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Glossary From Joseph Wright's Grammar of the Gothic Language

Glossary From Joseph Wright's Grammar of the Gothic Language



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Glossary From Joseph Wright's Grammar of the Gothic Language
Glossary From Joseph Wright's Grammar of the Gothic Language

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Published by: Верка Павловић on Apr 19, 2014
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1 Glossary from Joseph Wright's Grammar of the Gothic Language Click here for more Germanic language resources. Click here for information about this glossary. 302a aba, wm. man, husband, 206, 208 note, 353. O.Icel. afe. abraba, av. strongly, excessively, very, very much. abrs, aj. strong, violent, great, mighty. O.Icel. afar. af, prep. c. dat. of, from, by, away from, out of, 88, 350. OE. æf, of, OHG. aba, ab. af-aikan, sv. VII, to deny, to deny vehemently, 313, 402 af-airzjan, wv. I, to deceive, lead astray; see airzeis, airzjan. afar, prep. c. acc. and dat., av. after, according to, 350 OHG. avar, afar. afardags, sm. the next day, 356 afargaggan, sv. VII, to follow, go after, 313 note 1, 403. afar-láistjan, wv. I, to follow after, follow, 403 afar-sabbatus, sm. the day after the Sabbath; is dagis afar-sabbat, on the first day of the week, 356 afaruh = afar + uh. af-dáubnan, wv. IV, to become deaf, 331 302b af-dáujan, wv. I, to kill, put to death; pass. to die, 402. af-dbnan, wv. IV, to be silent.
2 *af-djan, wv. I, to fatigue, 80, 319 note. af-dráusjan, wv. I, to cast down. af-drugkja, wm. drunkard, 355. af-dumbnan, wv. IV, to hold one's peace, be silent or still, 331 af-tja, wm. glutton, 355. af-gaggan, sv. VII, to go away, depart, go to, come, 313 note 1. af-gudei, wf. ungodliness, 355. af-gus, aj. godless, impious, 355, 391. Cp. OHG. abgot, abgudi, idol, false god. af-hlaan, sv. VI, to lade, load, 310 OE. OHG. hladan. af-apjan, wv. I, to choke, quench. af-apnan, wv. IV, to be choked, be quenched. af-lageins, sf. a laying aside, remission, 355 af-leitan = af-ltan, see §5. af-leian, sv. I, to go away, depart. OE. lan. OHG. ldan 303a af-ltan, sv. VII, to dismiss, leave, forsake, put away, let alone, forgive, absolve, 402. af-lts, sm. forgiveness, remission, 355. af-lifnan, wv. IV, to remain, be left. af-linnan, sv. III, to depart, 304 OE. linnan, OHG. bi-linnan. af-maitan, sv. VII, to cut off, 402. af-marzeins, sf. deceitfulness. *af-mjan, wv. I, to fatigue, 319 note. OHG. muoen, muoan. af-niman, sv. IV, to take away. af-qian, sv. V, to renounce, forsake. af-sateins, sf. divorcement.
3 af-satjan, wv. I, to divorce. af-skiuban, sv. II, to push aside, 186 note 2, 302. OE. scfan, OHG. skioban. af-slahan, sv. VI, to kill, slay, 402. af-sláunan, wv. IV, to be amazed, be beside oneself. af-sneian, sv. I, to cut off, kill. af-standan, sv. VI, to stand off, depart af-stass, sf. a standing off, falling off or away, 355. af-swaírban, sv. III, to wipe out, 304. OE. sweorfan, OHG. swerban. afta, av. behind, backwards, 348. aftana, av. from behind, 348 OE. æftan. aftar, av. from behind, behind, 344. af-taúrnan, wv. IV, to be torn away, 331. af-tiuhan, sv. II, to draw away, push off; to take, draw aside, 402. 303b aftra, av. back, backwards, again, once more; aftra gabtjan, to restore; aftra gasatjan, to heal. OE. æfter, OHG. after. aftuma, aj. the following, posterus, next, hindmost, last, 246, 430. aftumists, aj. last, aftermost, 246; aftumists haban, to be at the point of death. OE. æftemest. af-waírpan, sv. III, to cast away, put away, 428. af-walwjan, wv. I, to roll away. OE. wielwan. af-wandjan, wv. I, to turn away. -aga-, suffix, 392. aggilus, sm. angel, messenger; the pl. fluctuates between the i- and u-declension, as nom. pl. aggileis and aggiljus, 17. OE. engel, OHG. engil, angil, from Gr. through Lat. angelus. aggwia, sf. anguish, distress, tribulation, 384

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