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Kate or: How I Got Thrown from a Window

Kate or: How I Got Thrown from a Window

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Published by Evan
A work of short horror fiction.
A work of short horror fiction.

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Published by: Evan on Feb 28, 2008
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Once again Halloween was to come and go for Kate. As normal she didnothing, occasionally handing a Twix or Snickers to any trick-or-treaters thatknock on her door. Kate, a cute girl, stood five feet six inches with a lightstep. Trick-or-treating had gotten out of style for the redheaded nineteenyear. While her parents we’re out at a business/Halloween function, the housewas hers. She watched whatever was on the television, an array of mostly oldmonster movies and gruesome horror films. Sci-fi channel was always runninga marathon of so bad it they were funny scary movies. The doorbell rang in Kate’s head, breaking her TV daze. She crawledfrom the couch walking in the direction of the front door. Her zombie feetwere making the trip that much longer. She placed a candy dish near thefront door for convenience. She unlocked the big white door. Unlatching themetal hook on the screen door pushed the screen door wide. Emptinesspacked the area where she peered. She thought to herself, “What that a TVsound or the real thing?” She stepped on to the porch. Her house sat on thecorner of her street. She was happy with the good view of those houses in herarea. Her street and the following street over were dead to the world. ”Itwasn’t cold,” she thought. Kate’s ear caught the sound of wind. Trees swaylike in a ballet. The grounded leaves danced in the background.“Trick or treat!” someone shouted. Kate felt her heart get lodged in herthroat.“Does it really need to be that loud?” she spoke turning around, “Noteveryone can recover from a scare like that. You don’t wanna cause anemergency visit or do you?”She noticed four of them, all boys in grade school. One was in vampire attireand another using a sheet to become a makeshift ghost. The ragged Andycaught her attention the most. A family member had spent hours on hismakeup. He was doing quite the job not ruining it. The final quartet memberhad an orange sweatshirt face dowsed in white and red.“Halloween, remember? Candy please?” the vampire spoke. Katesmacked him in the back of the head as she headed back into her house. Sheemerged from her house, pushing out the screen door with one hand and thecandy dish in the other. The boys turned into lions savagely attacking thedish.“Be cool, you’re not alone on this route.” Kate exclaimed.“There are others?” the ragged Andy told her, “We’ve been alone foralmost an hour.”“Do you have any idea what’s going on?”“Candy!” Kate looked perplexed but went on with the non-informativeconversation. The vampire boy peered up noticing Kate’s eyes werebecoming red, at an alarming rate.“Red eyes. Cool.” he said.“Red eyes?” Kate asked.“Your eyes are red,” the ghost boy pointed, “Can’t hear?”“I heard you scream and the comments afterwards. Time for you nextvictim to nearly lose their mind .”“Psycho.”“Laughing to the asylum; dragging your bodies along.”Kate backed through her front door feverishly rubbing her eyes. Shecould still hear the kids talking to each other. They spoke about how the
orange boy doesn’t communicate anymore. Kate placed the candy dish in thedrawer near the door. She took a long look into the mirror hanging on the wallabove it. She couldn’t see much in the bad lit in area, deciding to make herway to the bathroom down the hall. As she turned toward the bathroom, shedidn’t spot the hand reaching from the mirror. Only the bones were showing,no skin. The hand snatched but only felt air.Kate walked down the hall, totally oblivious to the hand that lustedafter her. She reached the bathroom in a short time. The hallway to bathroomtrip took longer than normal. Kate flicked the light switch as she entered thebathroom. A drop of blood escape as it turned on. She spun the faucet knobs,spewing out warm water. Kate examined her eyes, poking them back andforth, keeping them open as wide as possible. A bit of crimson was there,which watching TV in the dark accounted for. Bending over the sink, shesplashed water in her face, trying to get them back to normal. Now they hadgotten darker than before, so she sunk her head back down again, like shewanted to drown in the sink. She stopped the water flow, bringing her head tomirror level. Her eyes were closed. She reached around her back grabbing atair. After a few vacant attempts, she finally got a dry towel in hand.Kate wiped her face down. She pulled the towel from her face seeingher reflection. The skin was peeling off her head. She placed her index fingerto a cheek; moving it to her line of vision. The amount of blood soaked herfinger. She gazed back into the mirror, watching in ultimate terror as her skinpeeled itself from her head like it was being baked in an oven. Kate panickedher body stone still and her brain scanning for a legitimate answer. A slapdrummed in her ears. She closely looked down focusing on a large slab of blood soaked skin that plunged from her face. She glanced back up and sawher bare skull laughing at her. A monotone voice, that shock Kate to the coreexplained, “Death is like nothing you’ve ever seen. You live to die. Now youwill see death. This house is ours.”Kate bolted out the bathroom, slipping in the hallway. She splasheddown as the floor underneath had become a pool of blood. Her white T-shirtsoaked to crimson and jeans were dotted. She leaned on her elbows as thepool was gathering some waves. Near her feet was a gaping hole expandingwith every second. A decayed and deformed head, covered in worms andmaggots emerged from the hole. The head levitated from the hole with the body following. It emergedbouncing all over and moaning quite loud. Its body snapped and twitchedwith every movement. Kate couldn’t believe her eyes. The shock of this sitequelled her ability to scream. She crawled backwards making sure shewouldn’t be a victim of this walking zombie. She had backed up into livingroom, where the blood flow had stopped. Kate got to her feet looking aroundto her amazement.“See something in the toilet that didn’t agree with you?” her friend Julie spoke. Kate looked around. Everything was normal. She slapped herself in the face and there was no blood on her hand. “Kate?” Three of her friendswere lounging around the living room. Blonde haired Julie was in a SnowWhite costume with full Disney-style makeup. The other two, Morgan andAshley were each a horror film icon. Morgan was a janitor, fake knife in towand a large white faced mask with orange hair. Ashley was in a blue collared
shirt, brown pants, had his face covered in fake blood. He had his right arm incloth and a plastic bag to make the appearance of a missing hand. “Smelly!”“What?” Kate answered.“Are you alright?”“Who knows?”“If that was an answer I wanted, why is the sky blue would have beenmy question.”“Pools of blood and zombies are on my agenda tonight and in myhouse.”“TV rots the brain. I diagnose too many movies, girl,” Morgan said.Kate slumped into her father’s favorite chair. The look on her face was thedefinition.“Seriously,” Ryan uttered, “What happened?”“Living hell entered my house.”“Hell is alive? When did this happen?”“Ashley?” They all looked over to Ashley who sat twitching back andforth on the couch.“Dude?” Morgan said. Ashley just sat there twitching, with a milkywhite substance exiting his mouth. Morgan bounced from the couch like hewas sitting on a spring. Ashley twitching speed increased, and then his chestcavity pounded with a resounding thump. It slammed furiously like it wouldexplode any second.Intestines sprayed, bone, and all assortments of organs splatteredeverywhere. Julie was smacked in the head with a liver. Morgan was drenchedin bone fragments, some intestines and a whole lot of blood. Kate wasalready covered in blood. Ashley’s face had grown larger, his eye socketbigger with purple patches underneath. His eyes were replaced with largewhite orbs. His mouth was open and his teeth dirty and brown. His voice wasraspy and deep only emitting “Dead by dawn!” It rang in their ears as if millions of voices were all speaking it at once. The terrible sound could havecause excessive bleeding of the ears.“No more!” Julie screamed falling to her knees. The voices disappearedas fast as they came. No one moved just stared.“Nauseous. Can’t stop this...” And then out spewed puke, black in colorand launching out in the tons like someone turned on a fire hose. She tiledher head to the side drenching Kate and Morgan. He fell back over the couch;she slid back against a wall. Julie coughed once more, stopped, leaning overto the ground. Her body collapsed shattering into thousands of pieces when itconnected with the floor. They all decayed at a rapid rate. Morgan got to hisknees, peeking over the top of the couch. He eyes the dead body of Ashleyand Julie’s decayed remains.“Are we done yet?” came from Morgan’s mouth.“Explanation please, anyone?” Kate screamed.“That old dusty trial is calling our names. Let’s not be late!” Morgangot to his feet, heading toward Kate when he felt his body lock up. Somethinghad taken a hold of it and wasn’t about to let go. His body was thrust acrossthe room, crashing into a wall. The wall dented on impact. It rained of plasteras Morgan on the floor barely conscious. Without warning he was lifted intothe air, tossed this way and that. Kate was standing screaming for Morgan to

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