDigitalStory
What web design trends do you think we'll see in 2014? Check out this overview of web design trends and why design plays an important role if you are looking to convert your visitors into customers!
What web design trends do you think we'll see in 2014? Check out this overview of web design trends and why design plays an important role if you are looking to convert your visitors into customers!

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Categories:Types, Graphic Art
Published by: YourDigitalStory on Apr 17, 2014
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It´s Pretty But … (Web Design Trends in 2014)
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By Helen Mere in Conversion Design Please consider sharing All marketers can probably agree that website content marketing is growing in importance. Doesthis mean that the design is no longer important? It is actually the opposite –
the expectationsof great design have become more specific and clear.
 These expectations are not based onan advertising agency´s point of view but from the point of view of the user. As the content now has a greater role, it is essential that the design helps to highlight thecontent in an understandable and clear manner. In addition, a modern web design needs to bring out the brand identity, whether it is exciting experiences,excellent quality or something else.
Web designer Tanel Eero from YourDigitalStory talks about four important design trendsin 2014.
FIRSTLY- the majority of the information is shared via bold images.SECONDLY- the minimalistic approach -the pages are clear, clutter-free and laconic.THIRDLY- everyone wants to be different and new technologies allow designers to usespecial and unexpected effects.LASTLY and most importantly – despite all these fancy tactics, the site must remain user friendly and information should be easy to find.
Say it with a picture!
Normally, the most important part of a website is the text, but more and more images are used inorder to catch the visitor’s attention, or to communicate complex data in a visual format.
 on a website brings out its dynamics and emotion.
Classical 30-second clips are nolonger a popular choice on the web
 as the experience shows that thesix-second clips are more likely to go viral. In Estonia, the understanding of “viral videos” isslightly different and usually you can see 3 minute long videos online. The price, of course, is anissue as making a high quality clip is expensive but a badly made clip can really hurt your brand.Videos are very useful when there is a need to explain the complexity of a product regardless of whether it is a technical device, software, or another appliance with many features. Long user manuals may frighten consumers but a short video will be viewed much more willingly.
 are also a new trend in web design. It does not just mean using large formatphotographs, but a simple landing page, which has a
single picture and CTA button
. Obviously,there is a very wide range of products to which such extreme impractical solution does not fit, but
if your strategy is to add emotional aspect to your product in order to get the sale thenusing an image is most effective.
 The picture must be very high quality and in some cases thephotographer might become kind of a “web designer” as the main part of the design is a greatphoto! Another option is to use a good header image and keeping the web site´s functionality. This is afairly common solution for “simple websites”.
Less is more!
Beautiful is not the same as complicated. The fashion industry often talks about “the simpleelegance”, and the Nordic furniture and interior design is characterized by the words “bright”,“crisp” and “clean”. Now, the same trends have also reached the web design,the new trends are minimalistic graphics, clutter-free space and carefully chosen details.Web 2.0 has “died” and the new “rockstar” is called flat design which can be described as a designwith fewer elements. For example, there are no shadows or weird “decorations”. It’s important tounderstand that these changes are not yet another “fashion trend” but it’s about
UX which issupported by modern, clean design
. It’s clearly a style that our customers increasingly demand.
 has become the main keyword to describe web design for three reasons. First of all,the elegant overall impression creates quality brand image. Secondly, the use of fewer elementsmakes it easier to guide the customer through the pages as it is not possible for them tolook/click anywhere else. And thirdly, modest design allows the content to get the most attention.Since the content (fresh and original!) has an increasingly important role in the web, you shouldhave a design that supports it, rather than distracts the visitor. When it comes to the pageswhere multiple photos cannot be used, the emotion and excitement is created with a vividmonochrome color scheme.

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