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The Secrets of Men Disclosed and Judged.

The Secrets of Men Disclosed and Judged.

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Published by glennpease

Romans, ii., 16. — In the day when God shall judge the secrets of men by Jesus Christ.

Romans, ii., 16. — In the day when God shall judge the secrets of men by Jesus Christ.

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Published by: glennpease on Apr 18, 2014
Copyright:Traditional Copyright: All rights reserved


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THE SECRETS OF ME DISCLOSED AD JUDGED. BY REV. JOH SUMMERFIELD, A.M.Romans, ii., 16. — In the day when God shall judge the secrets of men by Jesus Christ. Three topics. I. The person who is the Judge. II. The subject of investigation. III. The rule by which the process will be conducted. I. The Judge. Take up the subject as a matter of pure revelation. * II. The subject of investigation. The angel with his uplifted hand swearing by Him that liveth forever and ever that time shall be no longer — the trump of God sounded — every receptacle of mortality thrown open — the Son of Man manifested in his glory — the sun be- come black before him — while he descends from heaven with a shout. ###### 256 THE SECRETS OF ME DISCLOSED AD JUDGED. What more awfully grand ! What a contrast between the former humiliation of Jesus and this his exaltation ! Before him all shall be gathered. What a spectacle ! And for what assembled ? To swell a pageant ? o ; some as witnesses, some as criminals, some as rejoicing spirits, oth- ers as executioners ; all a personal part. "The secrets of men" o distinction. The kings of the
earth on a level with their meanest subjects! — Opulence no longer powerful — poverty no longer obscure ; rich and poor meet together. — The judge cannot be perverted by bribes nor dazzled by rank. * * * * "The secrets of men" What a development ! We are not to bend this term to our accommodation ! All the se- crets shall then be brought up. — We enumerate four classes of secrets. 1. Secrets of conduct. All those actions done under the cover of secrecy, and only known to God, angels, devils, and our consciences ; those actions we concealed from friendship and from man — proclaimed on the housetop, &c. O how many secrets are now in progress in the world ! Se- crets of ambition, where the man is sacrificing all for it. Secrets of covetousness ; call them secrets of trade, if you like, but O ! there are many practices countenanced with them which cannot bear the light. How have you held back from the widow, and passed by the orphan, &c. Secrets of sensuality. — In darkness — not to be named in public. Look in your closets ; how have your consciences been contaminated. Secrets of envy : I cannot go into your closets ; but what has God seen there ! (Styles's Mys- terious Stranger.) This is not declamation. Such a stran- ger has been with thee, and in the day of judgment thou shalt find it to have been the Judge. 2. Secrets of character. Character is formed by principle ; it is that which originates conduct. ow this can only be known to Him who searches the heart. I know not the springs of your conduct, nor the principles on which your character is formed. Though Jesus says we may know the tree by the fruit, yet there is not always a faithful corre- spondence between principles and practice. How few seek THE SECRETS OF ME DISCLOSED AD JUDGED. 257
only the glory of God, &c. I appeal to the heart. O ! Self is a subtle principle. In private a man will blush at his own hypocrisy ; and Satan, helping him, may make him a self- deceiver. But every motive will then start up ! How many actions now under the garb of humility, will then be seen to have originated in pride ! How many blazoned deeds from self- love ! How many actions, which seemed under the motive of zeal to God, like those of Jehu [to have been prompted by interest] ! 3. Secrets of inattention. Those parts of our conduct which are secret by inattention — a large portion of our ac- tions are thought to be venial, trifling, &c. " For every idle word which men shall speak they shall give account in the day of judgment." Locke and the card-players. * # * Our conduct is also marked by that stranger. * * * O ! act under these impressions ! 4. Secrets of influence. We are members one of anoth- er. We are always, when in society, doing either good or harm. Little do we know how many are they whose mor- als we have poisoned ! [or on whom we have in some way exerted an unhallowed influence]. In that day the author of blasphemous works will answer for all the evil he has done. At the same time, I know many secrets of prayer will then be found — many tears, &c. — but I believe the term secrets is here used in a forensic sense. ow this subject requires deep self-examination. O ! what secrets will this night conceal ! Perhaps some of you will commit sin to-night : " But remember, for all these things God will bring you into judgment." What will be the effects of this judgment ? 1. The shame of exposure ; and remember, sin is the subject of shame.

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